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International Baccalaureate Warwick High School Newport News Public Schools Freshman Orientation.

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1 International Baccalaureate Warwick High School Newport News Public Schools Freshman Orientation

2 PreDiploma Manual & Materials w Manual w Schedule w Clubs & Activities w Questions & Concerns w Notes

3 Benefits of participation... w Challenging curriculum w Emphasis on global perspectives, interdisciplinary instruction, oral and written expression w Preparation for college!!!!! w Jump start for college admission w Advanced placement/college credit

4 Unique qualities of IB w Provides an international education- preparing students as global citizens w Establishes a well-designed interdisciplinary liberal arts curriculum using the best practices of the world w Places an emphasis on developing a strong critical thinker and a skilled learner w Permits international mobility

5 Alumni Profile Graduates from 1998 to present were accepted to: StanfordUNCWilliam & MaryU of MD Hampden-SydneyWisconsin UU of RichmondCatholic U St. John'sSouthamptonLenon-RhyneRadford UVAWestminsterJames MadisonODU Randolph-MaconUCLAPrincetonHarvard SwarthmoreStetson UU of SCHillsdale U of the SouthTulaneVa TechSpelman Florida StateMary WashBoston UU of Chicago BrownPrattSt. OlafCarson Newman US Coast GuardGeorgetownRiceGeorge Washington HamptonMichigan StateBoston CollegeAmerican Christopher NewportDartmouthU of Florida Washington & LeePenn StateDukeUVA College at Wise Johns HopkinsWashingtonCarnegie MellonRochester VCUYaleMITYale

6 PreDiploma Develops Skills w Reading Comprehension w Note Taking w Critical Analysis w Research w Essay w Cognitive w Time Management w Organizational w Test-taking w Oral Presentation w Laboratory

7 9th grade courses w PreDip English w PreDip AP World History w PreDip Biology w PreDip Geometry/PIB Algebra 2 Trig/MA w PreDip Language-Spanish, French, German

8 Additional Courses w PE (Dance, Team, Life)/Health I w Electives (Fine or Practical Art) Art I Mixed Chorus Band/Orchestra Keyboard/Computer application Basic Technical Drawing ROTC Guitar Drama

9 Four year Educational Plan Grade 9Grade 10Grade 11 Grade 12 PIB EnglishPIB EnglishIB English (HL)IB English (HL) PIB Wld His PIB Government IB History (HL) IB World History (HL) PIB Geometry PIB Algebra 11/Trig orIB Math 1 (PreCal) (SL) Calculus AB or BC PIB AlgIl/Trig Math AnalysisCalculus BC IB Math (HL) Algebra 1GeometryAlgebra2TrigIB Math Studies (SL) PIB Biology PIB ChemistryIB Chemistry (SL) orEnviron Systems(SL) or IB Physics 1 (SL) or IB Physics 2 (SL) or IB Biology (SL or HL) IB Biology (HL) For Lang 2 For Lang 3 IB For Lang (SL) AP Foreign Lang Elective PE/ HealthPE/Health- Driver's EdElective/Theory of Know ToK/Elective Fine Arts or IB Elective Practical Arts Elective Theatre Arts (SL) Psychology (SL) or Art/Design (HL) (SL) Social Anthropology (SL) or Music (SL) Business & Management ITGS(SL) Philosophy (SL)

10 IB Prerequisites to IB Electives: w Art/Design w Psychology w Music w Social Anthropology w Business & Management w ITGS w Theatre Arts w At least Art 1 Art History suggested w Intro to Psychology w Music backround w None w Business course suggested w Familiarity with computers w Drama

11 Preparation for a great start... w Completion of the summer work w Getting a jump start on assignments w Reviewing former notes w Summer camp w Math preparation w Language preparation (Spanish 1 students contact )

12 Student Life Academics & Activities

13 Transitioning to High School w Newfound freedom w Attendance w Knowing the rules w Studying w No brownie points w Adherence to due dates w Peer influences w Dress w Making decisions

14 Questions w.w.

15 Lets Tour the Facilities

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