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Chapter 6 Positive Messages

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1 Chapter 6 Positive Messages
Understanding the Power of Business Letters Letters are a primary channel of communication for delivering messages outside an organization. A letter still today remains one the most powerful and effective ways to get your message across. Business letters produce a permanent record and for many business transactions a permanent record is required. Business letters can be confidential. Today’s communicators know how dangerous it is to trust confidential and sensitive information to digital channels. Business letters convey formality and sensitivity. Business letters presented on company stationery carry a sense of formality and importance. Business letter Business letters deliver persuasive, well-considered messages. A business letter is more effective than other communication channels.

2 Direct Requests for Information or Action
Writing Plan for an Information or Action Request. Opening: Ask the most important question first or express a polite command. Readers tend to look at them first. The writer should capitalize on this tendency by putting the most significant statement first. Body: Explain the request logically and courteously. The body of a letter requests information should provide necessary details. The quality of the information obtained from a request letter depends on the clarity of the inquiry. Closing: Request a specific action with an end date, if appropriate, and show appreciation. Your appreciation will sound most sincere if you avoid mechanical, tried expressions.

3 Direct Claims Writing Plan for a Direct Claim
Opening: Describe clearly the desired action. If you have a legitimate claim, you can expect a positive response from a company. Smart businesses today want to hear from their customers. Body: Explain the nature of the claim, tell why the claim is justified, and provide details regarding the requested. When the remedy is obvious, state it immediately. Closing: End pleasantly with a goodwill statement and include an end date and action request, if appropriate. End a claim letter with a courteous statement that promotes goodwill and summarizes your action request.

4 Direct Replies Writing Plan for Direct Replies
Subject line: Identify previous correspondence or refer to the main idea. The subject line usually appears one blank line below the salutation. Opening: Deliver the most important information first. Deliver the information the reader wants. More forceful and more efficient is an opener that answers the inquiry. Body: Arrange information logically, explain and clarify it, provide additional information if appropriate, and build goodwill. Because a letter written on company stationary is considered a legally binding contract, be sure to check facts and figures carefully. Closing: End pleasantly. Tailor your remarks to fit this letter and this reader.

5 Adjustment Letters Writing Plan for Adjustment Letters
Subject line: (optional) Indentify the previous correspondence and refer to the main topic. Opening: Grant the request or announce the adjustment immediately. Instead of beginning with a review of what went wrong, present the good news immediately. Body: Provide details about how you are complying with the request. Try to regain the customer’s confidence. Most companies want to stand behind their products and services; the want to do what’s right. Closing: End positively with a forward-looking thought; express confidence in future business relationship. End positively by expressing confidence that the problem has been resolved and that continued business relations will result.

6 Goodwill Messages Messages that express thanks, recognition, and sympathy, should be written promptly. Finding the right words to express feelings is sometimes more difficult that writing ordinary business documents. Goodwill messages are most effective when they are selfless, specific, sincere, spontaneous, and short. Taking the time to write gives more importance to our well-wishing. Send letters of thanks to customers, hosts, and individuals who have performed kinds acts. Written notes that show appreciation and express thanks are significant to their receivers.

7 WorkZone Software May 25, 200x Ms. Breanna Lee, Manager
Ms. Breanna Lee, Manager White-Rather Enterprises 1349 Century Boulevard Wichita Falls, TX 76308 Dear Ms. Lee, Subject: Your May 20 Inquiry About WorkZone Software Yes, we do offer personal record-keeping software specially designed for small businesses like yours. Here are the answers to your three questions about this software: Our WorkZone software provides standard employee forms so you are always in compliance with current government regulations. You will receive an interviewer’s guide for structured employee interviews and you will also receive a scripted format for checking references by telephone. Yes, you can update your employees records easily without the need for additional software, hardware, or training. Our WorkZone software was specially designed to provide you with expert forms for interviewing, verifying references, recording attendance, evaluating performance, and tracking the status of your employees. We even provide you with step by step instructions, and suggested procedures. You can treat your employees as if you had a professional human resources specialist on your staff. On page 6 of the enclosed pamphlet you can read about our WorkZone software. To receive a preview copy, or to ask questions about its use, just call Our specialists are eager to help you week days from 8 am to 5 pm PST. For more information, or to place an order, visit our Web site at . Sincerely, Jacob Scott Senior Marketing Representative Enclosure:

8 Chapter 7 Negative Messages
In all businesses, things sometimes go wrong. The sting of bad news can be reduced by giving reasons and communicating sensitively.

9 Using the Indirect Pattern to Prepare the Reader
Whereas good news can be revealed quickly, bad news is generally easier to accept when broken gradually. The indirect strategy enables you to keep the read’s attention until you have been able to explain the reasons for the bad news. The indirect plan consists of four parts; Buffer, Reasons, Bad news, and Closing.

