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Business Administration DSA Seminar February 18, 2010.

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1 Business Administration DSA Seminar February 18, 2010

2 SourceODUs Standing U.S. News and World Reports – 2010 National Universities Ranking colleges/national-universities-rankings Tier 3 (no specific ranking) Forbes. Com – 2009 Americas Best Colleges ratings-opinions-colleges-09-intro.html 410 out of 600 ODU 2007 Faculty Salary Peer Group peers_main.shtml N/A 2

3 7 ranking categories (weights in parentheses) 1.Peer assessment (25 percent) 2.Retention (20 percent) 3.Faculty resources (20 percent) 4.Student selectivity (15 percent) 5.Financial resources (10 percent) 6. Graduation rate performance (5 percent) 7.Alumni giving rate (5 percent) 3

4 Tier 3 is approximately the next 25 percent of schools that are just beneath the numbered ranked schools in the top half in terms of their rankings in that category schools listed in Tier 3 are ranked lower than those in the top-half but are ranked higher than those in Tier 4 Tier 4 schools are the bottom 25 percent of schools in that category in terms of their rankings. 4

5 National Universities are defined as: Research Universities (very high research activity) Research Universities (high research activity) Doctoral/Research Universities 262 national universities in the country (164 public, 98 private), based on categories developed by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching universities offer a full range of undergraduate majors, as well as master's and doctoral degrees; many strongly emphasize research. 5

6 1. Harvard University, MA 1. Princeton University, NJ 3. Yale University, CT 4. California Institute of Technology,CA 4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA 4. Stanford University, CA 4. University of Pennsylvania, PA 8. Columbia University, NY 8. University of Chicago, IL 10. Duke University, NC 6 NOTE: See website for alphabetical listing of Tier 3 National Universities

7 The Center for College Affordability and Productivity (CCAP) compiled its college rankings using seven components (the weightings are listed in parentheses): 1. Listings of Alumni in the 2008 edition of Who's Who in America (12.5%) 2. Salaries of Alumni from (12.5%) 3. Student Evaluations from (25%) 4. Four-Year Graduation Rates (16.66%) 5. Students Receiving Nationally Competitive Awards (8.33%) 6. Faculty Receiving Awards for Scholarship and Creative Pursuits (5%) 7. Four-year Debt Load for Typical Student Borrowers (20%) 7

8 600 institutions of higher education award undergraduate degrees or certificates requiring "four or more years" of study categorized by The Carnegie Foundation as Doctorate-granting Universities, Master's Colleges and Universities, or Baccalaureate Colleges 568 were included in the 2008 college ranking 32 schools in the sample were added based on school size 8

9 9

10 10 Forbes ranking page before ODU.

11 11 Forbes ranking page that includes ODU.

12 12 Forbes ranking page after ODU.

13 13

14 Business Administration DSA Seminar February 18, 2010 14

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