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IBC2008 Pre-Show Distributor Meeting Rosarium Friday September 12.

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1 IBC2008 Pre-Show Distributor Meeting Rosarium Friday September 12

2 Meeting Agenda: 09:30–09:50Corporate Update Oddbjørn Bergem, CEO 09:50–10:20 Products Ronny Sletteng, Jan Helgesen and Misty Farrell 10:20–10:35Booth practicalities Tracey Ford, Petter Hole 10:35–10:50 Distributor of the Year Hans Hasselbach

3 CEO Oddbjørn Bergem Network VPG IBC 2008

4 Network VPG is in the buzz!

5 Network VPG is forging ahead The Global Video Transport Leader 5 times the size in 5 years: From 2003 to 2008E it was done. We will do it again!

6 any format:3G-SDI, HD- SDI, SDI, ASI, AES, E1/T1, uncompressed or compressed, analogue or digital any network: Existing or future: Dark fibre, grey fibre, telco networks (Sonet/SDH), IP networks any distance: Short haul to intercontinental Network VPG transport solution any format, any network, any distance Unbeaten by competition in flexibility and power consumption!

7 Recent wins Political wins: Signal Processing for the EU parliament and Signal Transport for the US Presidential election. Total value of more than 3M Large US Telco: Compressed and uncompressed video from London to many cities in US. Us Telco: HD over existing SD infrastructure using JPEG2000

8 Flashlink news IBC 2008 Ronny Sletteng Product Manager

9 Outline Flashlink Signal Processing & Distribution (SP&D) Flashlink Fiber Optics Flashlink Success stories

10 Flashlink SP&D News – IBC 2008 Intelligent switching solution for HD/SD FRS-HD-CHO Analog audio HD/SD embedding AAV-HD-XMUX AAV-SD-XMUX Analog audio HD/SD de-embedding AAV-HD-DMUX AAV-SD-DMUX

11 FRS-HD-CHO –dual input HD/SD frame synchronizer with a change over functionality that can switch on signal integrity

12 FRS-HD-CHO Passive loop through of both inputs to outputs at board failure De-glitching of input video signal. Programmable switching logic SDI label insertion Frame Sync features similar to FRS-HD(-DMUX) Audio de-embedding – processing – re-embedding Availability: Shipping from November 2008

13 FRS-HD-CHO is ideal for ENG Applications –Constant signal feed is critical for downstream equipment like MPEG2 encoders

14 AAV-HD-XMUX (-R/-T) –2-ch analog audio and 2-ch AES Embedder –2-ch AES de-embedder –Optional optics

15 Both analog and digital audio interfaces Extensive audio processing core Compatible with other Flashlink embedders Audio and video generator Availability: Now AAV-HD-XMUX (-R/-T)

16 –2-ch analog audio and 4-ch AES De-embedder AAV-HD-DMUX(-R)

17 Audio processing similar to the AAV-HD-XMUX Also available as SD only versions: –AAV-SD-XMUX –AAV-SD-DMUX Availability: Now AAV-HD-DMUX(-R)

18 Flashlink Fiber News – IBC 2008 L-band over fiber LB-EO-C1xxx 3G multi rate transponder for CWDM/DWDM MR-TR-3G-C / MR-TR-3G-D 3G/HD/SD time division multiplexing video transport solution SDI-TD-3GMX-5 / SDI-TD-3GDX-5

19 LB-EO-C1xxx All 16 CWDM wavelengths available from stock L-band over fiber

20 Two independent switches for port selection Support for 3G-SDI Avalanche Photo Diode (APD) receiver Up to 8 cards per frame (doubled DWDM density) LED power level meter mode MR-TR-3G, whats new?

21 MR-TR-3G functional block diagram Electrical to optical converter Optical to electrical converter

22 MR-TR-3G functional block diagram Optical to optical transponder for video formats with electrical drop

23 Single mode fiber only DWDM available Oct08/Nov08 CWDM available Dec08/Jan09 MR-TR-3G, hard facts Best fibre contribution/distribution/transport solution

24 2nd generation of TDM modules in Flashlink 5 inputs More signal formats: SD/HD/3G-SDI TDM output signal is standards compliant HD-SDI/3G-SDI Where other solutions stop at the doorstep, we can transport the mux signal into the heart of the TV station Availability: May 2009 SDI-TD-3GMX-5/-3GDX-5

25 SDI-TD-3GMX-5 block diagram

26 SDI-TD-3GDX-5 block diagram

27 Transports: –1x 3G-SDI –2x HD-SDI asynchronously –1xHD-SDI and 4x SD-SDI –8x SD-SDI (two modules) Upgrade path for SDI-TD-MUX-4 SDI-TD-3GMX-5/-3GDX-5

28 Success

29 Central Europe 500 SDI (HD and SD) links 2008 250 more in 2009 Competition: Evertz and Harris Success story – Satellite Uplink station

30 Major telco in Northern Europe 40-ch DWDM system Returning Flashlink DWDM customer Success story – DWDM

31 Success story - Euro 2008

32 9 football stadiums 12 ice hockey stadiums Sports contribution network in Central Europe HD/SD JPEG2000 over IP Success story – JPEG2000 60+ units in total In full operation

