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Sector-focused news, data and essential business intelligence.

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1 Sector-focused news, data and essential business intelligence.

2 2 SNL: the single best source for financial information worldwide. Foremost authority in the critical business sectors we cover Data, news, analytics Relied upon by leading investors and corporate decision makers for: – Selecting stocks – Planning mergers – Mapping competitive strategies

3 3 Our difference: Depth & breadth of coverage in each sector. Real Estate Energy Media & Communications Financial Services Insurance Banks & Thrifts Coverage includes 40% of the U.S. market with a growing international focus

4 4 One template doesnt fit all. Only SNL standardizes data in each industrys own terms. Real Estate Energy Media & Communications Financial Services Insurance Banks & Thrifts SNLs standardized templates use each industrys fields and performance metrics Balance sheet and income statement ratios are recalculated accordingly Result: Relevant comparisons made easy

5 5 A single source for more comprehensive data than available from generalist providers. A single platform eliminates tedious task of extracting data from multiple sources Advanced analytical tools help you make better decisions

6 6 Broad coverage and an extensive client base. 3,300+ public companies covered 50,000+ private companies covered 4,000+ client companies 20,000+ active users 75% of the top 100 investors in each covered sector are SNL clients SNL is addictive: The average client accesses SNL over 600 times each month 93% subscription renewal rate reflects client satisfaction

7 7 The four core tenets of SNL. 1 Accuracy 2 Relevance 3 Completeness 4 Timeliness

8 8 Accuracy 1 Our clients place tremendous trust in our data. Our QC systems ensure that we earn this trust. Compiled by sector experts, carefully scrubbed Rigorous quality control and fast turnaround The SNL Information Guarantee: Find an error, receive a reward!

9 9 Accuracy 1 Walking our talk: Data Challenge program offers subscribers $50 reward for finding an error Obsession with data quality and accuracy is part of the SNL culture.

10 10 Accuracy 1 Accuracy means you can trust SNL data for critical decisions. Evaluate M&A transactions the smart way. Drag and drop to create deals. Buyer + target = deal. SNL Merger Model When inaccuracy is not an option: client recommendations, modifying portfolios, running your business, structuring mergers. Mission-Critical Data Example: Energy load forecasts

11 11 Accuracy 1 Accurate SNLxl updates: refresh your models instantly from our database.You can be sure theyre correct. Accuracy is guaranteed. Example: REIT portfolio values and exposure based on $ values of individual holdings

12 12 Relevance 2 The granularity you require for meaningful analysis in specific sectors or sub-sectors.

13 13 SNL Mapping: Easily convert data into sector-specific geographical overviews for planning and presentation. Map against competitors and demographics Banking: Map competitive branch locations to guide M&A Real estate: Map properties Energy: Map plant locations Relevance 2

14 14 SNL standardizes and analyzes data in an industry's own language, format and fields. Relevance 2 Industry-specific exposure reports based on positions held or industry risk criteria. Peer comparison made simple. Refresh your reports on command, with new data in real-time. SNLxl: Peer Evaluation SNL Analytics: Exposure Example: Real EstateExample: Banking

15 15 The broadest possible spectrum of information, easily molded to your objectives. Completeness 3

16 16 Completeness 3 We have information others dont, updated 24/7.

17 17 Point-and-click menus build corporate summaries of investment banker quality In 2 minutes: Presentation-ready pitch book with in-depth data For M&A profiles: Choose reports on deal pricing, financials, related news Completeness 3 Briefing Books

18 18 Completeness 3 Create multi-page profiles of M&A transactions. Ownership: Peer comparisonM&A Briefing Book Compare the ownership profile of a company against its peers. Example: Real Estate Example: Banking

19 19 Timeliness 4 The latest news and the most current data. Link your proprietary models for automatic updates.

20 20 Data is scrubbed, approved and published in the industry's fastest cycle time 30,000 securities filings processed quarterly in under 8 hours Extensive range of daily, weekly and monthly newsletters with proprietary content News is linked to SNLs vast databases Timeliness 4

21 21 SNL integrates news, data and analytics in real time. Timeliness 4 Fast and easy access to complete news coverage form more than 50 reporters and editors. Click and refresh your models in seconds. You have 24/7 online access to all SNL data. SNLxl: Real-Time Updates SNL News: My Home

22 22 Content upgrades, coverage of new sectors, and global expansion keep SNL at the forefront New products and upgrades. Statutory Insurance Data New sectors: Media & Communications (SNL Kagan) Global expansion: Europe/Asia-Pacific Real Estate SNL Continuously adding value

23 23 Statutory Insurance Data: immense, overwhelming dataset made simple the SNL way. Landmark agreement with National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) to publish stat data in improved form Instant access to key ratios, group & ratings data, Schedule P analysis, reinsurance relationships, loss triangles, investment portfolio analysis, market share and more The missing link for analyzing nationwide insurance companies from top to bottom All included in SNL subscription at no extra charge

24 24 SNL Kagan: First single source for in-depth analysis and quantitative data on Media & Communications. Cable TV Networks Broadcast Wireless Filmed Entertainment International Multichannel

25 25 SNL Kagan : Exclusive data not available anywhere else. Easy to access, online. Proprietary data, forecasts and studies provide the recognized benchmarks by which investors measure the performance and value of media companies Operational and financial data on private companies (such as cable MSOs) compiled by industry experts who also do valuations and M&A deal appraisals News, data and analysis available online, linked and updated 24/7

26 26 SNL global real estate: bridging currency, cultural, and regulatory reporting differences The first central online database for global real estate data Standardized templates broad enough to encompass all the differences while allowing apples- to-apples comparisons Instantly convert any screen or report into the currency of your choice News and analysis

27 27 SNL Real Estate - Europe /Asia-Pacific: Drive Your real estate investment strategy across the board Coverage of over 200 companies in more than 20 countries across Europe and the Asia-Pacific region Run performance comparisons for multiple companies in multiple countries, from Osaka to Oslo Peer-to-peer data is truly comparable Customize your models with SNLxl and update them automatically Data you can trust: SNLs hallmark accuracy, relevance and timeliness

28 28 IR Solutions If you are an SNL-covered company, our online IR solution gives you a unique perspective. An investor relations Web site enriched with sector-specific data, documents and other SNL exclusives for one flat fee. SNL

29 29 SmartIR provides public companies with everything they need to manage investor relations from one source. SNL builds & manages your IR Web site, automatically posting key updates, sector- specific data and other exclusives. IR Web Site Management IR Solutions SNL Use SNL's best-in-class technology for all your investor communications, low cost guaranteed. Conference Calls & Webcasting Simultaneous disclosure to media, investors, analysts and regulatory authorities right from your IR Console. Press Releases via BusinessWire

30 30 Other products and services: Reference books, custom research, training. Data publications: Authoritative desk references per sector Specialized reports and performance graphs SNL

31 31 SNL customer support advisers: experts in finance, your sector, and the SNL system. Show you how to build pitch books, customize SNLxl templates, make SNL work for you Help you use SNL to gain a competitive edge 888.275.2822; Support SNL experts help you harness the power of SNL, maximize the ROI on your SNL subscription. SNL Talk to an expert

32 866.296.3743 | | Sign up to transform data into essential business intelligence.

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