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Briefly, explain the work that you do and why doing HIV and media work is important to you.

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1 Briefly, explain the work that you do and why doing HIV and media work is important to you.

2 Despite HIV/AIDS having been around for 30 years, why is now a more important time than ever, especially for people living with HIV, to expand its reach to the media and create their own media?

3 How do we as people living with HIV and allies integrate our personal stories into the bigger issues and bigger picture? How do we intentionally move beyond personal stories as a part of that, what are the major issues and underreported messages that need to be better articulated in the media?

4 What are some case studies of speaking out or advocacy campaigns with a media component that you can share that has serious impact in your community?

5 Background: The battle for access to affordable ARVs in Asia


7 AIDS treatment: Patents granted



10 Thai groups and the EU delegation in Thailand






16 Brief History of Community Mobilization against India-EU FTA

17 EU-India FTA Negotiations started in 2007 Complete secrecy EU not known to be as aggressive on IP as US However DNP+ and other Indian groups start asking questions Growing concern and vague responses from EU and Indian government officials Start following dates of negotiations and hold protests outside EC office in Delhi and the Commerce Ministry

18 17 March 2009 Protest in front of EC office in Delhi Coalition of groups working on health, agriculture, environment, trade unions Police detention Action results in meeting with Indian government negotiators

19 Strategy Direct actions: protests Letters to government + analysis of TRIPS-plus measures sent to government Responses to EC statements Media actions Working with broader coalition – Forum Against FTAs that looks at issues of health, farmers, trade unions, etc.

20 Police Arrest during protest May- 2010

21 Arrests Over AIDS Drugs in India Oct 2010 Comment posted "I have never seen so many police people with batons and guns. http://

22 Activists donate 5 ml blood to get FTA message to Carla Bruni Global Fund ambassador visits India How to get our concerns on FTAs to her?

23 EU-India FTA protests spread AS other groups start realising the negative impacts of EU-India FTA, Asia Pacific Network also takes up the issue in a big way Protests start across South and South East Asia

24 Protest in Indonesia

25 Protest in Malaysia

26 Protest in Korea

27 Meeting on Next Steps/Moves We need to mobilize 5000 people to ensure that none of our members undergo the police atrocities during the protest…. the unanimous voice.

28 PLHIV Travel from all parts of Asia




32 Post WAR Session

33 Global Media Coverage Al-Jazeera CNN IBN Agence France Presse (AFP) HIV protesters tell India to defy EU drug demands uFawjhZV0ycHVnelQ?docId=CNG.72baebb483973586ff9863836d430cfa.631 EuropaPress Thousands of people with HIV protest in India on generic medicines genericos-20110303091944.html EU Observer Thousands march in India against EU trade deal

34 Radio France International HIV patients demand India rejects EU trade demands The Pharma Letter AIDS activists continue campaign to stop EU-India FTA The Telegraph (Calcutta, India) Patients rally against trade pact with EU The National (UAE) EU-India deal to ban generic drugs angers the HIV-positive

35 EU­India FTA Dispute Continues Continues/ArticleStandard/Article/detail/709944?contextCategoryId=35097 Doctissimo (Swiss, French, translated) The India / Europe Free Trade Agreement: a danger for thousands of patients? Associated Press (reproduced in The Independent, Los Angeles Times, CNBC, Arab News, The Canadian Press, Washington Examiner, Forbes, Buffalo News, USA Today, Connecticut Post and others) Thousands of people with HIV protest India-EU trade deal restricting access to cheap drugs,0,6773632.story The Hindu HIV patients say 'no' to IP provision on generic drugs

36 Public Announcement India will not provide data exclusivity: Anand Sharma Business Standard Reporter / New Delhi March 30, 2011, 0:10 IST The government on Tuesday took a firm stand on protection of intellectual property rights (IPR) and the aspect of data exclusivity for drug manufacturers saying that the country would not extend data exclusivity that would hamper the domestic pharma industry. This was asserted during a meeting of consultative committee of the Parliament on challenges in Intellectual Property Rights-international and domestic, which was chaired by minister of commerce and industry Anand Sharma. "India does not provide data exclusivity for pharmaceuticals and agro-chemicals which is in the paramount interest of our generic pharmaceutical industry as grant of data exclusivity would have considerable impact in delaying the entry into the market of cheaper generic drugs," Sharma said in the meeting. Data exclusivity provides protection to the technical data generated by innovator companies to prove the merit of usefulness of their products. In the case of pharmaceuticals, it means the data generated by drug companies through expensive global clinical trials to prove the efficacy.

37 and safety of their new medicine. By gaining exclusive rights over this data, innovator companies can prevent their competitors from obtaining marketing licence for low-cost versions during the tenure of the exclusivity. Indian drug firms that make generic versions of innovator medicines get their approvals after proving that their product is bio-equivalent to the original drug. In other words, they do not repeat the same clinical trials conducted by the innovator company to generate data needed to prove its safety under current laws. Under the India-EU Free Trade Agreement (FTA) which is currently under negotiation and is expected to be signed within the next couple of months, the EU had been insistent on having an exclusive chapter on data exclusivity while the Indian negotiators have been denying giving any relaxation on this. This has raised widespread concern amongst the domestic drug makers

38 EU-India FTA: Update Indian Prime Ministers office: Nothing in FTA beyond TRIPS/domestic law Concern on enforcement measures (EC trying to argue that it is within Indian law) Investment provisions (allowing EU MNCs to sue Indian government over health policies, drug price control, etc.) EC and US bilateral pressure on India to change domestic law to include TRIPS-plus provisions outside of FTA India also negotiating FTA with EFTA (Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein)

39 Can you talk about the importance of honing in on an expertise and the importance of learning more about HIV and resources that people can use to learn more?

40 What are your own experiences first dabbling with media and what advice can you give to the people in the audience to encourage them on why their voices are important and tips for them to start and continue doing media work.

41 The personal is political: Framing the issue My Words are My Weapon: Public Speaking Create Our Own Media: Social Media & Blogging Using Images: Video Blogging Skills-building Time!

42 42

43 43

44 44

45 45

46 46







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