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Managing Change 300 (Unit Code: 11018) Semester 1, 2013 Assignment 2:ChangeCasestudy Assignment 2: Change Case study Assignment Guidelines.

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1 Managing Change 300 (Unit Code: 11018) Semester 1, 2013 Assignment 2:ChangeCasestudy Assignment 2: Change Case study Assignment Guidelines

2 British Petroleum (BP) Assignment 2 Case organisation British Petroleum (BP) British Petroleum (BP), an international oil and gas company, has recently drawn extensive attention as a result of their offshore drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico. The situation that gave rise to the oil leakage and spill and its subsequent ramifications embody many interrelated and unintended change processes with wide- ranging effects and impact.

3 An Open and live Case Study This is an open (and live) case study, meaning that …the content that describes the case organisation are not limited (e.g. to provided material); …any valid, credible and verifiable information in the public domain (internet) can and should be used (and extensively so). …information on the case organisation is generated and added or deleted from the web while you are doing your assignment. You have to review and gather available content at various locations on the Internet that … are appropriate to the study … enable you answer the questions provided at the end of this guideline You are a free to choose whatever source of information you prefer, but it is recommended that you consult credible / reputable sources (e.g. news agencies)

4 British Petroleum (BP) and the Gulf of Mexico oil spill For this assignment case organisation The focus is on British Petroleum (BP) as case organisation, and the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and events surrounding this as the change / change processes under consideration. (refer to the assignment parameters in the unit outline and summarised at the end of these guidelines) Extensive material are available on the internet (in the public domain) to explore the case and obtain insight into both the case organisation and this major change episode. The web addresses provided here are starting points for exploring and investigating BP and the Oil Spill. You should search and access additional material on the web

5 British Petroleum (BP) The company website: Brief overview of BP History of British Petroleum (BP) Company performance production-retreats.html

6 BP and the Gulf of Mexico oil spill The Oil Spill and its ramifications: Commentary on the issue spill/2344288

7 Stakeholder Reactions: spill_n_3126780.html?utm_hp_ref=green&ir=Green spill_n_3126780.html?utm_hp_ref=green&ir=Green BPs engagement of the issue record-on-wikipedia/ 4428619.php BP and the Gulf of Mexico oil spill (continued)

8 Assignment Questions Assignment Questions (Marks allocated per question are indicated in brackets) The creation of BPs Gulf of Mexico oil drilling platform was a strategic change initiative (which reflects a rational or rational-purposive change perspective)… 1.Analyse and discuss the various causes, triggers and drivers of the oil spill change [10 marks] 2.Indicate how the Gulf of Mexico oil spill has impacted the strategic position and competitiveness of BP [10 marks] Using the strategic competitiveness model (Porters five forces / industry attractiveness model) substantiate with evidence from the case organisation 3.Indicate and outline the implications for BP. [5 marks] 4.What changes are needed to improve BPs situation (including its competitive position) as outlined in Question 2? [5 marks]

9 Assignment Questions Assignment Questions (continued) The Gulf of Mexico oil spill was a comprehensive / major change… 5.Identify and discuss OTHER emergent change processes that inadvertently resulted from / followed in the wake of the oil spill. [5 marks] 6.Discuss the impact of this major and catastrophic change (the oil spill) on BP and its stakeholders [10 marks]: Use a stakeholder map or similar to identify the major stakeholders Use evidence from the case to substantiate your view 7.Reflecting on the last three (3) decades of BPs functioning… Can patterns or change patterns be observed? [5 marks] IMPORTANT: FOR ALL QUESTIONS use evidence from the case data / case organisation to substantiate your answers.

10 Assignment parameters (1) Due date: Submit no later than 17 May 2013 (Friday) by noon You need to analyse the case and present your answers in report format Apart from the case data, your discussion (answers in respect of the case) should make use of appropriate and relevant literature to support your views. Note also that we expect that your report (your answers) to the questions will extend beyond the basic approaches presented in textbooks Your work (Report), in general, will be assessed on the quality of 1. your analyses, arguments and conclusions; 2. the sources of information you utilised; 3. how well you used these resources in support of your arguments; and 4. …your referencing skills.

11 Assignment parameters (2) Assignment parameters (2) continued Source requirements: You should use at least FIVE (5) credible scientific sources, correctly cited and referenced. Failure to comply with the source requirements will automatically incur a fail assessment. (Refer to the Unit Outline and notes posted for assignment 1 for an outline of acceptable (scientific) sources). The LIMITATION on additional case-relevant internet sources is no longer applicable. Ensure that internet sources are correctly cited and referenced.

12 Assignment parameters (3) Assignment parameters (3) continued Formatting and submission requirements: Length of your report : 2400 words ± 10%, font Arial; font size 11 or 12; all page margins 2.5 cm; line spacing: 1,5. All written assessments must be submitted online via Turnitin on Blackboard Hard copy submissions handed directly to the lecturer in class, in the week that the assignment is due. (Distance education / online students do not submit hard copies) Assignment submitted to Turnitin should be accessible to the lecturer by noon on 17 May.


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