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Social Media Response Training Malissa Fritz, Weber Shandwick.

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1 Social Media Response Training Malissa Fritz, Weber Shandwick


3 Example of social media getting away from organization EHV in 2011 Normal month: 11,000 During EHV: 37,000

4 Example of social media getting away from organization EHV in 2011 2000 horses at risk in 19 states 243 exposed horse premises 90 laboratory confirmed cases

5 Example of social media getting away from organization EHV in 2011 400 cancelled horse events Only part of the economic impact

6 Minnesota Association of Equine Practitioners University of Minnesota Equine Center Large equine vet clinics EHV in 2014


8 Organizations used Twitter to spread the news The public used the platform to ask questions EHV in 2014

9 FACT: Social media has revolutionized the way organizations must approach media relations, stakeholder relations and reputation management.

10 Online Takes the Lead Half of Americans get their news online, with nearly 20% getting it on social media Source: The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, Sept. 2012

11 Every second… 2,200 tweets are posted 580 FB status updates 24 minutes of video posted to YouTube The New Speed of News

12 How do we get out in front of it?

13 It Starts with You Industry Organizations Government Horse Owners Media Equine Veterinarians Third Party Experts

14 What Social Media Tool Do You Use Most Often?

15 Most Used Social Media Platforms Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube

16 Get engaged. Dont wait. Learn the platforms. Practice. Be ready.

17 Rule 1: Be social

18 Be Present. Be Active. Be Timely.


20 Rule 2: Share Your Story

21 Crafting Responses Identify your role and how you can help in crisis Dont overreact or lose your temper Use personality when possible, but be careful and sensitive Let people know feedback is important to you Avoid stock responses

22 Repetition = Robot = Bad

23 Empathy is critical Apologize when its your fault, but beware of legal implications Post public, personalized holding statement, if necessary Crafting Responses

24 Dont Delay Your Initial Response Of consumers expect a response within 30 minutes Of consumers expect a response within one hour 32%42%

25 Rule 3: Work Together as an Industry

26 Develop a Winning Plan Build a following Develop responses Monitor conversations Coordinate with stakeholders Create an emergency contact list

27 Legal or moral restrictions Promotion or solicitation Profanity or disrespectful posts Criminal activity Inappropriate content Staff rules, confidentiality Response times Building EDCC Community Rules

28 EDCC EDCC EDCC EDCC EDCC Our Goal… All roads lead to the EDCC

29 Alert Select listening tool Select person to monitor The crisis…

30 EHV Suspected Horse Showing Symptoms at Local Horse Track What we know… Horse showing EHV-like symptoms Test results not back yet Horse quarantined to stall, barn not under quarantine Races have begun

31 EHV Suspected Horse Showing Symptoms at Local Horse Track What are your first steps… State or federal government Private practice veterinarian General ag or horse association Animal health company Academia or third party expert EDCC

32 32 STEP 1: Monitor Review social media channels regularly Watch for trends or conversations that are picking up steam Regularly review social media activity

33 Tools for All Budgets ENTRY LEVELINTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Reading through posts on social media sites and setting up Google alerts Using free or low-cost tools to auto-identify specific organization mentions Investing in professional tools to auto-identify and track mentions GOODBETTERBEST

34 No incident Ignore Delete Acknowledge Resolve directly Escalation Required Emergency STEP 2: Analyze Complete a Situation Analysis

35 35 STEP 3: Prepare If warranted, escalate the issue internally within the organization Its time to develop a response Informational Resolution Empathetic Cant respond at this time Watch out for pitfalls and activists Beware of legal or regulatory requirements or restrictions Develop appropriate response

36 36 STEP 4: Act Take a deep breath and count to ten Could response be misinterpreted or make a situation worse? Ask for a second opinion Post public follow-up Continue to monitor Log everything and keep everyone updated Final review and posting of the response

37 Whats happening on social media?

38 EHV Confirmed, News Release Distributed

39 Be transparent Be relevant Be timely and accurate in responses Continuously monitor Correct misinformation Practice Remember…

40 Call Center Receives Report of EHV-suspect case Details collected… Horse owner believes her horse is showing EHV-like symptoms based on signs she found online Not connected to race track cases No tests and no veterinarian contacted

41 Relax… The Crisis is Over

42 Thank you!

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