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News presentation (Ethiopia) 5D Eden Lam(9) 5D Chloe Lee(12)

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1 News presentation (Ethiopia) 5D Eden Lam(9) 5D Chloe Lee(12)

2 Ethiopia lies between latitudes 3° and 15°N near the Equator. Introduction

3 Officially known as the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Located in the Horn of Africa ( ) With over 93,000,000 inhabitants Most populous landlocked country in the world Total area of 1,100,000 square kilometres Capital : Addis Ababa

4 Mean annual rainfall Mean annual rainfall distribution over the country is about 2000 mm Mean annual temperature Mean annual temperature distribution over the country varies from about 10 over the highlands of northwest, central and southeast to about 35 over north-eastern lowlands

5 The trend analysis of annual rainfall shows that rainfall remained more or less constant when averaged over the whole country

6 There has been a warming trend in the annual minimum temperature over the past 55 years. It has been increasing by about 0.37 every ten years.


8 IMPACTIMPACT Water : due to increasing evaporation, the availability of clean drinking water is likely to decrease Health : The warming is further expected to cause an increase in infectious disease, such as malaria, dengue fever etc.

9 The late rain and droughts lead to: - Crop loss - Decreased productivity or loss of livestock - Water shortage - Soil erosion - Reduced income from agricultural production - Food insecurity/famines - Decreased ability to meet other basic needs The impacts of droughts are generally more intense. Crop pests lead to: - Reduced soil productivity/crop loss - Reduced livestock feed - Loss of livestock - Food insecurity


11 Land is unsuitable for produce coffee bean Seventy percent of the worlds coffee could be wiped out by 2080(that predicts a 38 per cent reduction) Become highly vulnerable to temperature change and other dangers including pests and disease. high risk of extinction Not take into account large-scale deforestation in coffee-growing areas in South Sudan and Ethiopia.


13 Increased poverty, water scarcity, and food insecurity People added burden of increasingly unpredictable weather

14 Source: Richmond Times-Dispatch, Va. Aug. 19-2011 -Thursday's Times-Dispatch ran a wire story about southern Ethiopia, a normally green region that drought has turned brown. The drought in Somalia has captured the world's attention and appealed to its compassion. If it does not see rains soon, a fertile area of Ethiopia could extend the scope and severity of the food crisis. The report recalled Eliza Griswold's "The Tenth Parallel: Dispatches from the Fault Line Between Christianity and Islam." The author toured the sections of the globe where Christianity and Islam meet, not always in happy circumstances. Conflict often occurs. Europe's religious wars may seem like ancient history. In other continents, faith collides. Griswold also explores environmental considerations. "The Tenth Parallel" indentifies a geographic band dramatically affected by climate change. Warming has made agriculture more difficult. Hunger can breed conflict. Throughout history, humans have waged war over natural resources. Observers say rising food prices contributed to the so-called Arab Spring as economic stress helped to raise simmering political grievances to the boiling point. There is a reason geopolitical analysts study climate change's implications for national security and peace worldwide. Africa has seen drought before and will see it again. Nevertheless, global warming's impact on what ought to be an African breadbasket cannot be dismissed out of hand. Copyright: To see more of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, or to subscribe to the newspaper, go to Copyright (c) 2011, Richmond Times-Dispatch, Va. Distributed by McClatchy-Tribune Information Services. For more information about the content services offered by McClatchy-Tribune Information Services (MCT), visit

15 A normally green region that drought has turned brown. If it does not see rains soon, a fertile area of Ethiopia could extend the scope and severity of the food crisis.

16 What is the stance and measures taken by Ethiopia mitigation of global warming?

17 Such policy and program initiatives include the Environmental Policy, Energy Policy and the Biofuels Strategy, Agriculture and Rural Development Strategy, Water Resources Management Policy, Health Policy, National Policy on Disaster Risk Management, Food Security Strategy, National Policy on Biodiversity Conservation, and the Pastoral Policy.

18 The NAPA document (replaced by Ethiopian Programme of adaptation to Climate Change- EPACC) was prepared (2007) NAMA (in 2010) In 2011 the Climate-Resilient Green Economy (CRGE) strategy was launched. national five-year development plan The national five-year development plan (for the period 2010/11-2014/15), outlines the countrys vision for a low- carbon development path and building of a green economy.

19 Ethiopias Programme of Adaptation on Climate Change (EPACC) Formulated in 2007. To build a climate resilient green economy Objective :to contribute to the elimination of poverty and to lay the foundation for a climate resilient path towards sustainable development. Aims to mainstream climate change throughout government sectors by ensuring climate change is embedded within government policies


21 Ethiopia has implement a intensive tree-planting scheme Planted more than 700 million trees in 2007 Increased forest cover to mitigate erosion, improve soil quality, and preserve biodiversity.

22 Apart from these…

23 To improve and enhance the health and quality of life of all Ethiopians To promote sustainable social and economic development so as to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs

24 Her stance in the Copenhagen climate change conference


26 Ethiopian prime minister calling for the UK prime minister to offer $50bn (£44bn) a year by 2015 and $100bn (£89bn) by 2020

27 InternationalCo-operation

28 China : the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) Highest quality for foreign aid, and the materials it provides include machinery, equipment, medical devices, testing equipment, transport vehicles, office equipment, food and medicine.

29 Funding package worth 2.2 million US-Dollar To help implement the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) In partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Yayu Coffee Forest Biosphere Reserve To restore habitats where species of wild coffee reside in Ethiopia " Yayu Coffee Forest Biosphere Reserve " (YCFBR)

30 provide a process for (LDCs) To identify priority activities that respond to their urgent and immediate needs to adapt to climate change Example: Improving the range land resources management practices in the pastoral areas of Ethiopia Strengthening drought and flood early warning systems in Ethiopia

31 The Government of Ethiopias Productive Safety Net Program (PSNP) A cooperation from the USA (USAID) Plays a critical role In building the resilience capacity of chronically food insecure communities to shocks and climate change.

32 1.UNDP partners with Least Developed Countries Fund to strengthen early warning systems and climate information in Africa (02 Oct 2013) information-in-africa/ information-in-africa/ 2. 3.Climate change increasing poverty and vulnerability in Ethiopia Rich countries must help Ethiopia adapt Coping with Drought and Climate Change in Ethiopia 4.Effect of global warming on the distribution of parasitic and other infectious diseases: a review. 6. 7. Coffee beans at risk of extinction Coffee beans at risk of extinction of global warming on the distribution of parasitic and other infectious diseases: a review. 8.begin with video - 9. 10. Supporting Integrated and Comprehensive Approaches to Climate Change Adaptation in Africa - Ethiopia

33 11. Ethiopian government says it has tripled forest cover in a decade 12. CLIMATE CHANGE NATIONAL ADAPTATION PROGRAMME OF ACTION (NAPA) OF ETHIOPIA 13. Ethiopia: Building on Progress A Plan for Accelerated and Sustained Development to End Poverty (PASDEP) Documents/Plan_for_Accelerated_and_Sustained_(PASDEP)_final_July_2007_Volume_I_3.pdf Documents/Plan_for_Accelerated_and_Sustained_(PASDEP)_final_July_2007_Volume_I_3.pdf International level 14.SUPPORTING BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY 15. National Adaptation Programmes of Action (NAPAs) 16. Mapping of Policy and Institutional Arrangements for Climate Change Adaptation in Ethiopia 17. IIED


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