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NEWS OF ATOMIC BOMBING The Sketchy News of attack on Hiroshima. Believe in Japanese Military. Akio Morita working as a scientist. Less time to be succeeded.

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3 NEWS OF ATOMIC BOMBING The Sketchy News of attack on Hiroshima. Believe in Japanese Military. Akio Morita working as a scientist. Less time to be succeeded.

4 JAPANESE V/S AMERICAN TECHNOLOGY No guess of American Power. They believed that America having better technology than Japan after attack. American v/s Japanese Industries. Attack on Nagasaki.

5 MORITA COMPANY Grand father having interest in artistic work. Business running on the faith of Managers. Akios father took over the troubled business. On Akio Moritas birth business was running good.

6 MORITA FAMILY A rich family A big family Akio Moritas parents.

7 Strange Custom of family Changing name to Kyuzaemon while becoming the family head. Again changing name after passing through the responsibilities. Custom changed when Akio Morita became the family head.

8 Entry of Akio Morita to business activities Getting Knowledge to run the business. Motivating skills. Learning inventory checking process and management skills.

9 Interest in Electronics works A music player imported from America. An electronic phonograph made by his relative. He started buying electronic books & magazines. Losing interest in studies. Joining of Science department.

10 Joining of Navy Under direct control during war. Got permission to do research works. Became professional officer after graduation. Training and promotion of Akio Morita. First meeting with Masara Ibuka.

11 Furious situation of war Americans destroying Japanese Air craft factories. Main target-The industrial areas of Japan. Fear of losing war everywhere. Hope of ending war. First ever announcement by Japanese Emperor – The war was over


13 Changes for Akio Morita Fortunate Morita family. Demolished Japanese military. Discussions regarding future in family. Akio Morita joined as a teacher.

14 Picture of new Japan The target of Japan. Condition of cities. Condition of hospitals Confusion regarding future of Japan.

15 Masara Ibuka after war Contact to Ibuka by Akio Morita. Business run by Ibuka. Expansion of business by Ibuka. A popular product by Ibuka. Decision of Akio to work with Ibuka.

16 Joint business by Akio Morita & Masara Ibuka First company. Borrowed money from Akios father. Teaching job left by Akio Morita. Decision to produce Tape recorder. Production of tape & use by IBM.

17 Joint business by Akio Morita & Masara Ibuka (cont..) Production of tape recorder. Marketing of tape recorder. Reducing the size of tape recorders. Invention of transistors and production of pocketable radio.

18 Change of company name to SONY Old name of company- Tokyo Tsushin Kabushiki Kaisha. Changing to Teletech unsuccessfully. Changing to Sonus & Sonny. In the last the SONY.

19 Selling to the world (My learning cure)

20 Factors in 1950s which attract Sony to enter in Electronics Double digit increase in GNP Low Inflation Rate More disposable income for spending Vigrous Growth of economy In 1958 only 1 percent of Japanese had a T.V set, only 5 percent had washing machine High saving rate in those days 20 percent

21 Advisors for Sony in 1953 :- Tamon Maeda (Former Cabinet Minister) Michiji Tajima Ran Matsutani Kengnzaemon Morita

22 Marketing strategies used by Sony in late 1950s They change from their traditional distribution system to own outlet distribution system. Change the image of Japanese goods as poor quality to high quality expensive products. Innovative product line. It concentrate more on Research & Development rather then on study of market.

23 Walkman Walkman was introduced to miniaturize the conventional stereo with large loudspeakers to light headphones. Marketing strategy used by Sony for Walkman They hired young couples to stroll through the Tokyo Ginza Pedestrian Paradise on Sundays listening to their Walkmans and showing them off.

24 Factors which attract Sony to enter in America :- Booming Economy High Employment Rate People were progressive & eager to use new products International Travel was becoming easier

25 Persons who helps Sony to enter America Adolph Goss ( a manufacturer representative) Doc Kagawa (Japanese-American lawyer in U.S) Edward Doeiny (Grooss lawyer)

26 Sony Corporation of America:- It was established in Feb 1960 With capital of 500000 dollars With in 16 months it offered 2 million shares in U.S. market as ADR (American depository Receipts) It was Ist company to offered its stck in United States.

27 Problems faced by Sony corporation of America:- Language problem Different business clauses Different Rules for Accountacy Variable financial system favour (Traditional Japanese system favour short term finance whereas in America, it was not given more importance)

28 Sony U-Matic Video Recorder :- Introduced in 1969 It become standard all over the world replacing the all 2 inch big units in brodcasting situation It was efficent & economical Ist all transsistors video tape recorder

29 Marketing stragegies used to promote Sony U- Matic Recorder Put into Pan Am & American airlines for passenger entertainment Give demonstration to big corporate agencies to train mechanics and salesman

30 Sony entrance in Britain Prince of Wales was involved in the promotion of Sony in U.K. Half of U.K production exported to Europe & Africa Britain give Albert Medal to Mr. Akio Marito in 1982.

31 Remorse feel by Mr. Akio Morito Sony marketed a special calculator model SOBEX. Sony abolished its calculator business because of several dozen Japanese companies had jumped into business of making calculator. So Mr. Marito confess that he showed a lack of technical foresight on his part. He felt that if he stayed with calculator he might have developed early expertise in digital technology for used later in Personal Computers


33 ON MANAGEMENT Much more successful than the other companies. No plan or theory or policy. Healthier relations with the employees. Family like feeling with the corporation. Simple management system for managing the business.

34 CONTD….. School ends in march. Companies secure in last semester. Difference between school and company. 15 th Anniversary of the company. Union leader threatened us to strike.

35 CONTD….. Interaction in order to build confidence in them. Sony was basically a electronic industry. Everything is changing rapidly. Tape recorders, compact disc, semi conductors etc. Motivate them to be creative.


37 AMERICAN AND JAPENESE STYLES AMERICANJAPENESE 500 Thousand lawyers. Approx.17000 lawyers. 39000 people pass exam. 300 person each year. Never Trust Anybody. Trust and Faith Trust only on lawyers. Lawyers creates problem. Facilities acc. to rank. Better working conditions.

38 CONTD….. AMERICANJAPENESE Labour is used as tool. Labour is not used as tool. Concern about money. Concern about company. Relations is different. Healthier and cordial. Different attitude Positive attitude. Cos. are brick walls. Cos. are stone walls.


40 COMPETITION Glory name of Japanese come first. Competitive not only in business but in life too. Cannot compete in prices we will compete in services. Competition in domestic market makes consumer king. 9 automobile, 2 heavy truck, 600 electronics makers.

41 CONTD….. Sony Corporation Once there were 40 makers of TV but only 6 left. Japan is really having a strong industries. Export as well sell in local market also. Free economic system. Share of market is more important to Japanese. Introduced Betamax in market in 1975.

42 CONTD….. Promote new concept of time shift. Develop new ideas and new products. Never to listen the ideas from the outsiders. In U.S. they cheer people who take risks. Capital is still not freely available in Japan. There true capital was knowledge, passion & integrity.


44 WORLD TRADE Value of foreign exchange – 360 yen / US dollar. Buying and selling at appropriate prices. Prices are affected by demand and supply. Investment on return basis. Strong US dollar due to fund flow to US.

45 CONTD….. Japans position has grown stronger in the world. Technology, product planning and marketing. Employee confidence. Quality, fair prices of hard earned money of consumer. Challenge is great, Success depends only on the strength of our will.


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