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Chaudfontaine Newsletter Newsletter 12 – July 2013.

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1 Chaudfontaine Newsletter Newsletter 12 – July 2013

2 Legal developments: European Union EU General Export Authorisations (EU002 to EU006) Conditions of use The European Commission has published the conditions and requirements regarding the notification mechanism for the first use of EU General Export Authorisations (EU002 to EU006) requested by Member States (Official Journal of the EU of May 30 (C151)) Available: 2

3 France A new Guide on the export of dual-use goods and technology The French dual-use goods Service (SBDU) updated its guide for the exporters of dual-use goods and technology as to include the latest developments of the European legislation. It also published a new and separate application form for the European Union general export authorisation (EUGEA). Available: ; 3

4 Netherlands Export and brokering transactions to Syria On March 28, the Netherland has adopted an Order (MinBuza – 2013 124074) imposing a licensing requirement to Syria on the export of and the provision of brokering services for dual use items not listed in Annex I of Regulation 428/2009. Items listed concern substances that may be used for producing chemical weapons. Available: 4

5 Legal developments: International Chemical Weapons Convention The Third Review Conference of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) was held from 8 to 19 April 2013 in The Hague (Netherlands). On behalf of the EU, Ambassador Bylica reminded concerns over the situation in Syria and that only half of the States parties to the Convention have comprehensive implementing legislation in place. Available: 5

6 Nuclear Suppliers Group 13 - 14 June 2013, Plenary meeting, Prague The NSG, now including Serbia and Mexico, notably amended both Trigger and dual-use items lists (to be published), discussed its involvement in outreach activities and discussed a framework for industry engagement (to be published). Available: 20final.pdf 20final.pdf. 6

7 Australia Group 7 June 2013, Plenary meeting, Paris The Australia Group, concerned by the current situation in Syria, updated its lists of chemical and biological items. It also considered the application of new candidates for membership and discussed its involvement in outreach activities. Available: ; Japan On 5 April 2013, Japan updated its Foreign End-User List. Available : 7

8 Proliferation Security Initiative On 28 May, representatives of 72 states and 3 international organisations: the European Union, the North Atlantic Alliance and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe met in Warsaw to discuss the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). The occasion for a discussion during the High Level Political Meeting of the Cracow Initiative – Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI) - was the tenth anniversary of the adoption of the PSI. Source: 8

9 Non-Proliferation Treaty From 22 April to 3 May 2013, the second PrepCom for the 2015 NPT Review Conference was held in Geneva. Ambassador Bylica, European Union Special Envoy for Non- Proliferation and Disarmament (European External Action Service) presented the views of the European Union. Available : fora/npt/prepcom13/statements/22April_EU.pdf. fora/npt/prepcom13/statements/22April_EU.pdf United-States The Bureau of Industry and Security publishes rules that implement international commitments. Available: 9

10 Studies and More: Articles, Reports, Links EU Outreach : Monthly Newsletter of the project Cooperation in export control of dual-use goods, by the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA, Germany), Available: Mohamed Daoudi, John Hart, Ajey Lele and Ralf Trapp,The Future of the Chemical Weapons Convention: Policy and Planning Aspects, SIPRI Policy Paper no. 35. Source: Jordanie: vers la construction de deux réacteurs de puissance?, Observatoire de la non-prolifération, No. 79, April 2013. Available: 10

11 10è anniversaire de la Stratégie européenne de lutte contre la prolifération: le cas de la Résolution 1540, Observatoire de la non- prolifération, No. 81, June 2013. Available: Aaron Dunne, The Proliferation Security Initiative, SIPRI Policy Paper, No. 36, May 2013, 64p. Available: Numéro spécial 3è Conférence dexamen de la CIAC, Observatoire de la non-prolifération, No. 78, Hors série 2013/11. Available: Greater controls on surveillance exports needed, says Council of Europe. News, opinions and many more information in the WorldECR journal and website (pay subscription). Link: 11

12 Members works: Quentin Michel, The European Union Dual-Use Items Control Regime: Comment of the Legislation: article-by-article, July 2013, 173p. An update of the Vademecum dedicated to the European Union Dual- Use Items Export Control Regime "Comment of the Legislation" has been issued. It includes data on Croatia, the 28th Member State of the Union as of 1st July 2013 Available: Quentin Michel, Technical Note on: The EU trade control of dual use items and adoption of restrictive measures again st Syria, Iran and North Korea, June 2013, 6p. the note has been updated to include the renew of transfers prohibition to Syria. Available: 12

