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Welcome to the official presentation of world association for small & medium enterprises. WASME WASME House Plot No. 4, Institutional Area, Sector – 16.

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1 Welcome to the official presentation of world association for small & medium enterprises. WASME WASME House Plot No. 4, Institutional Area, Sector – 16 A, Noida – 201301, Uttar Pradesh, India Tel: +91-120-2515241, 4216284, | Fax: +91-120- 2515243

2 Serving SMEs globally WHAT WE DO We disseminate information We organize conferences, trainings & workshops on SMEs We publish wide range of books, bulletin & news letters We facilitate study tours & exposure visits We foster International cooperation We undertake research studies We promote rural industrialization 77 66 55 4 4 3 3 2 2 1 1 88 We advocate concerns of SMEs

3 World Association For Small & Medium Enterprises ABOUT World Association for Small and Medium Enterprises (WASME) – a not-for- profit organization established in 1980 and headquartered in India – has emerged, over the years, as one of the most representative, effective and leading international organisations, working towards the promotion of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The vision behind establishment of WASME was to build a world private community of small business, their supporting and financial institutions as a non-governmental organization, not influenced by any government(s). WASME has members, associates and network partners in different countries across the world.

4 The main aim and object of WASME is to foster and co-ordinate international cooperation and networking for promotion of micro, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and projecting capabilities of governmental and non- governmental agencies engaged in promotion and protection of SMEs and sharing from their experiences. With the above Vision and Mission, following objectives were set: Articulating concerns and interests of SMEs at various UN and international fora. Developing relationship between SMEs in developed and developing countries. Networking with related/similar organizations. Enlarging collaboration with UN agencies and international organizations. Capacity building of SMEs through managerial and skill development programmes. Disseminating information on and about international developments in SME sector. Carrying out research and studies on topical issues confronting SMEs. OBJECTIVES

5 VISSION & MISSION Vision Statement To build a world private community of small business, their supporting and financial institutions without any influence. of national government(s) views and develop an effective relationship with various agencies in UN system. Establish itself as the premier international organization advocating the interests of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) at relevant international fora. Perform as a strategic resource for SMEs and the organizations that represent them world-wide, with focus on those in developing and less developed economies. Facilitate access of SMEs to know-how and best practices, through training, technology transfer and other business development services that will enable SMEs to grow and sustain. Foster international cooperation, encourage SMEs linkages among SMEs and Governments, institutions, initiate formation of business alliances; and create mechanisms to facilitate cost-effective international networking and international trade opportunities for SMEs. Provide leadership and be a catalyst for building a supporting and synergistic network of civil society institutions so as to make SMEs competitive, sustainable, environmentally friendly, socially responsive, culturally sensitive and ethical in their business relationships. Mission Statement

6 ORGANS The Governing Body is the supreme executive agency of WASME. The affairs of WASME are managed, administered, directed and controlled by the Governing Body in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Society. It has the power to manage and superintend the affairs of WASME and acts in the name of WASME. It takes all appropriate decisions and actions for implementation of the policy decisions of the Council and exercises budgetary controls. While the maximum strength of the Governing Body is 42, the minimum strength is 14. The full Governing Body consists of the President, 10 Vice Presidents, the Secretary General and 30 members Governing BodyCouncil The affairs of the Society are carried on by the Bureau consisting of President, Vice Presidents, Secretary General and Treasurer. The Bureau exercise powers of the Governing Body in between its meetings. All decisions taken by the Bureau are reported at the meeting of the Governing Body. Bureau The Council is the apex policy making body of WASME and is presided over by the President and in his absence by one of the Vice Presidents. Council consists of all the members of the Society and meets at least once in two years. All General Members are eligible to vote in Council. The Council deliberates and decides on such matters as may be referred to it by the Governing Body of WASME. he Council may also periodically review the development of small and medium enterprises in different countries and suggest appropriate policy measures for strengthening the small and medium enterprise sector. 33 2 1

7 Work Culture We care for SMEs with: Devotion Dedication Determination

8 Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC) United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) United Nations Development Program (UNDP) United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) United Nations Commission on International Trade Laws (UNCITRAL) International Relations WASME is the only international non-governmental organization of SMEs, enjoying Consultative or Observer status with: 11 22 33 44 55 66 77

9 Tools & Initiatives On the other hand we regulary conduct and organize a lot of activities to impact the policy makers and also to promote and ensure the initiatives taken by SMEs throughout the Globe. The activities includes: A.Conferences B.Trainings C.Wokshops D.Research & Studies E.Awareness programs F.Content Dissemination G.Brain Storming Sessions H.Products & Services Initiatives tWe disseminate various information and covers different initiatives via a number of effective tools and media to strengthen the sustainable growth of SMEs which includes: A.Fortnightly e-bulletin B.Bi-Monthly News Letter C.A number of books on subject areas D.Web Portal E.Reports F.Papers G.Statements H.Declaration Information Dissemination 1 2 2

10 A Glimpse of Bi-Monthly Publication WASME Newsletter The Documentation & Publication Division of WASME continues to bring out the bi-monthly News Magazine - World SME News (known as the mouthpiece of SMEs) - a must read publication for Small & Medium Enterprises. It provides information on SME-related issues, UN agencies, upcoming events, new arrival of publications, reports, technical papers etc. It has a worldwide reach, and is highly acclaimed by its readers for its rich contents and useful information on SME community in more than 100 countries across the World.


