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Jeopardy! (Non-Fiction and Grammar Edition!) TitanicNo News Lit. Elements GrammarMisc. 100 200 300 400 500 600.

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2 Jeopardy! (Non-Fiction and Grammar Edition!) TitanicNo News Lit. Elements GrammarMisc. 100 200 300 400 500 600

3 Titanic: 100 From what city did the Titanic leave and in what city was it suppose to arrive?

4 Titanic Answer: 100 Left from: London Final destination: New York

5 Titanic: 200 How many warnings did they receive about the icebergs?

6 Titanic Answers: 200 They received 6 warnings total, but the answer 5 will be accepted.

7 Titanic: 300 According to the text, about how long was the gash created by the iceberg?

8 Titanic Answer: 300 About 300 ft long

9 Titanic:400 What was the name of the ship that was closest to the Titanic, but did not respond? How far away was it?

10 Titanic Answers: 400 The Californian It was only about 5-10 miles away

11 Titanic: 500 How about how many total people were on the Titanic and about how many people died?

12 Titanic Answers: 500 Total on: 2,201 Total died: 1,500

13 Titanic: 600 List 3 reasons (according to the text) that lead to the great loss of life on the Titanic.

14 Titanic Answer: 600 1. The iceberg warnings were ignored 2. Not enough seats on the lifeboats/ not filled 3. The Californian didnt respond to the CQD/ SOS signal

15 No News: 100 In which country are the concentration camps located?

16 No News Answer: 100 Poland

17 No News: 200 About how many people do they estimate died between the 2 concentration camps?

18 No News Answer: 200 Around 4 million

19 No News: 300 What does the narrator believe to be wrong when he first goes to visit Auschwitz?

20 No News Answer: 300 He thinks it is wrong that the sun is shining, the grass is green and kids are playing. He feels the dark history should be reflected in the atmosphere.

21 No News: 400 The narrator remarks that some tourist are not affected by the gas chamber building, rather it is what that horrifies them?

22 No News Answer: 400 It is the sight of human hair and the mound of babies shoes. It humanizes the victims.

23 No News: 500 When was the article written? How many years had it been since the end of WW2?

24 No News Answer: 500 It was written in 1959 14 years after the end of the war

25 No News: 600 The title of the essay is No News from Auschwitz, why is this title ironic?

26 No News Answer:600 There is news to report and the message is that this place and the history behind it must never be forgotten.

27 Literary Elements: 100 What type of writing is this: –Trapped in the ruins of the Hotel Montana in Port-au-Prince, he used his shirt to bandage his leg, and tied his belt around the wound. To stop the bleeding on his head, he firmly pressed a sock to it. Port-au-Prince –Concerned he might have been experiencing shock, Woolley used the app to look up what to do. It warned him not to sleep. So he set his phone alarm to go off every 20 minutes.

28 Literary Terms Answer: 100 Objective--- we get only the FACTS!!!

29 Literary Terms: 200 What type of writing is this: –In Port-A-Prince, a town struck by unimaginable tragedy, the streets are littered with the hopeless, forgotten and abandoned. Most disregard this small city as a poor and poverty stricken land, however these people are resourceful and just as important as the richest and most powerful human on earth.

30 Literary Terms Answer: 200 Subjective– opinions and LOTS of adjectives –(dead give-a-way )

31 Literary Terms: 300 In Jaws when the scary music plays, the audience KNOWS a shark is coming but the characters are unaware. This is an example of…

32 Literary Terms Answer: 300 Dramatic Irony!

33 Literary Terms: 400 After having 2 weeks to study and offering tutorials, the teacher was shocked to see so many students fail the quiz, when she was sure they would pass. This is an example of…

34 Literary Terms Answer: 400 Situational Irony!

35 Literary Terms: 500 This is the MOST TERRIFIYING animal I have EVER seen. This is an example of…

36 Literary Terms Answer: 500 Verbal Irony!

37 Literary Terms: 600 In the book/ movie Harry Potter there is prophecy that states…and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives...." –This lets the audience know that there will be a fight to the death. This is an example of…

38 Literary Terms Answer: 600 Foreshadowing!

39 Grammar:100 The young boy, Andy, rode his bike home from McDonalds. –List ALL the Nouns in the sentence and tell me if they are common or proper.

40 Grammar Answer: 100 Common- boy, bike, home Proper- Andy, McDonalds

41 Grammar: 200 My fearless Uncle does some scary jobs; he works with vicious rattlesnakes, deadly tarantulas and carnivorous lizards. –Identify ALL the adjectives in the sentence

42 Grammar Answer: 200 Adjectives: fearless, scary, vicious, deadly, carnivorous

43 Grammar: 300 Hunter Pence played a great game, he practically won it for the Astros. –Identify the pronouns and the antecedents

44 Grammar Answer: 300 Antecedents: Hunter Pence/ game Pronouns: He/ it

45 Grammar: 400 Sarah thought the park was a complete mess. –Identify the articles/adjectives and the words the modify.

46 Grammar Answer: 400 The= definite article A= indefinite article

47 Grammar: 500 Every puppy has fun at the park, they love it! –Identify all the pronouns and antecedents.

48 Grammar Answer: 500 Antecedents: Puppy/ park Pronouns: they/ it

49 Grammar: 600 Kylee loves to dance in her room every Sunday night, and then she skips to school the next morning. –Identify the parts of the sentence (nouns, pronouns and adjectives)

50 Grammar Answer: 600 Proper nouns: Kylee, Sunday Common Nouns: room, school, morning Pronouns: she, her Adjectives: next, every

51 Misc:100 In what year did the Titanic sink?

52 Misc Answer: 100 1912 (almost 99 years ago)

53 Misc: 200 What is the definition of genocide?

54 Misc Answer: 200 The deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group.

55 Misc: 300 Adjectives are tricky (jerks). What is a definite article and an indefinite article?

56 Misc. Answer: 300 Indefinite: a/ an Definite: the

57 Misc: 400 Who was the Captain of the Titanic and how did he die?

58 Misc Answer: 400 Captain Smith He voluntarily went down with the ship.

59 Misc: 500 Please create a sentence using with pronouns and adjectives using the words fluffy and corndog.

60 Misc Answer: 500 You have 10 seconds to create a sentence… starting….NOW!

61 Misc: 600 You made perform one of the following tasks: 1. Sing the chorus to My Heart Will Go On OR Perform on interpretative dance to the song

62 Misc Answer: 600 I am so looking forward to this Near, far, wherever you are I believe that the heart does go on Once more you open the door And you're here in my heart And my heart will go on and on HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARYN!

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