13 Quentin Michel,The European Union Trade Control Regime of items which could be used for capital punishment, torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment: Comment of the Legislation: article-by-article, June 2013, 39p. The vademecum has been amended. Available: Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, SIPRI Yearbook 2013 Armaments, Disarmaments and International Security, Oxford University Press, 2013. Chapter 10: Dual-use and arms trade controls. Source: 13

14 News: U.S.-India Nuclear Deal Still Far Off The Wall Street Journal, 26 June 2013. Available: India assures U.S. a share of nuclear pie The Hindu, 24 June 2013. Available: pie/article4846708.ece?%20homepage=true&utm_source=NSSPI+News+Digest&utm_campaign=43a5b2129f- %20RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_d96553fdd0-43a5b2129f-51249665 pie/article4846708.ece?%20homepage=true&utm_source=NSSPI+News+Digest&utm_campaign=43a5b2129f- %20RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_d96553fdd0-43a5b2129f-51249665 New Delhi Gets British Help to Enter Nuclear Trade Body NTI Global Security Newswire, 17 June 2013, Available: 14

15 UK lobbies for N-export group to admit India Khaleej Times, 16 June 2013. Available: 493.xml§ion=international&col=. 493.xml§ion=international&col Statement on President Obama's June 19 Address in Berlin on Eliminating Nuclear Weapons Threats Arms Control Association, 19 June 2013. Available: Eliminating-Nuclear-Weapons-Threats Eliminating-Nuclear-Weapons-Threats Cyber-sting nets chinese national in attempt to export sensitive defense technology US Department of Justice, 30 May 2013. Available: 15

16 Japan, Brazil to Restart Talks on Nuclear Deal Stalled Since Fukushima Crisis The Japan Times, 20 June 2013. Available: deal-stalled-since-fukushima-crisis/#.UdPzeuvoWoE deal-stalled-since-fukushima-crisis/#.UdPzeuvoWoE David OByrne, Turkey-Japan Nuclear Deal Leaves Many Questions Unanswered Business News Europe, 12 May 2013. Available: Awad Mustafa, Japanese Prime Minister Signs Nuclear Agreement with the UAE The National, 2 May 2013. Available: with-the-uae with-the-uae 16

17 Japan and India Reaffirm Importance of Civil Nuclear Cooperation Government of India, Ministry of External Affairs, 29 May 2013. Available: article.htm?21755/Joint+Statement+on+Prime+Ministers+visit+to+Japan+Strengthening+the+Strategic+and+Glo bal+Partnership+between+India+and+Japan+beyond+the+60th+Anniversary+of+Diplomatic+Relations article.htm?21755/Joint+Statement+on+Prime+Ministers+visit+to+Japan+Strengthening+the+Strategic+and+Glo bal+Partnership+between+India+and+Japan+beyond+the+60th+Anniversary+of+Diplomatic+Relations Williams Mullen, Thomas B. McVey and Jahna M. Hartwig, University Charged with Export Violations Lexology, 3 May 2013. Available: Eliot Marshal, Scientific Journals Adapt to New US. Trade Sanctions on Iran Science, 3 May 2013. Available: 17

18 Daniel Painter, The Nuclear Suppliers Group at the Crossroads The Diplomat, 10 June 2013. Available: Egypt and South Korea Sign Agreement on Nuclear Power Programme Daily News, 10 May 2013. Available: nuclear-power-programme/ nuclear-power-programme/ Hsien Tai Tsai and Yueh-Hsun Tsai Accused of Exporting Weapons Machinery to North Korea Associated Press, 6 May 2013. Available: 18

19 China to Sell Its First Indigenously Developed 1000 MW Nuclear Reactor to Pakistan Pakistan Kakhudahafiz, 23 April 2013. Available: 1000-mw-nuclear-reactor-to-pakistan/#.UXYez4Kzsg8 1000-mw-nuclear-reactor-to-pakistan/#.UXYez4Kzsg8 Egypt Says Russia to Help Revive Nuclear Program Reuters, 22 April 2013. Available: 19

20 20 « Of interest »: Dual-use case studies in biological research: From the Federation of American Scientists. Link: 2013 Esarda Symposium proceedings : Made available to registered users. Link: proceedings&catid=23:news&Itemid=192 proceedings&catid=23:news&Itemid=192


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