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Neighborhood News *Robust Vocabulary* Created by: Agatha Lee September 2008.

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1 Neighborhood News *Robust Vocabulary* Created by: Agatha Lee September 2008

2 flutters If something flies or moves in a light and quick way, it flutters. The butterfly flutters over to the flower.

3 Jonathans heart flutters when the cameras are on. When does your heart flutter? flutters

4 * Which of these two items flutters- a rock or a leaf? * Which of these two items flutters- a kite or an airplane? flutters

5 selected If you have chose a particular thing, then you have selected it. The man selected grapes from the fruit stand.

6 Jonathan was thrilled to be selected as the news anchor. What would you do if you had selected a hamburger but received a salad? selected

7 * Did you or your parents select what clothes you are wearing today? * Would you select a pizza or steak from a menu? selected

8 announcement When someone gives new information to a group of people, that person has made an announcement.

9 Our principal made an announcement on the loud speaker. I heard an announcement at the beginning of the movie. announcement

10 * Why is it hard to hear an announcement when everyone is talking? * Would someone use a loud or quiet voice to make an announcement to a large group? announcement

11 career A career is a job for which someone might get training or go to school. My mom has a career as a police officer.

12 Mrs. Lee has a career as a teacher. What career do you want? career

13 * Tell about a career that sounds like a lot of fun. * What career does Hannah Montana have? career

14 A penalty is a punishment for doing something wrong. penalty

15 The librarian told me there would be no penalty for overdue books. Do you think someone should get a penalty for talking in line or losing a book? penalty

16 * Is a reward the same thing as a penalty? * Would you get a penalty for driving through a red light? penalty

17 location A location is a place. The location of our school is in Palm Coast.

18 The news reporter went to only one location. Which location would you like to live in- the middle of a city or in the country? location

19 * In what location might you find people eating and ordering food? * Can you find the location of the store on the map? location

20 excitable If people or animals get worked up easily, then they are excitable.

21 The soccer team was an excitable group. Puppies are excitable. Would you like to have an excitable pet? excitable

22 * Which is more excitable- a turtle or a kitten? * Would a child be excitable if he or she received 100 new toys? excitable

23 positive When you are very sure about something, then you are positive. Im positive the duck has two feet.

24 The weatherman was positive it would be sunny today. Are you positive you remembered to bring your lunch today? positive

25 * What would you wear if you were positive it would rain? * Are you positive you have a signature on your planner? positive

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