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News: Meaning, Sources, Types Pertemuan 13 – 14 Matakuliah: O0394 – Teknik Reportase dan News Caster Tahun: 2010.

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2 News: Meaning, Sources, Types Pertemuan 13 – 14 Matakuliah: O0394 – Teknik Reportase dan News Caster Tahun: 2010

3 Learning Objectives This section will discuss on the meaning of news in all of its four aspects. By understanding the complete package on news, it is expected that the students will be able to improve their perspectives on news and prepare themselves for the higher stages of news gathering, processing, and broadcasting. 3

4 NEWS: Definition & Source-A Reminder (1/7) Definitions on the word News: Merriam-Webster Dictionary: Material reported in a newspaper or news periodical or on a newscast. News is the timely report of fact or opinion, to hold interest or importance, or both, for a considerable number of people (Charnley, 1975) 4

5 NEWS: Definition & Source-A Reminder (2/7) Trends, situations, conditions, and interpretations are news (Neal, 1968) The unusual is news – Whats different is news Doug Newsom and James A Wollert, in Media Writing: News for the Mass Media (1985:11): News is something that people need and important to know. By reporting news, then the media inform people on what they need. 5

6 NEWS: Definition & Source-A Reminder (3/7) Dean M Lyle Spencer, in News Writing, stated: News is a fact or a correct idea that can attract most of the readers (audiences). William C Bleyer, in Newspaper Writing and Editing, wrote: News is something update chose by the journalists to be put in the newspaper since the news have meaning to the readers. 6

7 NEWS: Definition & Source-A Reminder (4/7) Sources of News What are the characteristics of sources of news: 1.Contains news value, hot issues and unique problems; 2.Obtains certain journalistic value: important, interesting, or both important and interesting, and update. 7

8 NEWS: Definition & Source-A Reminder (5/7) Sources of News 1.Source person (experts, witness) 2.Files/ clippings 3.Emergency radio (ORARI, police radio) 4.Live Reports from radio and television stations 5.Announcement from the Government 6.Press release, correspondent, radio or television networks 8

9 NEWS: Definition & Source-A Reminder (6/7) Example of alternative news sources in the US: Adbusters Adbusters Monthly magazine devoted to the critique of consumerism and corporate media. AlterNet AlterNet News magazine and online community that creates original journalism and amplifies dozens of other alternative media sources. 9

10 NEWS: Definition & Source-A Reminder (7/7) Antiwar news, viewpoints, and activities. Online Journal Online Journal Features variety of alternative news and views. More on the examples of news sources can be obtained from: 10

11 Types of News (1/14) The 3 (three) main groups of News 1.Elementary News 2.Intermediate News 3.Advance News 11

12 Types of News (2/14) What are they? Straight News Straight news report: a live report on an issue; Depth news report: information gathered together with facts on related issues used as additional information; 12

13 Types of News (3/14) 13 Example of the Depth News Report WKMS In-Depth Reports Rep. Mike Cherry looks ahead to 2010 Tony McVeigh2009-12-25) Null, PRINCETON, KY. (wkms) – The 2010 Kentucky General Assembly convenes Tuesday, January 5, for a 60-day session that ends April 13. Kentucky Public Radio's Tony McVeigh will be covering the session…More on the news, visit: rticle&ARTICLE_ID=1592903 rticle&ARTICLE_ID=1592903

14 Types of News (4/14) Comprehensive news report: report on comprehensive facts that is viewed from various aspects; Example of comprehensive news report can be checked from this website: Mexicos-pharmaceutical-and-healthcare-market.aspx ( co_pharmaceuti) co_pharmaceuti 14

15 Types of News (5/14) Intermediate News Interpretative report: news that focuses on an issue, problem, or controversial cases; Feature story: writers use facts to attract the readers, writers present their reading experience with interesting writing style; 15

16 Types of News (6/14) Feature story (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) A feature story (also feature article, or simply feature) is a piece of journalistic writing that covers a selected issue in- depth. As such, a feature need not address an immediately topical subject as would be expected of a news story, is usually considerably longer, and may well present an opinionated view.journalistic news story 16

17 Types of News (7/14) Advance News Depth reporting: a depth, comprehensive, complete journalistic report on an actual event; 17

18 Types of News (8/14) 18 Mark Schaver, Louisville, Kentucky, United States: An assistant metro editor for The Courier-Journal.The Courier-Journal Depth Reporting is where I write about journalism, technology, useful Web sites and whatever else strikes me as interesting, funny or worthwhile.

19 Types of News (9/14) 19 Investigative Reporting: focuses on a number of issues (problems) and controversies. The investigation is (usually) conducted in illegal and unethical way;

20 Types of News (10/14) Investigative journalism, in which journalists investigate and expose unethical, immoral, and illegal behavior by individuals, businesses and government agencies, can be complicated, time-consuming and expensive requiring teams of journalists, months of research, interviews (sometimes repeated interviews) with numerous people, long-distance travel, computers to analyze public-record databases, or use of the company's legal staff to secure documents under freedom of information laws.unethicalimmoralillegal 20

21 Types of News (11/14) Example of Investigative Report: On May 7, 1998, Rep. Maxine Waters, revealed a memorandum of understanding between the CIA and the Justice Department from 1982, which was entered into the Congressional Record. This letter had freed the CIA from legally reporting drug smuggling by CIA assets, a provision that covered the Nicaraguan contras and the Afghan rebels.[4]Maxine Waters memorandum of understandingCongressional Record[4] 21

22 Types of News (12/14) Editorial Writing: opinion on a certain issue/ issues released by newspapers, magazines, radio station. 22

23 Types of News (13/14) The Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Writing has been awarded since 1917 for distinguished editorial writing, the test of excellence being clearness of style, moral purpose, sound reasoning, and power to influence public opinion in what the writer conceives to be the right direction. The Pulitzer Committee issues an official citation explaining the reasons for the award.Pulitzer Prizeeditorial 23

24 Types of News (14/14) 24 The Pulitzer PrizesPulitzer Prizes Joseph PulitzerJoseph Pulitzer Pulitzers by year Pulitzer winnersPulitzers by year Pulitzer winners Journalism: Public Service Breaking News Reporting Investigative Reporting Explanatory Reporting Local Reporting National Reporting International Reporting Feature Writing Commentary Criticism Editorial Writing Editorial Cartooning Breaking News Photography Feature Photography

25 Closing At the end of discussion, it is expected that the students already have clearer view on the definition of news, the source of news, and the type of news. It is also expected that the students will be ready to enter the advance step to understand other aspects that will support the news processing activities. 25

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