10 When to Use the Direct Pattern
The direct pattern, with the bad news first, may be more effective, though, in situations such as; the receiver may overlook the bad news, the organization suggests it, the receiver prefers directness, when firmness is necessary, and when the bad news is not damaging.

11 Buffering the Opening A buffer is a device to reduce shock or pain. The buffer should be relevant and concise and provide a natural transition to the explanation that follows. The individual situation will help determine what you should put in the buffer.

12 Presenting the Reasons
The most important part of a bad-news letter is the section that explains why a negative decision is necessary. Providing an explanation reduces feeling of ill will and improves the chances that readers will accept the bad news.

13 Delivering Bad News Within Organizations
Interpersonal bad news might involve telling the boss that something went wrong or confronting an employee about poor performance. Generally, bad news is better received when reasons are given first. Gather all the information, prepare, and rehearse.

14 GALAXY FITNESS October 29, 2010 Mr. John Brumfield
Mr. John Brumfield Human Resources Development Gulfport Energy Enterprises 1400 Longhorn Blvd. Houston, TX 76400 Dear Mr. Brumfield: Did you know about the direct link between the health of your employees’ and the health of your profits? Because we are in the midst of tough economic times, you are probably looking for benefits to offer your employees that will help both you and them. The benefits of healthier employees include lower health care costs, fewer medical claims, improved productivity, better morale and reduced absenteeism. Here is how you can help your employees to have sound bodies and also improve your company’s profits. Provide them with Galaxy Fitness health club discounts. Bring our aerobics, massage, weight loss and educational programs on-site. Have us manage your on-site fitness center. Business Fortune Magazine recently reported the following; “After a prevention and early intervention health program was implemented at L.L.Bean, loss claims dropped by approximately 40 percent.” Please call (713) and speak to Jan Novak, our corporate fitness expert, to learn how you can add to the health of your employees and also to your bottom line. Sincerely, GALAXY FITNESS Missy Mischke Senior Marketing Manager

15 Chapter 8 Persuasive Messages
For you to have success in life and in business will depend on how skilled you are at persuading people to believe , accept, and act on what you say. Persuasion is necessary when you anticipate resistance or when you must prepare before you can present your ideas effectively. In your daily life you have to persuade someone more times than you may think. Returning something to a store or having your fixed. Even trying to persuade a local officer not to give you a speeding ticket.

16 Writing Plan for a Persuasive Request
Capture the reader’s attention and interest . Have they been in the same position and may understand why you asking them to do? If they can relate to your situation ,they will be willing to listen you. Now that you have their attention, build on their interest. The more people become interested, the least resistance you will encounter. Ask for a particular action. As a former salesperson, if I didn’t ask for the sale, why was I in front of them. Always ask for the sale.

17 Using your Persuading Skills
Requesting Favors and Actions. Everyone has at one time needed to ask for a favor or help. It can be difficult because it benefits you and normally no one else. Persuading the Boss. This can be the most difficult of all positions. If change is in the way something is being done at work and you think that you have a better idea, remember to research you information. This is also true for trying to get your fellow workers to change. That may even more difficult then talking to the boss.

18 Writing Sales and Marketing Messages
Sales letters are generally part of a package that may contain a brochure, price list, illustrations, testimonials, and other persuasive appeals, and other persuasive appeals. You need to most concern with the sales letter: its strategy, organization, and evidence. These type of sales letters are usually written by a professional, make sure that the letter is saying what you want it to say. Remember , you want that letter to get someone’s attention and interest.

19 Selling by Send s only to those who have given you their permission. If you never want a sale from someone, send them an from someone they have never spoken to before you arrives in their computer. Use a catchy subject line, something will make them want to read more. Keep your message brief, and your conversation focused. Use plenty of your current customers own words as testimonials. If its good enough for them, may you should try it.

20 Department of Transportation
November 3, 2010 Mrs. E.R. Churchill 224 Oak Grove Avenue Chapel Hill, NC Dear Mrs. Churchill: We appreciate receiving your recent letter requesting that a curve in Highway 35 be rebuilt. The Department of Transportation shares your concern about the safety of the stretch between Mount Vernon and Pittsboro which is near your home. Highway 35, as you mention, has many hills, curves and blind spots. However its accident rate which is 4.05 per million vehicle miles is far the worst in the state. In fact, at least 49 other state highways have worse records. We have studies under way that will result in the relocation of sections of Highway 35 to terrain that will provide safer driving conditions. As you are aware such changes take time. We must coordinate our plans with town, county, state and federal authorities. Money is assigned to these projects by priority; Highway 35 does not have a top priority. In addition accidents along highway 35 are not concentrated at any one curve. They are spread out over the entire highway. For all of the above reasons we do not anticipate immediate rebuilding any curves on Highway 35. In the near future we plan to install guardrails, and we will be certain to place a guardrail at the curve that concerns you. We appreciate your concern for safety, Mrs. Churchill. Please write to us again if you have other ideas for reducing accidents. Sincerely, Mitchell M. Overton Office of Safety and Speed Management

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