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Publishing International News, Analysis and Forecasting.

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1 Publishing International News, Analysis and Forecasting

2 Conventional analysis suffers from a profound failure of imagination. It imagines passing clouds to be permanent and is blind to powerful, long- term shifts taking place in full view of the world. Dr. George Friedman, Founder and Chief Executive, STRATFOR The Next 100 Years: A Forecast for the 21st Century

3 Privately-owned, international news and geopolitical intelligence organization STRATFOR was founded in 1996 by Dr. George Friedman –Author of the New York Times best-seller The Next 100 Years –The Next 100 Years was translated into 20 languages including Polish, Russian, Slovakian, German, Dutch, Turkish, Spanish and many others. Highly-respected and quoted/featured across national U.S. media organizations –NY Times –The Economist –Barrons –Time –Fortune –The Huffington Post – –The Wall Street Journal –American Free Press –Los Angeles Times WHO WE ARE

4 WHAT WE DO Specialize in unbiased global monitoring, insight and analysis Provide highly accurate forecasting using proven geopolitical methodology Provide in-depth reporting in targeted regional and topical market segments (security, terrorism, energy, politics, oil, financial, labor, natural disasters, etc.) Maintain highly trained analysts who assess and filter global intelligence in real-time Inform readers, government and military agencies, multinational organizations and businesses, and higher education institutions how to reduce risk, maximize opportunities and identify international hotspots, crises and geopolitically significant events

5 WHO READS STRATFOR? Individuals who want to better understand world events. Public Sector --U.S. Federal (Civilian and DOD) –State/local government –Foreign governments –Embassies –First responders –Universities –Libraries Multinational organizations --NGOs –International regulatory agencies –Professional/trade associations –Think tanks/research groups Multinational corporations across multiple market sectors: –Manufacturing –Technology –Telecommunications –Transportation –Defense contractors Media (domestic and international organizations) –Wire services –Periodicals –Radio/television –Online –Freelance journalists –Finance –Insurance –Infrastructure –Energy

6 PRODUCTS/SERVICES An in-depth portfolio of products and resources to meet your personal or business information needs Video E-mail alerts Updates and newsletters Speaking engagements Special topics reports Strategic monitoring Intelligence guides

7 CONTENT A distinct approach to global intelligence and content delivery Assesses and filters open source and proprietary intelligence from around the world o Print/online media o Television o Radio o STRATFOR intelligence networks Applies geopolitical methodology to isolate the most critical updates/events for subscribers Allows subscribers to customize the frequency of alerts based on urgency and geographic/topic interest

8 CONTENT DELIVERY SITUATION REPORTS (SITREPS) Short, concise updates on the latest/breaking news (produce 50-90 per day) BRIEFS Short, rapid analysis of developing events (produce 3-10 per day) ANALYSIS Longer, in-depth articles on key geopolitical or security issues (produce 3-9 per day) SPECIAL REPORTS Data/insight-driven white papers that analyze and spotlight keys issues and events shaping critical security and geopolitical trends SPECIAL SERIES Multiple, interconnected reports that highlight a particular topic of interest within the security and/or geopolitical spheres FORECASTS High-level look at significant geopolitical trends/drivers and how they might impact decision-makers and nation states –Decade Forecast (every five years) –Annual Forecast (January) –Quarterly Forecast (April, July, October)

9 E-MAIL ALERTS AND NEWSLETTERS HIGH-LEVEL ANALYSIS Intelligence Guidance (Mondays) Key questions and priorities on the top geopolitical issues/events for the coming week (produced for STRATFOR Internal use and shared with subscribers) Geopolitical Diary (Tuesday - Friday) Reflections on the most important geopolitical event(s) of the day Geopolitical Weekly (Tuesdays) In-depth analysis of the most important geopolitical issue of the week from Founder and Chief Executive Dr. George Friedman Security Weekly (Thursdays) In-depth analysis of the most important security issue of the week from Vice President of Tactical Intelligence Scott Stewart

10 E-MAIL ALERTS AND NEWSLETTERS (contd) GLOBAL DIGESTS/UPDATES World Snapshot (daily) At-a-glance summaries and links to the most recent updates/developments from Weekly Wrap-up (Fridays) A round-up of the weeks top stories/developments across key geographical areas and market segments Africa Americas Asia Pacific Economics/Finance Energy Europe Former Soviet Union Middle East Military Politics South Asia Terrorism/Security

11 E-MAIL ALERTS AND NEWSLETTERS (contd) SECURITY/MILITARY COVERAGE Mexico Security Memo (Mondays) Tactical analysis, incident reports and graphic representations of security challenges related to Mexicos war on drug trafficking and cartel violence A Week in the War: Afghanistan (Tuesdays) An overview of STRATFORs on-going coverage of the war in Afghanistan U.S. Naval Update Map (Wednesdays) Weekly documentation/tracking of U.S. naval assets around the globe China Security Memo (Thursdays) Tactical analysis, incident reports and graphic representations of security challenges related to the Chinese investment climate

12 E-MAIL ALERTS AND NEWSLETTERS (contd) VIDEOS Dispatch (daily) Commentary and perspectives from STRATFOR executives and analysts on key issues and hot topics Above the Tearline (Tuesdays) Vice President of Intelligence Fred Burton breaks down relevant tactical security concepts Agenda: With George Friedman (Fridays) Perspectives and insights on current geopolitical trends from STRATFORs Founder and Chief Executive

13 SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS Engage STRATFOR to inform, educate and train your teams/event attendees From hands-on training with focused workgroups to sought-after forecasting in front of thousands, STRATFOR will keep your audiences captivated with actionable intelligence STRATFORs team of geopolitical experts are available to share global insights and perspectives that help you meet your missions and strategic objectives Conference/Event Keynotes Analyst Briefings Teleconferences Training

14 STRATFOR is your premier global news partner. Let us work with you to provide essential, Web-based information and analyses delivered daily to your desktop that support your news gathering efforts. A partnership with STRATFOR can provide more in-depth information for your readers and give you access to our global experts.

15 For more information, please contact: Meredith Friedman VP Communications (512) 744 4301

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