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NARFE HQ Working for You!. As you know, NARFE provides a wide range of services to its members, ensuring that the benefits of federal workers, retirees.

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1 NARFE HQ Working for You!

2 As you know, NARFE provides a wide range of services to its members, ensuring that the benefits of federal workers, retirees and their survivors are protected. But NARFE HQ also provides support and advice to volunteer leaders in NARFE chapters and federations.

3 National Officers All of the work at NARFE HQ is overseen by the National Officers. From left: Richard Thissen, treasurer; Joseph Beaudoin, president; Paul Carew, vice president; and Elaine Hughes, secretary

4 National Executive Board (NEB) National Officers and Regional Vice Presidents

5 Support Staff for the National Officers and the NEB Seated (from left); Marian Uffen and Toni Vallario. Standing (from left): Towanda Franklin and Cynthia Weldon.

6 Some 60 employees at NARFE HQ in Alexandria, VA, support NARFE members and the National Officers.

7 Legislative Department NARFEs Legislative Department is a highly regarded and effective voice for federal employees and retirees on Capitol Hill. NARFEs lobbyists convey our legislative program to Congress, help shape legislation, and keep members informed on the status of bills and the political climate.

8 Seated (from left): Chris Farrell; Julie Tagen, director; and Alan Lopatin, legislative counsel. Standing (from left): John Hatton, Sarah Holstine and Jessica Klement

9 Legislative Department, cont. The Legislative Department also: ~ Coordinates grass-roots efforts and the Protect Americas Heartbeat campaign; ~ Reviews candidates requests for NARFE- PAC support; and ~ Prepares testimony, news releases and articles.

10 Federal Benefits Service Department A team of experts with more than 80 combined years of experience in the federal benefits field assists thousands of federal workers, retirees and their survivors each year. In some cases, NARFE members have received thousands of dollars in benefits due to NARFEs intervention.

11 From left: Al Reeves; Dave Snell, director; and Debra Creeger

12 Federal Benefits, cont. In addition to working with the Office of Personnel Management and the Social Security Administration, the Department also has built relationships with insurance carriers, various state Departments on Aging, and Medicare and Medicaid counseling services.

13 Information Services Two departments fall under Information Services: the Information Technology Department and the Communications Department.

14 Information Technology Department In coordination with all other departments, the IT Department provides web services to members, the general public and the media. The department also provides web-hosting support, and GEMS and help-desk support to chapters and federations.

15 From left: Dan Hidayat; Theresa Sorto; Drusti Naik; and Fred Hamidzada, director

16 IT Department, cont. The Department also performs the majority of repairs, upgrades and maintenance in-house, including service to HQ and the field, and at national conventions.

17 Communications Department One of the major responsibilities of this department is publishing NARFE magazine each month. In recent years, the department has redesigned the website, and is responsible for monitoring and updating web content.

18 From left: Maggie Carter, director; Beth Bedard; Donna St. John; and Toni Vallario

19 Communications, cont. The department produces brochures, newsletters, ads and other products, including the revised F-100 and the 90th anniversary book. New initiatives include the electronic news digest, NARFE NewsWatch; the NARFE blog; and Facebook.

20 Membership, Recruitment and Retention The director plans and directs all phases of NARFEs recruitment and retention activities, identifies causes of membership-related problems, and directs and/or recommends actions toward solutions. The department conducts recruitment campaigns, and develops materials to support chapters and federations in their recruitment efforts, including producing the Recruitment and Retention Journal.

21 From left: Eunice Dharma; Bridget Boel, director; Jackie Bryant; and Christina Robinson

22 Membership, Recruitment & Retention, cont. Staff members promote NARFE at conferences, health fairs and other events to recruit NARFE members. Recent initiatives include the e-Connect series, the Lapsed Member Telemarketing Campaign, special magazine wraps and partnering with other organizations to increase membership.

23 Budget and Finance The Budget and Finance Department is responsible for putting together the Associations budget and performs a wide range of accounting duties, including paying vendor invoices and monitoring departments to ensure that spending is in line with the budget.

24 Seated (from left): Gloria Washington and LaJuadon Tricie Jackson. Standing (from left): Patricia Blackwell; Veronica Clemons; and Tayo Coker-Polson, director.

25 Budget & Finance, cont. The Department also: ~ Reconciles dues payments; ~ Distributes 10 percent of members dues to federations and mails checks to chapters for dues collected on behalf of chapters. ~ Works with auditors who examine NARFEs financial records.

26 Member Records The Member Records Section processes new memberships, makes chapter and address changes, and performs other record-keeping functions. Member Records also staffs NARFEs toll- free, customer service line.

27 From left: Sandra Lawing, Maria Ledbetter, Ebony Ledbetter, Lynette Green, Natcole Reid-McCorkle, Myra Moore, Geoffrey Hoag and Teri Badie. Not pictured: DJuna Washington and Denise Curry

28 Membership Systems Management The director reviews and ensures the distribution of the Monthly Chapter Activity Report and the Semi-Annual Roster; and Serves as liaison with NARFEs Membership Database Provider.

29 Ken Doyle, director

30 Chapter & Federation Services This office has daily contact with NARFE leaders in the field, answering questions on chapter and federation functions. Duties include processing chapter ZIP code assignments and the opening and closing of chapters, and issuing chapter charters and anniversary certificates.

31 Sandra Lawing and Phyllis Higgins (seated)

32 Affinity Programs & Meeting Planning The director plans National Conventions, working with the Site Selection Committee to identify candidate cities and hotels. She acquires hotel space and ancillary services, and sells exhibit space. She also oversees NARFEs Affinity Partnerships.

33 Juliet Harding, director

34 HQ Services Key services provided by HQ that keep the Association going and support the field include: ~ Purchasing ~ Building Maintenance ~ Reception ~ Mailroom and Supplies; and ~ Print Shop

35 Mailroom & Supplies From left: William Smith, Derrick Hayden and Ramon Herbert

36 Print Shop From left: Kenneth Saunders, Gwen Strike and Jerome Conley

37 Support Services From left: Tim Pembroke, director; Kernovia Holomah; Sharon Campbell; Linda Sterling; and Ernest Reid

38 Human Resources NARFEs human resources director recruits and hires staff, and coordinates health insurance benefits, NARFEs 401(k) plan and other employee benefits. She also provides support for the National Convention, including running the onsite NARFE office and working with the convention committees.

39 Linda Parsons, director

40 Public Relations Department A one-man operation, this department is responsible for placing ads, writing and distributing news releases, and working with the field to coordinate NARFE advertising. He also oversees the NARFE Photo Contest Calendar and Note Card Programs, and prepares articles and speeches.

41 Chuck Timanus, director

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