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A Magazine for the Litigation Support Professional.

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1 A Magazine for the Litigation Support Professional

2 Multi-billion $ revenues... The top 100 law firms will gross $200 million each in revenue this year The 240,000 mid- to small firms will average $6 million in gross revenue each Multi-billion $ spending... E-discovery spending by law firms alone will triple in the next 5 years, reaching $4.8 billion!* * Source: Forrester Research A lucrative and growing market

3 And billions more will be spent by... –Law Firms –Corporate Legal Departments –The Government, and keep pace with the ongoing technology that has created an entire industry to support todays document-intensive legal profession The legal support teams who use these systems are savvy professionals who know exactly what they require to get their job done

4 Do you know who the prime buying influences are for the large expenditures being made in this marketplace today ?

5 The attorneys billing $300+ per hour whose focus is litigating a case load? The IT managers in charge of servers, networks, and computer hardware? The librarians and administrators who have their hands full cataloging information, running the office? ARE THEY…

6 NO! The real buying influences for your products and services are... The litigation support professionals who:

7 –Have hands-on experience using the products and services you sell –Manage todays document-intensive trial and litigation proceedings –Are responsible for the document data management and processing of case documents –Find and apply new technologies to make document, data and trial management more efficient –Constantly seek new products and technologies to make their jobs easier and more cost-effective

8 They are your must reach audience! The only targeted magazine that provides them with cutting- edge ideas and pertinent information to best utilize the many new technologies their firms must have to keep pace with the race! And now these litigation support professionals have a magazine devoted exclusively to their needs :

9 Streamline document data management, prep and processing Manage and process electronically stored information Cut waste and duplication Save time and avoid errors Enhance efficiency & operations Better serve their internal and external clients Litigation Support Today is their source of timely reports and in-depth feature articles that tell them how to…

10 Edited exclusively for litigation support professionals who influence the purchase of products and services in the multi-billion legal market!

11 Reader-driven editorial provides on-target coverage of vital topics such as: Document acquisition & processing Data processing Attorney support...trial support Electronic courtroom presentation Electronic document discovery Electronic files processing Record archiving Tech Talk … career focus … best practices … industry news … and more

12 Our readers hold key litigation support positions at law firms, corporate legal departments, Federal, State, and Local government agencies, and other segments of the legal marketplace 81% strongly influence or recommend purchasing decisions*: 62% influence purchasing always/frequently 19% influence purchasing routinely 19% influence purchasing sometimes *Subscriber Survey, February 08.

13 88% have a college degree or higher-- (9% of those hold JD degrees) 64% work at locations with 100+ to 3,000+ attorneys They are well-educated and well-employed... CIRCULATION: 10,000 Readership estimate: 30,000 per issue, based on pass-along factor of 3 per copy. BPA Worldwide Membership Applied for April 2008

14 Reach only the professionals with the greatest buying influence! Deliver your sales message to a sharply targeted universe of litigation support professionals across the Law Firms, Corporate Legal Departments, Government and elsewhere. Special ad exposure at major trade shows and conferences. Big Values for Advertisers...

15 Your ad dollars go further! No waste circulation. Your ad in Litigation Support Today goes right to the core of buying influence... where the action is. No inefficient reach or readership at the fuzzy edge of the marketplace Better exposure. Your advertisement is greatly enhanced by the useful content and handsome, colorful, easy-to-read design of Litigation Support Today Budget less, get more! Your ad program in Litigation Support Today costs about half the price of broad- circulation legal publications focused on readers who dont really have the time, the expertise or the desire to evaluate your products or services.

16 Why not join these and other leading firms who have advertised in Litigation Support Today? Altep CT Summation Discovery Cracker e-Diligent eMag Solutions Esquire Litigation Solutions iConect InterLegis IPRO Tech Kroll Ontrack TrialGraphix LexisNexis CaseMap LexisNexis Concordance LexisNexis Law PreDiscovery LexisNexis Case Assessment Nexidia Rosen Technology Resources Sanction by Verdict Systems SPi TechLaw Solutions The Peak Organization Thomson West LiveNote Trial Solutions

17 IN SUMMARY Only Litigation Support Today provides Targeted, reader-driven editorial + Focused, highly qualified audience + No-waste circulation--only to lit support pros = Effective and efficient advertising programs!

18 Ad Sales – Main Office Charles Buckwalter, Publisher 1627 Brickell Avenue, Suite 2505 Miami, FL 33129-1251 Tel: 305 860-5625 Fax: 305 860-5624 Cell: 443 285-9952

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