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Where Does UMKC Fit in the Rankings? This presentation has been based on a presentation created by Joe Matt of the Institutional Research Office at ASU.

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1 Where Does UMKC Fit in the Rankings? This presentation has been based on a presentation created by Joe Matt of the Institutional Research Office at ASU.

2 Why pay attention to the US News Rankings? Although rankings are imprecise, metrics are important Prospective students pay attention and compare institutions on a number of indicators Schools are categorized by mission derived from Carnegie classification National Universities Offer full range of undergraduate majors, plus masters and Ph.D. programs, and emphasize faculty research 262 institutions, including UMKC Gather data from each college for up to 15 indicators of academic excellence Each factor is assigned a weight that reflects how much it matters Colleges are ranked against their peers based on their composite weighted score

3 US News Tier Structure Top SchoolsInstitutions ranked 1 to 130 Tier 3Institutions ranked 134 to 188 UMKC: Ranked 165 th Tier 4Institutions ranked 197 to 260

4 US News Rating Factors

5 2009 U.S. News Methodology Measures and Their Weights

6 U.S. News Measures by Cluster Peer Assessment 25% Selectivity SAT/ACT Top 10% Acceptance 15% Faculty Resources Graduation & Retention Class Size Salaries Faculty Student/Faculty Freshman Persistence Graduation Grad Rate Performance 20% 25% Alumni Giving 5% Financial Resources 10%

7 Where Does UMKC Rank? UM-Kansas City2007 Edition2008 Edition2009 EditionWeightingTierIncrease 1% Overall Rank175th172nd165th 3rd Overall score2723 Peer Assessment Rank 176th158th 3rd Peer assessment score2.5 25.0% Graduation & Retention Rank192nd206th208th 4th Avg. persistence retention rate73%72% 4.0%9 students Six-year graduation rate47%45%43%16.0%7 students Graduation Rate Performance Rank 249th250th5.0%4th Predicted65%63%61% Actual47%45%43% Difference-18% Faculty Resources Rank131st116th90th 1st Classes under 20 students53%56%54%6.0%12 sections Classes of 50 or more students7% 6%2.0%11 sections Student/faculty ratio11/113/19/11.0% Faculty who are full-time82%83%84%1.0%27 positions Full-time faculty with terminal degree3.0%10 Faculty Faculty Salaries7.0% Selectivity Rank106th98th99th 1st ACT 25 th -75 th percentile21-2720-2721-287.5% Freshmen in top 10% of HS class30%34% 6.0%8 students Acceptance rate75%71%60%1.5%34 students Financial Resources Rank131st132nd137th10.0%3rd Alumni Giving Rank229th233rd223rd 4th Avg. alumni giving rate5% 6%5.0%435 alumni

8 UMKCs Aspirational Peers Univ. ofSUNY atTempleUniv. of UMKCPittsburghBuffaloUniversityIllinois-ChicagoCincinnati Overall Rank165th58th121st134th 149th Peer Assessment Score2. Graduation & Retention Rank208th74th125th135th188th181st Avg. freshman persistence rate72%90%87%85%78%80% Six-year graduation rate43%75%63%59%52%50% Graduation rate performance Predicted61%67%59%51%58%51% Actual43%75%63%59%50%52% Difference-18%8%4%8%-8%1% Faculty Resources Rank90th107th149th178th217th186th Classes under 20 students54%43%35%42%37%47% Classes of 50 or more students6%15%22%5%19%8% Student/faculty ratio9/116/1 17/116/114/1 Faculty who are full-time84%92%85%73%91%99% Full-time faculty with terminal degree84%92%97%70%78%61% Selectivity Rank99th67th128th173rd118th128th ACT 25 th -75 th percentile21-281150-13401040-1260980-118021-2621-27 Freshmen in top 10% of HS class34%48%24%19%23%20% Acceptance rate60%56%52%63%64%75% Financial Resources Rank137th35th105th144th34th79th Alumni Giving Rank223rd95th174th166th214182nd Avg. alumni giving rate6%15%9%10%7%8%

