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Canyon Media Group (435) 628-36431 Southern Utah's Best Radio Buy ! St George / Cedar City.

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1 Canyon Media Group (435) Southern Utah's Best Radio Buy ! St George / Cedar City

2 Canyon Media Group (435)

3 3 –KONY OverviewKONY Overview –KONY Featured TalentKONY Featured Talent –Live Remote BroadcastLive Remote Broadcast –Coverage MapCoverage Map –KPLD OverviewKPLD Overview –Featured TalentFeatured Talent –Live Remote BroadcastLive Remote Broadcast –Coverage MapCoverage Map –KZHK OverviewKZHK Overview –KZHK Featured TalentKZHK Featured Talent –Live Remote BroadcastLive Remote Broadcast –Coverage MapCoverage Map –KZNU OverviewKZNU Overview –KZNU Featured TalentKZNU Featured Talent –Coverage MapCoverage Map Canyon Media Rate Card Digital Audio Production Contact Information Canyon Media broadcasts the biggest, and most listened to formats in American Radio, Country, News-Talk, Hot AC, Classic Rock. We have the top stations, top talent, and most listeners, and have for over a decade. 75% of all radio listeners tune to Canyon Media every week.

4 Canyon Media Group (435) View Coverage map 99.9 KONY Country is the #1 rated station in the market for over half a decade. 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, Eastlan Ratings With an average 20 share KONY reaches the widest audience in Southern Utah. On the air for over 20 years, KONY is Southern Utahs country heritage station. Everyone knows the family friendly, community minded, and effective advertising power of KONY. Everyone knows KONY KONY COUNTRY Target Audience Adults Streaming Online KONY COUNTRY, Southern Utahs Country radio station plays the best country music from artists like Rascal Flats, Kenny Chesney, Tim Mcgraw, Sugarland, Keith Urban, and Brooks & Dunn. Mornings with Carl Lamar and Marty Lane have been # 1 for over 6 years and the longest running morning show in the area and bring their own brand of family fun and entertainment to mornings in Southern Utah KONY COUNTRY targets Adults

5 Canyon Media Group (435) KONY Featured Talent Mornings with Carl and Marty 6 AM – 10 AM 10 AM – 3 PM The #1 rated morning show in Southern Utah! Larae Nelson 3 PM – 7 PM Lia 7 PM - Midnight KT Kelly

6 Canyon Media Group (435) KONY-FM Coverage map

7 Canyon Media Group (435) PLANET 94.1 View Coverage map PLANET 94.1, Southern Utahs Hot Ac radio station that plays the best music from the 90s and Now from artists like Rob Thomas, Coldplay, Greenday, Maroon 5, John Mayer, Goo Goo Dolls, and Nickleback. Chris and LaRae weekday mornings, Southern Utah's only married morning show bring their own brand of family fun and entertainment to mornings in Southern Utah. PLANET 94.1 targets mostly Females Southern Utah's Best Mix Target Audience Female Streaming Online

8 Canyon Media Group (435) Featured Talent 6 AM - 10 AM Aaronee 10 AM - 3 PM Shawn Denevan 7 PM - Midnight Chris and LaRae The Planet Morning show with Chris and LaRae Ryan Seacrest 3 PM – 7PM

9 Canyon Media Group (435) KPLD Coverage Map

10 Canyon Media Group (435) KZHK 95.9 THE HAWK View Coverage map Target Audience Male THE HAWK, Southern Utahs Classic Rock radio station that plays the best music from artists like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Van Halen, and Aerosmith. The Rock n Roll Morning Show with long time local hosts, Bryan Benware and Cindy Olson THE HAWK targets mostly males 25-54, but is also female friendly. Streaming Online

11 Canyon Media Group (435) KZHK Featured Talent Bryan and Cindy Airtime: 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM Brett Stevens Airtime: 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM Host of the 5:00 free ride Johnny Van Airtime: 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

12 Canyon Media Group (435) KZHK-FM Coverage Map

13 Canyon Media Group (435) FOX NEWS AM 1450 KZNU View Coverage map FOX NEWS RADIO AM1450 KZNU Local news, Fox News. Talk radio is the 2 nd most listened to format in the country KZNU features Glenn Beck, Dr Laura, Laura Ingram, Michael Savage, and many other national and local hosts. TARGET AUDIENCE ADULTS Streaming Online

14 Canyon Media Group (435) KZNU Featured Talent Glenn Beck Monday - Friday 7AM to 10 AM Bill Handel – Handel on the Law Saturday 1 PM to 4 PM Alan Combs Monday - Friday 8 PM to 11PM Michael Savage Monday - Friday 5PM - 8PM Laura Ingram Monday - Friday 10AM to 1 PM Dr Laura Monday - Friday 1PM to 4 PM Phil Hendrie Monday - Friday 11 PM to 2 AM

15 Canyon Media Group (435) KZNU Local Talent Dr Keshav Chander 'Your Health' Wednesday 4 PM – 4:30 PM Dan Murphy Last Call Saturday 5:00PM - 7:00PM Health and Wellness with DeVonna What's hot and not in the health field. Saturday 9 AM – 11AM Matt Eschler The Southern Utah Counseling Experience Friday 4PM - 5PM Saturday 4PM – 5PM The Travel Show Don Shafer & Larry Gelwix Saturday 11 AM - 1 PM Real Golf Radio" Saturday 6AM – 8AM Brian and Bob Real Golf Radio" Saturday 6AM – 8AM Al Arciniaga Senior Focus Tuesday 4PM – 4:30PM Donielle Access The Magic Saturday 8AM – 9AM Eric Scott Retirement Adventures Monday 430PM – 5PM Eric Scott Tuesday 4PM – 5PM Safari Tuesday 4PM – 5PM

16 Canyon Media Group (435) KZNU-AM Coverage Map

17 Canyon Media Group (435) AWARD WINNING Digital audio production Our state of the art studio has won numerous Gold and Silver awards for commercials produced From the Utah Broadcasters Association With Shawn Denevan, our full-time production director, your spot will be produced with amazing quality, and efficient speed and with over a dozen voices to choose from, your ad will be distinctive and professional, creating the results you desire.

18 Canyon Media Group (435) Live Remote Broadcast Broadcast your event live on the radio! If you have something exciting coming up or you have an event that our listeners need to know about then well come out and broadcast from your business. Our live events drive traffic and draw attention to your event. So order ahead and get ready for a fun and successful party. Here is what your broadcast will include: 1-High profile station vehicle for great curb appeal 1-Station on-air personality for added excitement and professionalism 20 custom pre-recorded commercials leading up to the event 20 live liners talking-up your event 6 live commercial breaks during your broadcast Drinks for your first 100 guests (per request) Total Investment: $1500 (plus talent fee of $200) Total Investment: $1800 (plus talent fee of $200)

19 Canyon Media Group (435) Contact Information Canyon Media Broadcasting 204 Playa Della Rosita Suite #2 Washington, Utah Fax General Mgr.Carl Lamar Carl Lamar General Sales Mgr. Ben Lindquist Ben Lindquist Market Mgr.Matt Burgoyne Matt Burgoyne Sales Staff Dwight Goheen Dwight Goheen Bryan Benware Bryan Benware Valorie Hansen Valorie Hansen Angie Watts Angie Watts Emily Bermann Emily Bermann Click Name to

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