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Tourism and news media Tourism journalism in Nepal.

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1 Tourism and news media Tourism journalism in Nepal

2 Introduction Nepal appeared in the global scenario with mountains and its culture through newspaper stories, books and articles. International media till 1990 covered Nepal as a country of Himalayas and Gurkhas only. Very few stories were covered from Nepal because of its role in global politics

3 Background Tenjing Norgey and Sir Edmund Hillarys historic ascent to the top of Mt. Everest in 1953 was a defining milestone to attract global media awareness toward Nepal. At the same time, Nepali newspapers were in struggling phase of survival. Only 2 percent of the total population were literate and 400 were graduates.

4 Further details More than 80 percent stories covered by global media would be related with the mountains and lifestyle of Himali people at that time. Nepali media did not cover these stories rather than the politics. After 1990, Nepal recognized as a democratic country; with the beginning of Maoist insurgency, and royal massacre attracted foreign correspondents as well.

5 The Print Media According to the Department of Information 9170 Newspapers are registered in the country including the daily and weeklies. One and half dozen broadsheets have their specialized reporters for tourism. They provides good space for it too. Some newspapers has their additional supplements as well.

6 The electronic media 486 FM radios are registered and 329 are in operation till 17 th September 2012. Radio Nepal, operated from 1950, began Tourism Program from 1983. Private and Community radio established after 1997. Some radio stations produce tourism based program on weekly basis.

7 Television stations According to the ministry of communication and information 39 television stations are registered in the country: two thirds of them are in operation and on the phase of test transmission. Television stations are covering tourism as other stories.

8 Tourism as a beat After the growth of print media in 1990s newspaper organisations recognised tourism as a beat under the economic/business bureau. Journalists in Nepalese Tourism established in 2001. Under that organisation more than 40 mainstream journalists were included.

9 Alternative media for tourism The specialized papers has contributed to promote tourism in the country. The then Royal Nepal Airlines started to publish its own magazine from 1973. It would cover the tourism and cultural aspects of the country. Similarly Nepal Traveler, began to publish from 1980s.

10 Alternatives : Holiday Nepal, Traveler Nepal, Travel Trade News, Tourism News, Sunrise Nepal, Everest News, Nepal Parbat, Info Nepal, Trade Nepal, Image Nepal and other alternative magazines has also contributed for the tourism news in the country.

11 The future Hydropower and Tourism are the most important sectors for economic growth of Nepal. Journalism for the healthy growth of tourism is essential. Media can attract both national and international tourists. Not only promoting, media can create pressure to change policies that harm the industry

12 Improvement is essential To improve the healthy tourism, beat journalists must have good trainings. Stockholders must have the knowledge of media mobilisation and its nature.

13 Thank You Rishikesh Dahal Lecturer Journalism and Mass Communication Ratna Rajyalaxmi Campus, Tribhuvan University,

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