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Business Messages.

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1 Business Messages

2 Effective Business Messages
Purposeful Audience-Centered Concise

3 Remember to have The right attitude The right plan


5 Plan for Routine/positive/ GoOD NEWS Messages
Opening Paragraph: Tell the good news Middle Paragraph: Give the details Closing Paragraph: Your “Call for action”

6 Openers for routine messages
Weak: While reading WIRED magazine, I noticed an offer of a free video describing your web-building software. Improved: Please send me your free video describing your Web-building software. I am conducting a training class for students of photography at the Lincoln Training center, I saw a picture we would like to use in our program. What is the procedure for ordering a copy of a photograph to be used for training purposes?

7 Closings for routine messages
Weak: Thanks for any information you provide. Improved: We would appreciate receiving answers to these questions before April 4 so that we will have plenty of time to plan our conferences. Hoping to hear from you at your earliest convenience. Please send the video by August 15.

8 Plan for bad news messages

9 Direct Approach Indirect Approach
TWO APPROACHES Bad news decision (with or without buffer) Explanation/ Reasons Appropriate, courteous ending Direct Approach Buffer Bad news decision Indirect Approach

10 buffers should be neutral in tone
avoid misleading the reader into thinking the news is good.

11 We both know how hard it is to make profit in this industry
Agreement We both know how hard it is to make profit in this industry Appreciation Your check for $ arrived yesterday. Thank you. Cooperation Employee Services is here to assist all associates with their health insurance, retirement planning, and continuing education needs. Fairness For the past week we have carefully monitored those using the photocopying machine to see whether we can detect any pattern of use that might explain its frequent breakdowns

12 Good News Praise Understanding
A replacement knob for your range is on its way, shipped February 10 via UPS. Praise The Stratford Group clearly has an impressive record of accomplishment in helping clients resolve financial reporting problems. Understanding So that you can more easily find the printer with the features you need, we are enclosing a brochure that describes all the Panasonic printers currently available.

13 Explanation and Analysis
Explanations, are often crucial to the effectiveness of a negative message. a. Try to convince the reader that you are acting in their interest. b. Explain courteously all relevant facts behind the decision. c. Show that the request has been carefully considered.

If the reasons are so clear that the reader will conclude you must refuse the request then don’t state the bad news. If an implied decision might be misunderstood, express your decision clearly near the end of the explanation.

15 THE RIGHT ATTITUDE The “You” Attitude Instead of this: Use this:
To help us process this order, we must ask for another copy of the requisition. Use this: So that your order can be filled promptly, please send another copy of the requisition. You should never use this type of paper in the copy machine. This type of paper doesn’t work very well in the copy machine.

16 The word “you” really effects your tone
Congratulate & thank with “you” “Your company always provides the best service” Do not use “you” when giving bad or negative information “Your Shoddy work produced a bad toaster.” Vs. “My toaster no longer works”

17 Not Good. You must have dropped the engine. The housing is badly cracked.

18 Better The badly cracked housing suggests that your engine must have fallen onto a hard surface from some height.

19 THE RIGHT ATTITUDE Be Polite Instead of this: Use this:
You’ve been sitting on our order for two weeks. We need it now! Use this: We are eager to receive our order. When can we expect delivery?

20 The right attitude Be courteous and shield the reader’s pride
Instead of : If you had studied the instructions carefully, you would have known not to put the garment in hot water. SAY: Water will not typically damage the garment. However, hot water will discolor it, as is stated on the label.

21 THE RIGHT ATTITUDE Convince the reader that your decision, although contrary to his/her request, is FAIR, REASONABLE, NECESSARY, and possible even ADVANTAGEOUS

22 THE RIGHT ATTITUDE Emphasize the positive Instead of this: Use this:
It is impossible to repair your vacuum cleaner today. Use this: Your vacuum cleaner will be ready by Tuesday. Instead of this: -Cheap merchandise -Toilet paper -Elderly person Use this: -Bargain prices -Bathroom tissue -Senior citizen

23 Avoid using company policy/ rules without further explanation
THE RIGHT ATTITUDE Avoid using company policy/ rules without further explanation For e.g. It would be inconvenient for us… It would be impossible for us…. Include, if possible, the customer benefit and reasons behind your rules and policies

24 THE RIGHT ATTITUDE Assume that the customer wants to do the right thing For e.g. You have every right to expect high quality in … You are probably wondering how you can…

25 THE RIGHT ATTITUDE Single out when you praise them
For e.g. You made an astute choice Ms. Rehman. Put them in a group when you criticize People sometimes misinterpret the terms of the warranty. Mention mistakes by using impersonal construction Some of these figures need to be rechecked.

Stress on what CAN be done instead of what cannot be done Instead of: It is impossible to open an account for you today SAY: As soon as your signature card reaches us, we will gladly open an account. Instead of: We don’t refund if the returned item is soiled and unsalable. SAY: We refund when the returned item is clean and salable.

27 Positive Phrasing Instead of this We have received your broken clock.
I cannot understand what you mean. The damage won’t be fixed for a week. There will be a delay in your order. Say this We have received the clock you sent us. Please clarify your request. The item will be repaired next week. We will ship your order as soon as possible.

Endings should be positive Offer assurances. Invite future patronage Make clear whatever action is required Give alternatives.

29 BE CAREFUL When the customer is at fault, special tact must be used in rejecting requests. At times, your explanation should not include specific reasons, especially if the reasons suggest that your reader has undesirable characteristics.

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