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“Harrison Bergeron” Plot Development By: Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

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1 “Harrison Bergeron” Plot Development By: Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
Sarah Khan, Paige White, & Eric Ruthruff

2 Summary “Harrison Bergeron”, a short, science fiction story, tells the tale of the delicacy of society’s equality. The plot is set in the year Due to the 211th, 212th and 213th Amendments to the Constitution of America, all Americans are mandated equal. “They were not only equal before God and the law. They were equal every which way." In America no one is more intelligent than anyone else, no one is better looking or more athletic than anyone else. In order to stop any sort of competition in society these measures are enforced by the United States Handicapper General. The current Handicapper General, Diana Moon Glampers, and her team of agents have developed several forms of "handicaps." Beautiful people are forced to wear masks, athletic people have to carry weights, and intelligent people have to wear radios in their ears that interrupt thoughts with loud noises. In April 2081 the agents of the Handicapper General take fourteen-year-old Harrison Bergeron away from his parents, George and Hazel. The couple is not aware of the full extent of that tragedy because Hazel is of average intelligence and George has to wear the mental handicap radio. Later that day the two are watching ballerinas on live television where the talented dancers have weights on their arms and feet. The show is interrupted by a bulletin announcing that Harrison Bergeron has escaped from prison. A picture of Harrison wearing several handicaps is shown. Suddenly the photo is replaced by images of Harrison storming the studio. Ripping off all his handicaps he declares that he is the emperor and a greater ruler than anyone else. He chooses one of the ballerinas as his empress, liberates her from her handicaps, and starts to dance with her. They dance until they kiss the ceiling. A few seconds later Diana Moon Glampers enters the studio and kills Harrison and his empress with a shotgun, and then the screen goes dark. George Bergeron misses these events, having left to get a beer. He returns and finds Hazel crying on the couch. She says that something sad must have happened on TV, but that she cannot remember what it was. George tells her to forget about sad things. , and everyone is finally equal.

3 Exposition – Initial Characters
George Bergeron

4 Exposition – Initial Characters
Hazel Bergeron

5 Exposition – Initial Characters
Harrison Bergeron

6 Exposition - Initial Setting
The Bergeron House

7 Exposition – Initiating Action
The government enforces laws that make all people equal.

8 Exposition – Initiating Action
George and Hazel Bergeron watch T.V. The Bergeron T.V.

9 George Talking to Hazel
Rising Action George foreshadows future events by talking about the effects disobeying laws on society. George Talking to Hazel

10 Ballerina Delivers News Report
Rising Action While George and Hazel are watching , a news report flashes on the screen. It is about Harrison Bergeron, their son, escaping form jail. Ballerina Delivers News Report

11 Rising Action Images

12 Climax/Turning Point Harrison appears on news broadcast. He takes off his handicappers, (devices used to make all equal.) which include his weights, red rubber nose, and ear piece.

13 Harrison declares himself emperor and chooses his empress.
Climax/Turning Point Harrison declares himself emperor and chooses his empress.

14 Climax/Turning Point Harrison commands orchestra to play beautiful, joyful music. As he and his empress jump and dance to the music, they defy not only the laws of the land, but also the laws of gravity and motion

15 Falling Action/Resolution
Diana Moon Glampers, head of the government, arrives to the scene with a loaded shotgun. Threatens orchestra. She kills both Harrison and his empress. Cartoon Representation of Diana Moon Glampers

16 What is the danger of total equality?
Focus Question What is the danger of total equality?

17 Science Fiction Elements
Futuristic Setting

18 Science Fiction Elements
Contains Unknown Inventions – Handicaps

19 Science Fiction Elements
Impossible to deem all equal and control all through governmental powers.

20 Science Fiction Elements
Theme deals with impact of imagined innovations in science/technology.

21 Citations content/uploads/2007/11/ball_chain.jpg AKQJQDucFuM/s1600/harrison_color.jpg 8zmIJuI/AAAAAAAABY0/QbvGQcWiEQ4/s400/msittg_provemypoint.jpg Bc/LoC8JjgjTMA/s1600/2081.jpg MASKED%20DANCER%20200.jpg Your-Smaller-Home/Small-Home.jpg y0I/AAAAAAAACng/gSTGPOreVDU/s1600/0.jpg

22 Citations JZfhqCTbw04/Tl1X82symQI/AAAAAAAAFJE/YgzFO1kCwpM/s1600/ f 6wGZZKqMt3c/s1600/moment.jpg /hvKfw9r7dBs/s400/glampersblog.jpg C8/oZjbng-IC2A/s1600/godsscale.jpg

23 Sarah Khan, Paige White, & Eric Ruthruff
Thanks for Watching! “Harrison Bergeron” Plot Development By: Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Sarah Khan, Paige White, & Eric Ruthruff

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