12 SME e-Bulletin – a global update on SME news, events, policies & programmes, role and activities of SME support institutions worldwide – is a fortnightly e-mailer service. It incorporates SME-related news from different countries in the world, UN agencies and other international organisations etc. News, Views & Features A must read Bulletin Circulated Globally A Glimpse of Online Publication E-bulletin Newsletter

13 We organized a number of conferences with different stakeholders of SMEs throughout the Globe. Conferences We organized a number of seminars to make a positive impact on the SME world. Seminars 33 We organized a number of training & workshops to enhance the capabilities of SMEs Workshops & Trainings Activities International conferences, Seminars, Workshops & Trainings are one of the major activities and prestigious event of WASME which brings under one roof the policy makers, entrepreneurs, SME practitioners, academics, SME practitioners, industry associations, banks & financial institutions, representatives of chambers of commerce & industry and other stakeholders. This is an excellent platform for sharing expertise, experience and emerging best practices and provides ample opportunity in establishing new contacts and business linkages. 2 1

14 Benefits Interacting with top specialists and experts and learning from experiences and best practices adopted by institutions/agencies in other countries. Providing access to latest information on markets, trade opportunities, technologies, investment opportunities and documents, research papers and studies on SME development related issues from all parts of the world. Facilitating participation in specialized training courses and workshops to develop and upgrade skills. Facilitating study tours/exposure visits of SME promotional bodies. For example, a team from one organisation/institution deputed to other for studying their SME and other social programs. Becoming part of a truly global network of SMEs and their promotional institutions. Consultancy on their related issues. Accreditation to participate in expert group meetings organized by agencies like UNCTAD, UNIDO, WIPO, ITC and UN-ESCAP on different issues of relevance to them. Membership Benefits text Benefits Becoming part of WASME fraternity means enjoying its services and getting new opportunities for further development as a part of the growing international SME community. Specific benefits to members include: Helping in increasing market reach and publicizing experiences and services through WASMEs worldwide network, WASME Newsmagazine World SME News as well as WASME website Facilitating participation in meetings, workshops, conferences and symposia organized by various United Nations agencies as well as other international organizations, which provide an opportunity to express their views on issues of concern to SMEs. Encouraging enterprise-to-enterprise cooperation through identification of business opportunities and partners via WASMEs worldwide network and contacts.

15 Your own footerYour Logo Government Organisations, Small Business Authorities, Autonomous bodies, Financial Institutions, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, SME Associations, Training Institutes, Consultancy Organisations, Technology Providers and other such agencies which provide services to SMEs and promote their interests. General Members are eligible to vote on resolutions at WASMEs General Assembly (Council) and stand for a position in WASMEs International Governing Body which has a term of two years. Individuals/ Enterprises / Corporations / Stakeholders / Research Institutions / Large Enterprises, etc. which are engaged in SME business activities and academicians, researchers, consultants engaged in the service of SME sector. It means any General Member or Associate Member who contributes to the funds of the organization an amount of US $ 20,000. They will not be liable to pay annual membership fee after becoming Permanent Member of the organization. They are the ex-officio members of the Governing Body subject to a maximum of nine. Types of Membership Memberships General Parmanent Associate

16 To our members, some of them includes Thanks! Bank of Industry, Nigeria Jubilant Oil & Gas Pvt. Limited, India Coir Board, India Hamriyah Free Zone Authority, UAE Central Bank of Nigeria China International Cooperation Association of SMEs Israel Small and Medium Enterprise Authority, Israel 11 22 33 44 55 66 77

17 To our members, some of them includes Thanks! Ministry of Labour, Kenya The National Council of Small & Medium Private Enterprises in Romania (CNIPMMR), Romania Nigerian Agricultural Cooperative and Rural Development Bank Ltd, Nigeria Sabaragamuwa Development Bank, Sri Lanka Nepal Chamber of Commerce, Nepal Social Fund for Development, Egypt Swaziland Development Finance Corporation (FINCORP), Swaziland 11 22 33 44 55 66 77

18 merging as a powerful international NGO with representatives (Senior Advisors, Permanent Representatives, External Consultants and Bureau Officers) in different parts of the world. Enjoying consultative/ observer status with almost all concerned agencies in UN system. Accomplishing 17 international conferences on SMEs so far, besides regional conferences on rural industrialisation and related topics to bring to fore the concerns of SMEs. Organising jointly with specialised institutions, tailor-made training programmes to meet requirements of SMEs and SME promotional organisations as part of human resource development programme. Contributing actively to the deliberations at meetings of various UN agencies and international organisations. Facilitating technology transfer, establishment of joint ventures and marketing linkages amongst enterprises of industrialised, developing and the least developed countries to market economy. Facilitating members and associates to participate in various international and regional events which are of direct interest to them. Established an effective worldwide network. Established a Documentation and Publication Division to provide most current information on documents, journals, research papers, reports and studies on SMEs, besides international developments in the SME sector. Bringing out an international level comprehensive bi-monthly Newsletter, World SME News and fortnightly e- mailer SME e-Bulletin. Achievements WASME has been quite successful in advocating the concerns of SMEs at regional and international fora. Some of the major achievements are:

19 THANKS & REGARDS! WASME House Plot No. 4, Institutional Area, Sector – 16 A, Noida – 201301, Uttar Pradesh, India Tel: +91-120-2515241, 4216284, | Fax: +91-120- 2515243

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