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Maiden Voyage Brad LoescherJill Howell Maiden ReNewhall Klein.

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1 Maiden Voyage Brad LoescherJill Howell Maiden ReNewhall Klein

2 Background

3 Maiden Holdings, Ltd. Bermuda Based Holding Company Traded on NASDAQ, ticker MHLD Rated A- by A.M. Best with Stable Outlook As of 6/30/09, Shareholders Equity of $605 MM Company Structure Non-US Reinsurance: Maiden Insurance US Reinsurance: Maiden Re US Excess & Surplus: Maiden Specialty

4 2008: A Year of Challenges

5 Impact Being Felt

6 Maiden Holdings Acquires GMAC RE Balance Sheet Dedicated To Reinsurance Operations Results No Longer Consolidated Within Larger Insurance Holding Company Fully Accountable For Our Own Destiny

7 Maiden Holdings Acquires GMAC RE US Reinsurance Platform Formed Through Acquisition of GMAC RE

8 GMAC RE Becomes Maiden Re GMAC RE Over 25 Years Of Reinsurance Experience Regional Market Focus Strong Client Relationships Long-Term Client Base Stable Loss History

9 Challenge

10 Focus Attention On The Opportunity

11 Preserve Leadership Position Maintain GMAC REs Strong Business Equity Acknowledged Leadership And Trusted Partnerships In Providing Reinsurance Solutions Create Confidence And Opportunity For The New Maiden Re

12 Position As Start-up With History Need To Assure Brokers And Clients That Acquisition Would Not Change: Client Focus Risk Appetite Management Team Approach To Business

13 Offensive Wave Within 48-72 Hrs Maiden Employees Customers Brokers Media

14 Promise and Opportunity Focus Attention On The Opportunity Preserve Leadership Gained As GMAC RE Main Message: Start-up With History Offensive Wave Within 48-72 Hrs

15 Opportunities

16 Stand-Alone Platform Balance Sheet Dedicated To Reinsurance Operations Results No Longer Consolidated Within Larger Insurance Holding Company Fully Accountable For Our Own Destiny

17 Financial Market Turmoil Global Disruption Of Capital Markets Impact Felt Across All Sectors New Company With Fresh, Unencumbered Capital Move From Defense To Offense With Dedicated Financial Trust Security In An Uncertain Time Reinforces Similarity And Strength

18 Communicating the Maiden Re Advantage

19 Marketing Challenge Maintain Business As Usual Expectations Protect Against Competitive Invaders Stabilize Trust, Stem The Rumors, Control The Concerns TIMING:Announcement And Transaction To Occur Simultaneously

20 Marketing Opportunity Create A Communication Campaign That Touches Every Customer, Every Prospect First Head-Off Concerns Or Competitor Maneuvers Talk To Everyone Within 72 Hours

21 Strategy & Tactics

22 Unique Positioning Maiden Re is greater than the sum of its parts: Maiden Re GMAC RE > Maiden Holdings +

23 Unique Positioning Maiden Re – Its What Happens When: Proven Joins Innovation Secure Meets Perspective Strong Becomes Stronger When Maiden Holdings Combines Its Financial Strength With GMAC REs Acknowledged Leadership The Result Is A New Level Of Stability, Security, And Service.

24 Speed And Accuracy Change The Name Throughout The Organization, With Customers, And Across The Industry Pinpoint Targets Maiden Re Employees Engage News Sources – Build Relationships Customers and Brokers Strategic Approach = Manage The News / Control The Perceptions

25 Speed And Accuracy Clear, Straightforward Celebrate The New Respect The Past Reach Everyone Within 48-72 Hours Of The Announcement

26 Details Of The Message GMAC RE Is Now Maiden Re; A Stand-Alone Reinsurance Company The Name Has Changed But Same Focus – On Relationships, Security, And Service No Change To Management - Underwriting, Claims, Or Executive Management The Dedicated Financial Trust Will Continue The Same Risk Appetite And Business Focus

27 Operational Plan Internal Announcement Customer And Broker Communication Media Relations Advertising

28 Internal Employees Learned Of Acquisition Immediately After It Occurred Need To Quickly Disseminate Information On Change And Its Impact On Business And Employees Personally Internal Launch Event Human Resources Immediate – Voicemail, E-mail, Business Card, Letterhead, Presentations, Etc.

29 Media Relations Press Release Executive Interviews Press Kits Resulting in: News spotlights Editorial Features Advertorials

30 Customers And Brokers E-mail News Distribution Immediately After Press Release Was Issued Letter From CEO On Impact / What To Expect Telephone Campaign Calls Began Immediately After Employee Meeting All Clients And Brokers Received A Call That Day Road Trip Several Teams Of Executives Dispatched Most Clients And Brokers Meet Within A Week

31 Advertising Announcement Ads Prominent Publications Best Available Placement Open Letter To Customers And Business Partners Update Existing Ads – Continue To Lead With The Trust Minor Changes Reflect Only The Name Has Changed

32 Maiden Re Offensive Wave – 48 to 72 Hrs Nov. 3rdNov. 4thNov. 5thNov. 6thNov. 7thWeek 2 8:30 A.M. Employee Meeting 8:55 A.M. Internal Announcement 9:07 A.M. Press Release To News Wire 9:15 A.M. Customer Email Blast 9:30 A.M. Customer Calls Customer Visits Trade Media Calls Media Interviews Print Advertising Online Advertorials Corporate Signage, Letterhead, Email, Voice Mail, Website Announcement ad Website Announcement Ad Maiden Re Announcement Ad Launch New Maiden Re Website Press Kit ShippedPress Kits Received Advertorials And Editorial Features

33 Creative




37 ..\Maiden Re Banner and Box ads\MaidenBanner.html Banner Ads


39 How Did We Do? Maiden Team And Integration Has Gone Extremely Well Clients And Brokers Are Engaged Stronger Balance Sheet And Future Revenue Growth Opportunities Shareholders Return The Balance Sheet Remains Strong In The Face Of Challenge

40 Maiden Re – A Fresh New Look With Client and Investor confidence secured… Were ready for a Fresh – Unique and Confident creative expression of who Maiden Re is…



43 Maiden Re Taking a truly personal approach… Brad LoescherJill Howell Maiden ReNewhall Klein

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