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English & Communications

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1 English & Communications

2 Chairperson Josett Peat Room 7313 Ext. 237-1305
As chairperson, my primary responsibilities are the management and leadership of the department in preparing students to think critically and communicate effectively. When we equip a student with a confident command of English, we have given that person the academic equivalent of the Swiss Army knife.

3 Staff Ellen Milmed Assistant to the Chair (305-237-1318)
Daniel Martínez Manager, English Computer Center ( ) Cynthia Klein Supervisor, Academic Support Center ( ) Feliza Gomez Secretary ( )

4 English Faculty Preston Allen Edward Glenn Robert Hach Tiina Lombard

5 English Faculty Jenniffer Niles Jennie Lundahl Elena Perez-Mirabal
Lisa Shaw

6 Composition ENC English Composition I is required for all students pursuing a degree at Miami-Dade College. emphasizes methods of written discourse, critical thinking skills, responses to written materials, and refinement of writing techniques. ENC English Composition II is required for all students acquiring AA degrees and some students acquiring AS degrees. emphasizes composing informative and persuasive essays, and producing a documented paper based on research. ENC Composition and Communication addresses techniques of critical thinking, persuasion, and argumentation. emphasizes refinement of composition skills and development of oral communication skills by examining and discussing a range of issues.

7 Literature LIT 2120 A Survey of World Literature
This course explores works of world literature from the mid-Renaissance to the present that exemplify the universality of human experience. Special sections of Women’s World Literature have also been offered with this course. (Satisfies 2nd Humanities Requirement-Area 04) LIT Issues in Literature and Culture Studying works representative of several genres, cultures and literary periods, this course explores the social, philosophical, spiritual and aesthetic values of literature. (Satisfies Oral Communications Requirement-Area 02 as well as Diversity credit for Education Majors)

8 Creative Writing CRW ( Creative Writing 1 & 2) Imaginative writing in selected genres. Professor Preston Allen (Author of Hoochie Mama & All or Nothing) Professor Elena Perez-Mirabal (Advisor for Axis Creative Arts Magazine) Professor Lisa Shaw (Advisor for Axis Creative Arts Magazine)

9 Speech Faculty Isabel del Pino-Allen Cherie Cannon Diane Sloan
Christina Gesmundo Juan Santelises Katrika Sterling

10 Speech Courses SPC 1026 - Fundamentals of Speech Communication
Involves the study and practice of interpersonal communication, presentational speaking and group dynamics. (Satisfies Oral Communications Requirement-Area 02) SPC 2050 – Voice and Diction Involves effective voice production and articulation, acceptable pronunciation, intonation and rhythm. Specific speech problems will be handled on an individual basis. SPC 2600 – Introduction to Public Speaking Involves classroom exercises, group discussion and public address.

11 Mass Communications & Journalism
The Journalism Program at Miami-Dade Community College, North (MDCC-N) offers invaluable, hands-on experience and quality courses in print journalism to prepare students for employment in the field or to earn an associate in arts degree transferable to any university in the country. Basic Report Writing (JOU 1100) – Journalistic writing emphasizing the elements of reporting with an emphasis on the modern news story, analysis of the elements of news, style structure of news stories, news sources and the mechanics of newspaper production. Journalism Internship (JOU 1946) - Practical experience working with local or college communications media under the supervision of professional media specialists and the journalism faculty. This course includes working at The Falcon Times newspaper. Editing and Makeup (JOU 2200) – The applications of copy desk techniques, including evaluating and editing copy, correcting faulty news stories, handling wire copy, writing headlines, and designing page layouts. David Merves Journalism Professor Room 7314

12 Sign Language Interpretation
Miami-Dade Community College, North Campus, offers an Associate of Science (A.S.) degree in Sign Language Interpretation. 72 credits are required. Interpret the communications between deaf or hard of hearing persons and hearing individuals Acquire practical understanding of aspects of deaf studies and deaf culture and community Achieve a minimum of Level 1 on the Quality Assurance (QA) Screening of the Florida Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf Create a foundation for those persons who wish to pursue advanced degrees in preparation for careers in special education, vocational rehabilitation or other human service fields. Paula Sargent Sign Language Professor Room ( )

13 English Computer Center
The English Computer Center is an electronic classroom and open computer lab located in room The electronic classroom is used to provide computer-assisted instruction facilitated by a professor. The open lab section may be used by students independently to do research on the internet, use online basic skills tutorials such as PLATO and Criterion, type papers, work on spreadsheets or create presentations. The lab is available to all MDC students on the following days/times: Monday-Thursday 8:00am – 5:30pm Friday 8:00am – 4:00pm For more information call (305)

14 Academic Support Center Room 2209
ENC Academic Support Center Writing Component REA Academic Support Center - Reading Component These courses are designed for students whose writing and/or CLAST essay test scores demonstrate a need for continued instructional support; basic principles of reading and composition are reinforced. Course content is individualized based on specific student needs; these courses are repeatable as necessary. For more information, contact the manager, Cynthia Klein at (305)

15 Additional Support ENC 1112 assists students in recognizing and applying the rules and conventions of Standard Edited American English. This thorough 5-week review of basic grammar can be taken at the same time as English composition courses and is also beneficial to anyone wishing to improve his or her understanding of the rules of the language. This course can be repeated as necessary.

16 Contact Information English Dept. MDC - North Campus English Department Miami-Dade College 11380 NW 27th Avenue Miami, FL USA Building 7, Third Floor-Room 7322 (305)

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