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Unit 5 Crime and Punishment Pengzhenzhu Oct, 2008.

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1 Unit 5 Crime and Punishment Pengzhenzhu Oct, 2008

2 Lead-in What is a crime? A crime is the violation of a norm that has been codified in a law and is backed by the power and authority of the state.

3 Four basic types of crime and relevant criminals 1. Violent and property crimes: involving a direct confrontation between the criminal and the victim E.g. murder, rape, robbery, assault, hijacking( ), kidnapping, etc. Murderer, rapist, robber, hijacker, kidnapper

4 Four basic types of crime and relevant criminals 2. white-collar crime: White-collar criminals are individuals or corporations, engaged in otherwise legitimate businesses, who either conduct businesses by illegal means, or take illegal personal gains at the expense of their employers, clients, customers, etc. E.g. tax evasion, embezzling, stealing by employees, bribery, Tax dodger, Embezzler, briber, bribee

5 Four basic types of crime and relevant criminals 3. organized crime: deals with organizations that exist primarily to provide and profit from illegal goods and services. E.g. the sale of forbidden goods and services. (drugs and prostitution) Prostitution: so-called the worlds oldest profession Smuggling (cigarettes, or handguns, etc.) Smuggler, prostitute, drug abuser, etc.

6 Four basic types of crime and relevant criminals 4. crimes without victims: The term is used to describe activities that have been declared illegal because they offend public morals, not because they cause anyone harm. Public drunkenness, illegal gambling, pornography, etc. drunk,, gambler, etc.

7 Warm-up : Brainstorming p58 Types of Crime People involved in crime Methods of punishment Methods of executing death penalty

8 Types of Crime murder / burglary /extortion / assault / kidnapping robbery /hijacking /kidnapping /embezzlement / bride People involved in crime Suspect/ burglar/ culprit /murderer /accomplice/ robber /hijacker /victim /intruder /defendant Methods of punishment Imprisonment / capital punishment /life sentence/ caning/ community service /corporal punishment Methods of executing death penalty Hanging / gas chamber /lethal injection / firing squad execution/ electrocution

9 Listen and speak P59 Task 1: Listen to the story once and retell the story to your partner. You can also tell another story about being a witness or victim of a crime.

10 1. There are lethal injection, electrocution, gas chamber, hanging and firing squad. 2. He thinks some of the methods sound terrible. 3. He is in favor of the death penalty. 4. Because he agrees that there are innocent people sentenced to death. Task 2: Listen to the dialogue and review the words related with crime and punishment.

11 Section II BTK Killer Task 1 Listening in (News Report 1 BTK Serial Killer ) Guess the meaning of BTK first. Bind, torture, kill Listen to the news and finish the exercise on Page 61

12 Word tips Spree: n. overindulgence in an activity Custody: n. the act or right of guarding, especially such a right granted by a court Brazen: adj. marked by flagrant and insolent audacity Allege: vt. (law) to state that (sth. bad) is a fact without giving proof Compliance: n. tendency to give way to others; unworthy submission Sadism: n. unusual fondness for cruelty to people Elude: vi. to evade or escape from, as by daring, cleverness, or skill, … Trophy: n. a prize or memento, such as a cup or plaque, received as a symbol of victory, especially in sports Freak: n. a person, thing, or event that is extremely unusual or unlikely and not like any other of its type

13 After-listening 1: Role play Situation: Before serving his life sentence, Rader asked to meet his family, who knew nothing about his crime during those 34 years. Task: Imagine the situation at their meeting. Take roles of being Rader, his wife and his 2 children, a son and a daughter.

14 After listening 2: Farewell speech Suppose you were the BTK killer and prepare a farewell speech before the execution of death penalty on you. Think about the people killed by you, their family, your own family and the coming death penalty on you.

15 Section III Death Penalty Task 1 Listening in (News Report 2 Death Penalty Not for Juvenile Killers) Brief discussion before listening: Do you think death penalty should be executed on juvenile killers? Why or why not? Listen and finish the exercise on p63-64.

16 Word tips Juvenile: adj. of or for young people Consensus: n. a general agreement; the opinion of most of the people in a group Execute vi. to kill (someone ) as a lawful punishment Prosecutor: n. a person (often a lawyer) who prosecutes someone Relieve: vt. to lessen (pain, anxiety, or trouble) ( ) Ultimate: adj. greatest; better or worse than any other Inmate: n. someone who lives in or esp. is kept in a place, typically with many other people, such as a prisoner in a prison, a patient in a mental hospital, etc. ( ) Eligibility: n. the quality or state of fulfilling the necessary conditions

17 Section III After listening 1: Role play The Parents of a juvenile killer and the parents of the victim meet on the court. The victims parents insist of executing death penalty on the killer, but the parents of the killer try to defend for their child. Form a group of four, take the roles of the parents of the killer and the parents of the victim, then role play the situation.

18 Debate Section III After listening 2: Debate The whole class is divided into two groups to debate on the proposition Should death penalty be executed on juvenile killers? The side which has more speakers is the winner of the debate. Choose the best rebutter for each side after the debate. The pro side: Death penalty should be executed on juvenile killers. The con side: Death penalty should not be executed on juvenile killers.

19 Further Listening (News Report 3-- ATM Crime) Listen to the news and fill in the blanks. Surveillance, witnesses, armed, vehicle, grab freshly-stocked, jackpot, Calculate, serious burglary, federal

20 Word tips Surveillance: n. a close watch kept on someone, esp. someone who is believed to have criminal intentions, Rocket: vi. to rise quickly and suddenly Brazen: adj. without shame; immodest Jackpot: n. the biggest amount of money to be won in a game of cards or in any competition decided by chance, Ram: vt. to run or drive into (something) very hard

21 Enrichment Reading Be detective! Read the story in P66. Then work with your group members to decide who is the murderer and why within 8 minutes.

22 The Solution: Ralston North killed Lauren Guzman The Explanation: The round blood drops, which reveal the time of the murder. Ralston claimed that when Lauren left the gas station, the wind was blowing hard. But the round blood drops under the body indicate that no wind had been blowing when the fence post bashed on Lauren's head. This told the officer two things. (1) It was no storm-related accident. (2) Ralston lied.

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