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Welcome! Introduction lecture premaster programme MSc Business Administration P.C. de Weerd-Nederhof School of Management & Governance.

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1 Welcome! Introduction lecture premaster programme MSc Business Administration P.C. de Weerd-Nederhof School of Management & Governance

2 Content Welcome! Practicalities premaster MSc BA Programme
2nd semester MSc BA programme (PILOT) Q&A

3 Welcome! Introducing the programme director and the programme coordinator: de Weerd-Nederhof CAP E202; 3519) Ir. A.A.R. Veenendaal CAP C006; 3200) Who’s in the room/who are your colleagues? Dutch ‘HBO’ students with 30 EC premaster UT students with EC premaster Saxion HBO students with ‘doorstroomminor’ Track preferences? INN&ENT; Service Mgt; FIN; INT; HRM; Information Mgt

4 Application; Admission; Registration
Upon Application you receive a student number & welcome letter from UT. This does not mean that you are admitted! After consideration of your application, you receive an individual Admission Letter from us (School of Management and Governance) with your own personal premaster programme. Only finalising your own personal premaster programme will give you admission to the MSc BA programme! With the admission letter you need to Register, etc.

5 Practicalities: SMG Website!
( Schedule (‘rooster’) Study guide ( NOte: rules for ‘Academic Offence’ Regulations: student charter and exam regulations News … and more

6 Practical information
Books: Student Association Stress Syllabi: Union Shop Bastille Campus map ( Student number and UT address! E.g.

7 Internet applications (see study guide)
VIST (Course Information System) TAST (Enrollment Exams) TOST (Grades online) Teletop (Electronic Learning Environment) Access: with student number and password (letter from ITBE within 2 weeks after registration)

8 Important announcements
-> left side -> Announcements regarding education and UT-News (UT-Nieuws) Also check regularly: account Teletop sites

9 How to find a Teacher or Student?
Check subject info on VIST using the course code or – -> look under QUICKLINKS -> Names and addresses of students and staff at the UT

10 Premaster schedule 1st semester
Data analysis Concept and Observation Track specific course most often: (Interne organisatie) Organisation Theory and Design ************************** Research methodology Design methodology Track specific course Alternatives: more track specific courses; less methodology courses

11 Finalise your premaster within 12 months!
For each course you are entitled to 2 opportunities to do an exam. NOT MORE! If you cannot finish the whole premaster programme within 12 months, this means that you do not qualify for the MSc BA programme! (Personal) Problems, such as illness in exam period etc.: contact study counselor in time. S/He can also guide you through to the Exam committee etc.

12 MSc BA programme 2007/2008: pilot with 2 starting dates, limited number of tracks Feb 08: 3 tracks (INN&ENT, Service Mgt, Information Mgt (new). Only if you finish the full premaster programme by February, you can enter this programme If you signed up for one of the other tracks: FIN, HRM or International Mgt, you can either wait until Sept or start with one of the general courses. If you finish all of your premaster courses in April, it may also be possible to already do one or two MSc BA courses. In all cases were you do not follow the regular programme: ask advice and/or permission to avoid problems!

13 For these possibilities we will apply for general OK with Exam committee:
1st semester 2nd semester remarks Organisation Theory & Operations Management (OTOM) Management and Organization of Technological Innovation (MOTI) For INN&ENT: MOTI 2nd semester cannot be combined with Organising Innovation (1st semester) Accounting and Financial Management (AFM) Financial Accounting Not for FIN track, AFM obligatory Human Resource Management and Organizational Development (HRM & OD) Leadership, Organisational Change and Consultancy Not for HRM track, HRM & OD obligatory Strategy and External Environment Business Development in Networks Special rules for ECIU-programme

14 Choosing your track Your premaster programme is based on your prior education as well as geared to the track of your preference. For those of you who want to know more about the content of the tracks, here’s some reading material (also on MSc BA website under Study Information)

15 Literature for INN & ENT
Bachelor level INN&ENT: Innovation and Entrepreneurship by John Bessant, Tanaka Business School, Imperial College, London, Joe Tidd, (SPRU) University of Sussex, UK (ISBN: , ©2007, 476 pages MSc level INN: The Human Side of Managing Technological Innovation, A collection of Readings. 2nd ed. (2004) Ralph Katz, Oxford University Press, ISBN MSc level ENT: Annual Review of Progress in Entrepreneurship Research: volume 2, , edited by David Watkins, Southampton Business School, UK   (ISBN: )  Eckhardt, J.T. & Shane, S.A. (2002) Opportunities and entrepreneurship. Journal of Management, 29 (3), 333 – 349. Baron, R.A. (2006) Opportunity recognition as pattern recognition. Academy of Management Perspectives, February, 104 – 119.

16 Literature for INT Mgt
core book for Bachelor phase: Ball et al., International Business; the challenge of global competition, McGraw-Hill, 2008, 11th edition, ISBN core books for Master phase: Franklin D. Root, Entry Strategies for International Markets, Jossey-Bass, 1998, ISBN Susan C. Schneider & Jean-Louis Barsoux, Managing across cultures, 2nd edition, Prentice Hall, 2003, ISBN S. Tamer Cavusgil et al., Doing Business in Emerging Markets, Sage, 2002, ISBN    for Master Class International Management:  Mark Saunders, P. Lewis & A. Thornhill, Research Methods for Business Students, 4th edition, Prentice Hall, 2007, ISBN

17 Literature for Service Management track
Books     a. Services marketing management: A strategic perspective, 2nd ed. 2006, H. Kasper, P.v. Helsdingen & M. Gabbott     b. Services management: An integrated approach, B. v. Looy; R. v. Dierendonck & P. Gemmel Journal "International Journal of Service Industry Management."

18 Literature for FIN Mgt track g. c. vergeer@utwente. nl/m. j. f
Literature for FIN Mgt track Accounting in a business context" (4th Edition) by Aidan Berry and Robin Jarvis, Thomson, (introductory level) "Management and cost accounting" (6th Edition) by Colin Drury, Thomson, (intermediate level) "Principles of corporate finance" by Richard Brealey and Stewart Myers, McGraw-Hill, (intermediate level)

19 Literature for HRM track
BSc level: M. Beer, B. Spector, P.R. Lawrence, D. Quinn Mills and R.E. Walton (1984), Managing Human Assets, The Free Press, New York, ISBN , 210 pp. MSc level: P. Boxall & J. Purcell (2003), Strategy and Human Resource Management. Palgrave Macmillan, Houndsmills/New York. ISBN , 290 pp.

20 Literature for Information Management track
Bachelor level: Kroenke, David M. (2007), Experiencing Management Information Systems. Pearson Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ. Bouwman, H., Hooff, B. van den, Wijngaert, L. van de & Dijk, J. van (2005). ICT in Organisations: Adoption, Implementation, Use and Effects. London: Sage Publications.

21 Useful Contact information Student counselor Mr. Bert van Rein Capt E006a Appointment: Bureau Educational Affairs (BOZ): SP209 Programme director secretary Ms M.C. Predery, Capt E201, Programme coordinator Mr. André Veenendaal Capt C006

22 ‘WANTED’ We need and value your feedback. Therefore we would like to form a 2007/2008 premaster student panel with ideally one student per track, to evaluate courses and the program with us on a regular basis (2-3 meetings during lunch break). Please step forward and contact Andre Veenendaal or Petra de Weerd-Nederhof!

23 Or you can always email, call or drop by!
Questions Questions or problems? Please ask them now Or you can always , call or drop by! Good Luck !

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