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~4 Billion Mobile Phones in 2009. 1/2 of the world is mobile.

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1 ~4 Billion Mobile Phones in 2009

2 1/2 of the world is mobile

3 Source: Tomi Ahonen Almanac


5 The Hype Cycle Source: Gartner Group

6 Phases of Markets 1. Pioneer 2. Breakout3. Consolidation4. Maturity


8 A global volunteer network of NGOs, activists, technologists, academics, media A community of practice for knowledge and skill sharing An online mDirectory of apps, case studies, research, how-to materials An innovation channel

9 The Use of Mobiles Health: Disease surveillance and mapping Patient management Public health education (HIV, TB, STDs) Supply chain management (drugs, food) Telemedicine Accountability and Transparency Election monitoring Human rights monitoring Corruption monitoring Media and (Citizen) Reporting Incidence/news mapping Incident photo/video footage News dissemination in restricted environments Disasters and Relief Early warnings Urgent alerts Refugee coordination Supply chain management Environmental Monitoring GPRS individual and crowd data Organizing/Advocacy Constituency engagement Legislative advocacy Mobilization Getting Out the Vote Information dissemination Economic Development/Livelihoods Payments Micro loan management Market data/information Small enterprises (SMEs)

10 Mobile SMS MMS – Pics and Video BluetoothRadioUSSD Voice and IVR Twitter, Facebook, Mxit Blogs Streaming Video Mobile web TV Location- based services













23 M-Government Brazil

24 M-Government Philippines TXTGMA TXTCSC citizen complaints, suggestions or inquiries and as a citizens weapon against corrupt and inefficient bureaucracy; TXTCSC is a building block for PSDA (Public Service Delivery Audit) where government agencies are rated on how quickly and efficiently they deliver public services DETxt Education ministry SMS channel

25 What is it? Person texts a keyword and gets information back through another SMS Positives: Everyone can use it; no fancy phone needed. Negatives:160 character limit/SMS; person has to get keyword exactly right Cost: Standard SMS rates; implementer pays 25c / SMS Handset: Any & all Uses: SMS to find date, time & venue of next meeting; subscribe to headline news, get interactive data on news, polling station location, candidates, weather, etc. Interactive SMS User texts in keyword news for short code Headline news for 9/13/2009: City Council Votes down Ordinance Dog gets lost in woods Armed robbers strike For weather updates sms weather to 32323



28 Control 2.0

29 Source: Arbor Networks

30 Key Issues Incredibly promising and exciting Commercial, competitive, very fluid field Privacy and security Fragmented platforms Many pilots, no scale Impact unclear. Much trial and error Focus on apps but not on an enabling environment Lack of open platforms and applications

31 Key Issues Significant capacity issues (NGOs and Gov) Lack of capable intermediaries Little knowledge of what works in what setting Data alone may be largely useless unless it provides the right information delivered through the right channel in the right form at the right time.

32 Towards a framework Additive versus transformative Contextual and user-focused Sustainable (unsolved) Driven by demand Build it and they will come does usually not work Localized but shareable Built on open standards? Built on existing knowledge

33 WebDatabasesRadio/TVIVRSMS and USSD Mobile Web RSS and XML Monitoring Budgets Revenues and expenditures Access to information Standards, indices, report cards Oversight Applicable channel? In what context? Successes? Failures? Critical success factors?

34 Needed Targeted (and outsourced) R&D ICT innovation marketplaces Venture funds and PPPs Strong intermediaries IT, mobile, data, information visualization, etc User adoption studies and contextual research Nokia and Microsoft Better topographies (and case studies)


36 skype and twitter: katrinskaya @mobileactive @mobilemediakit

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