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PBS Sustainability in the Curriculum Hugh D Conway.

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1 PBS Sustainability in the Curriculum Hugh D Conway

2 PBS NEWS 24 … PBS Launches Sustainability in the Curriculum

3 Enrich the student experience Develop new skills in reflection and critical thinking Enhance employability PBS NEWS 24 …

4 Developing curriculum content To ensure students are given every opportunity to explore issues of sustainability throughout the curricula in the PBS. To support and drive the visible presence of the PBS as a centre of excellence in study and research for sustainability in the business world. To become an authoritative voice on the impact of sustainable strategies on the business community in the UK and through contacts with other universities on a wider international stage. PBS NEWS 24 …

5 Developing curriculum content To consider the need for a flagship programme relating to sustainability in business. To work closely with other partners throughout the university to enhance the position of the university as a sustainable organisation. PBS NEWS 24 …

6 Short term Certificate in Sustainable Business –Planned for 50 –Applications from 98 –Voluntary attendance, not accreditited Presentation to staff and students –Ken Webster and Craig Johnson of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Presentation by Alan Knight –Head of sustainability at B&Q PBS NEWS 24 …

7 Medium term PBS NEWS 24 … Continue Certificate in Sustainable Business Develop a new module in Sustainable Business –Offered as an elective across the business school Beyond Business –High profile speakers –Engage students and business community

8 Long term PBS NEWS 24 … Consider MBA Evaluate and traffic light all PBS modules Develop a promotional proposition –Plymouth Business School, where students learn to think beyond the current business paradigms.

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