9 UMKCs Operational Peers GeorgeUniv. of Virginia UMKCMason Univ.UABLouisvilleSouth FloridaComm. Univ. Overall Rank165th149th145th170th Peer Assessment Score2. Graduation & Retention Rank208th151st230th223rd185th197th Avg. freshman persistence rate72%85%76%77%81% Six-year graduation rate43%59%38%44%49%47% Graduation rate performance Predicted61%56%53%56%52% Actual43%59%38%44%49%47% Difference-18%3%-15%-12%-3%-5% Faculty Resources Rank90th203rd115th211th234th143rd Classes under 20 students54%34%38%25%29%44% Classes of 50 or more students6%13% 14%11% Student/faculty ratio9/115/117/118/119/118/1 Faculty who are full-time84%78%97%84%97%84% Full-time faculty with terminal degree84%91%86%89%80% Selectivity Rank99th179th111th122nd133rd209th ACT 25 th -75 th percentile21-281020-121021-27 1010-1210960-1170 Freshmen in top 10% of HS class34%18%30%24%27%15% Acceptance rate60%56%77%70%50%62% Financial Resources Rank137th197th22nd72nd169th158th Alumni Giving Rank223rd190th148th118th148th182nd Avg. alumni giving rate6%8%11%13%11%9%

10 Lowest Schools in Top Tier DuquesneKansas St.Samford UMKCUniversity LSUUniversity Overall Rank165th130th Peer Assessment Score2.5 Graduation & Retention Rank208th86th138th 93rd Avg. freshman persistence rate72%87%80%84% Six-year graduation rate43%72%57%60%67% Graduation rate performance Predicted61% 57%61%71% Actual43%72%57%60%67% Difference-18%11%0%-1%-4% Faculty Resources Rank90th161st136th161st90th Classes under 20 students54%50%52%35%60% Classes of 50 or more students6%7%10%18%6% Student/faculty ratio9/115/120/1 12/1 Faculty who are full-time84%74%95%96%84% Full-time faculty with terminal degree84%86%84%85%84% Selectivity Rank99th150th133rd99th105th ACT 25 th -75 th percentile21-281020-121021-2823-2822-28 Freshmen in top 10% of HS class34%26%23%27%32% Acceptance rate60%74%95%73%92% Financial Resources Rank137th186th158th137th144th Alumni Giving Rank223rd101st56th131st144th Avg. alumni giving rate6%15%20%13%12%

11 Top Five Up-and-Coming Universities GeorgeClemsonUniv. of UMKCMason Univ.UniversityUSCASUMaryland-Balt. Co. Overall Rank165th149th61st27th121st149th Peer Assessment Score2. Graduation & Retention Rank208th151st66th32nd160th143rd Avg. freshman retention rate72%85%89%96%78%83% Six-year graduation rate43%59%78%85%56%60% Graduation rate performance Predicted61%56%72%87%57%67% Actual43%59%78%85%56%60% Difference-18%3%6%-2%-1%-7% Faculty Resources Rank90th203rd72nd25th50th178th Classes under 20 students54%34%48%64%51%43% Classes of 50 or more students6%13%11%12%14%13% Student/faculty ratio9/115/114/19/122/118/1 Faculty who are full-time84%78%95%82%96%84% Full-time faculty with terminal degree84%91%86%90%89%88% Selectivity Rank99th179th63rd21st173rd118th ACT 25 th -75 th percentile21-281020-12101130-13201270-1460960-12201080-1300 Freshman in top 10% of HS class34%18%52%86%27%28% Acceptance rate60%56%50%25%95%69% Financial Resources Rank137th197th90th38th174th152nd Alumni Giving Rank223rd190th28th8th148th238th Avg. alumni giving rate6%8%28%38%11%5%

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