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Brick where did you get a hand grenade? NEWS ANCHOR By Anthony Bagliano.

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1 Brick where did you get a hand grenade? NEWS ANCHOR By Anthony Bagliano

2 WHAT DOES A NEWS ANCHOR DO? A news anchor reports news stories over a live broadcast A news anchor also has to work with a team of people to collaborate how the news will be presented and how it will be covered A news anchor has to be able to tell a news story with no errors and be able to transition between stories effectively News anchors and their news team play an active role in gathering information on current events

3 JOB SATISFACTION OF BEING A NEWS ANCHOR They give people the news and get a good feeling from it You get to voice your opinion to an audience will have firsthand information on whats going on in the community. you get to interact with all different types of people News anchors will have the possibility of meeting celebrities anchorman gets the satisfaction of giving people the news would be looked up to by others in the community get a satisfaction of having the privilege to have people watch their news report

4 NEWS ANCHOR SALARY,HEALTH BENEFITS AND OTHER BENEFITS A news anchor makes an average of 50,000 dollars per a year A news anchor gets 2-4 weeks of paid vacation! They also usually get a clothing allowance of a few thousand dollars a year to help them pay for the clothing they wear on-air. A news anchor also gets health, dental and vision insurance for free

5 SEXIST IN ANCHOR WORLD In Hennessey, Virginia (2007) interview article Broadcaster Faces Pay Suit: Ex- anchorwoman says TV station paid her half as much as anchorman, Jodi Jones A former co-anchorwoman at KCBA Fox 35 tells her story of her being paid less money. She says has sued Clear Channel Broadcasting Inc. for allegedly paying her half as much as her male counterpart and threatening to fire her when she demanded equal pay, Her attorney, Christopher Panetta, said the station was paying Jones $40,000 per year, while paying her co-anchorman, Brian Speciale, $80,000 annually. According to the lawsuit, after Jones again demanded equal pay, the company threatened to fire her July 21. She quit in July. When it comes to news anchoring the description of the job is to deliver the news on a live television performance to masses of people in an entertaining matter. I truly believe if a woman can do this then no doubt in my mind she should not only have the job as anchor, but also make as much as her male counter partner Some males feel if a woman was an anchorman it defeats the whole purpose of the word man in anchorman. There is no reason why a woman cant have male oriented jobs, and also no reason why males cant have female oriented jobs.

6 REFERENCE PAGE grenade-i-dont-know smiling-when-16906 smiling-when-16906 well-in-the-workplace.html well-in-the-workplace.html quotes-from-anchorman-the-legend-of-ron-burgundy/i_m-ron- burgundy-you-stay-classy-san-diego-ron-burgundy

7 THE END You Stay Classy Computer Applications Class!

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