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U.N. Roles on Public Health By Anne Whitsel and Brooke Bauman Presenting...

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1 U.N. Roles on Public Health By Anne Whitsel and Brooke Bauman Presenting...

2 Contents Current Public Health System Under U.N. Management Issues with Public Health System Solutions 1. 2. 3.

3 Current Public Health System Under U.N. Management

4 World Health Organization Research and Policies Directing and Coordinating Authority Focus on Improving World Wide Health -ex: 6 point plan

5 Joint Programs & Organizations United Nations Childrens Fund (UNICEF) The Joint United Nations Program on HIV & AIDS (UNAIDS) United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

6 Formation of Policies & Initiatives General Assembly Economic & Social Council (UNECOSOC)

7 Public Health Policies 2013 to present UNICEF and WHO: Anti- polio Campaign in Syria 1952 to 1964 WHO: inspected 300 million for yaws, cared for affected 50 million

8 World Health Goals Alma Ata Declaration of 1978 Universal Commitment Financial Risk Protection -"Everyone should have access to the health services they need without risk of financial ruin or impoverishment" Treatment for HIV/AIDS & TB

9 U.N. Health Budget $5.53 billion budget adopted 20 million: childrens health 13 billion required: health and treatment

10 Issues With Public Health System

11 Health Coverage Factors That Determine Health Coverage: Population Percentage Affected By Disease Number of Health Workers Wealth Large gap between present health coverage and Universal Health Coverage (UHC)

12 World Health Report: 2006 The Americas Sub-Saharan Africa 14 % of the worlds population 11% of the worlds population 10% of the global burden of disease 25% of the global burden of disease 42% of the worlds health workers 3% of the worlds health workers >50% of global health expenditure < 1% of global health expenditure Source: 2006 World Health Report, World Health Organization.

13 2013 World Health Report

14 2013 WHR (Continued) of people given antiretroviral treatment (ART) 5 million still in need of treatment

15 Funding For Appeals Flash and Consolidated Appeals - Natural Disasters and War Zones At 60% of total required funding needed

16 Research Coordination & Communication Relationship between researchers/ health workers and policy makers - Top Down v.s. Bottom Up Approach Research conducted far away from where it will be applied

17 Solutions

18 System Management Fair Number of Health Workers Provide Healthcare to the Financially Unstable -ex: Cash payments Focus on the Role of the United Nations (UHC)

19 Education on Disease Prevention In order to prevent diseases before they occur… More educational programs ex: Department of Defense HIV/AIDS Prevention Program (DHAPP) ex: United States of America International Development (USAID)s International Mother and Child HIV Prevention Initiative What You Need to Know on HIV & AIDS… 1. Prevention is more effective than Treatment!

20 Analyzing Funding For Appeals Difficult to raise money for an issue that hasnt occurred (Flash Appeal) Generosity of donors/ Financial Status Large budget Sending Donors (not including relief groups) to areas they will be funding ???

21 Studies conducted closer to affected area Bottom Up Approach Research Coordination & Communication

22 Conclusion Main Problems 1) Lack of Healthcare in poor countries 2) More Focus on Prevention v.s. Treatment 3) Lack of Funding 4)Currently a Top Down Approach Solutions 1)System Management 2) Education 3) Presenting Problems to Donors 4) Bottom Up Approach

23 The U.N. Can Change!

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28 Thank You

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