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Exploring the news | Always multi- source, multimodal and personalized.

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1 Exploring the news | Always multi- source, multimodal and personalized

2 The News Today






8 Trends and Statistics News consumption is moving online Advantages: Access on any device Available any time, any place Find related content Where did you get your news yesterday? Source: PEW RESEARCH CENTER 2012 News Consumption Survey

9 sportspoliticstech sports economics politics Heterogeneous Large-scale Often Isolated

10 NewsRover Live Recording System 100 TV channels recorded continuously Linked to Online News and Twitter topics Per day: 110 hours video recorded 1,380 video stories indexed 460 Google News topics crawled 550 Twitter topics crawled Total size: – 28,000 hours video recorded – 464,000 video stories – 24,500 News topics – 80,000 Twitter topics

11 Navigating the News with Structure When? Who? What? Where? Same-sex Marriage France/Mali conflict Debt Limit Topical Organization Cong. Budget OfficeConsumer Debt Coverage Trendline Event Geo- visualization Name Extraction & Normalization

12 Multimodal Topic Extraction & Linking

13 Who Said What? in Video Feature Modes Audiotrac k: Segmentati on: Speech Segmentation Visual Speaker Detection Speaker Gender Classification Face Tracking & Clustering Segmented Audiotrack: Text Visual Audi o Anchor Detection Name Extraction from Aligned CC-ASR Name Extraction from OCR Name Gender Classification Speaker Diarization Edit Distance Alignment Male GMM Female GMM MFCC Classifier Gender

14 New york times -> search Shih-Fu Chang, 11/2011 Read, Tag and Search

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