33 So far: 177 Flashlink frames w/dual PSU 1200+ modules –400+ AV-HD-XMUX w/optics –200+ HD Frame syncs –180+ ETH1000/D422 to fiber –100+ Distribution Amplifiers –70+ HD fiber converters –80+ Audio and video glue –51 GYDA-SC –15 VikinX Sublime routers Frame agreement Additional orders received Success story- European Parliament

34 Routing, Control & NMS IBC 2008 Jan I. Helgesen Product Manager

35 Sublime Compact Ultra low power and high reliability design Pre-configured panels Control via RS-232 and NCB Full backwards compatibility with Compact command set 8x8, 16x16 and 16x2 for SD-SDI, HD-SDI, AES, Analog Audio and Analog Video 20% discount on Compact list price during transition to Sublime Compact

36 Modular 3G Modular 3G-SDI upgrade project has been started Excellent test results from pre-project Release date not yet defined Functionality will be similar to existing Modular HD router Multi-rate support: 3G-/HD-/SD-SDI and DVB-ASI in one frame Also suitable for routing MADI and AES-3id Future-proof complete 3G-SDI compatibility in our line of products!

37 Multicon – New Extensible System Controller Control routing, signal processing and distribution from the same panel Integrated support for VikinX and Flashlink Plug-in support for 3rd-party equipment and automation systems Central processing of control data (e.g. virtual router, salvo and mnemonics) Installation support using System Configurator Software Development Kit (SDK) Replacing Syscon and ETH-CON Backwards compatibility

38 DataMiner – NMS for Flashlink, Ventura and VikinX Use DataMiner to win large projects where NMS is a requirement Use integration as sales argument for customers that are already using DataMiner Manage the entire network from one single user interface Common management interface for Flashlink, Ventura and VikinX Reduced deployment time due to pre-integration of Flashlink, Ventura and VikinX Utilize all the network management functionality provided by DataMiner Strong multi-vendor support

39 NMS of Flashlink and Ventura

40 GYDA System Overview

41 Transport Solutions Sales Engineering Manager Misty Farrell

42 Transport of uncompressed services up to 3G-SDI Transport of JPEG and MPEG compressed SD-SDI, HD- SDI and other services such as ASI, AES, E1/T1 Cost-efficient architecture for smaller regional networks as well as large wide area networks Interfaces to WDM, Ethernet/IP and SDH/SONET infrastructure Monitoring and control via full featured NMS and advanced element manager Network VPG transport solutions Any format Any network Any distance

43 Flashlink VPG equipment NE equipment SDH / IP link from Telco Dark fiber available VPG equipment Broadcaster site Dark fiber available Telco network Sales Synergies – Network/VPG Complete end to end solution Addressing Broadcasters needs Carrying broadcasters needs through the carrier networks SDH / IP

44 Transport & Conversion Products All VPG products are NEBS Level 3 compliant

45 Ventura – New Product Family Private Ethernet or IP/MPLS SDH Fiber-Overlay VS901-GX VS908-AX VS901-SX STM-1 VS811-S-X STM-16 VS551-D-X VS905-X VS861-X STM-64 VS901-TX VS252-JM Ventura – Any Format, Any Network, Any Distance VS901-SX STM-4 VS9155-SX STM-1 VS9345-SX DS-3 VS416-DWDM VS416-DWDM-AUX

46 Ventura Product Line Up – 08, Q109 VS861 6 x HD-SDI into STM-64 VS811-S 8 x 270 into STM-16 VS811-SHD [1 x HD + 2 x SD] into STM-16 VS901-Sx-12 [2 x SD or 1 x HD(J2K) + 1 x SD] into STM-4 VS901-Sx-03 [1 x HD(J2K) or 1 x SD(J2K)] into STM-1 VS9155 4 x ASI into STM-1 VS9345 4 x ASI into DS-3 VS9500 4 x ASI into SDTI or ASI* (Submux) VS7700 ASI Intelligent Protection Switch VS901-IE-GE HD(J2K) to GigE VS905-Mx-GE PAL/SDI (MPEG-2) to GigE VS908-Ax-GE 8 x ASI to GigE VS901-Tx-27 HD-SDI(J2K) to SDTI VS731-TRX [100BaseT + 4 x RS-422 + 2 x T1 + 8 x GPIO + Talkback] to SDTI VS416-DWDM 16-channel DWDM covering ITU channels 39 to 54 VS416-DWDM-AUX 16-channel DWDM covering ITU channels 23 to 38 with an expansion port for 39 to 54

47 Want to further optimize your SDH infrastructure to transport multiple signals? Need efficient use of space, conserve fiber and bandwidth Cost-effective solution to grow multimedia and data traffic that saves customer money Maximize the use of the existing network through bandwidth optimizing Easily deploy configured equipment that doesnt require frequent reconfiguration, therefore saving your customers maintenance costs Avoid creating new infrastructure requirements just to support HD or required services

48 Eight HDs into one STM-16

49 Handles HD or SD input automatically

50 Want to use existing IP infrastructure to transport real-time broadcast video applications? Ensure that signal wont be degraded Save customer cost of a huge fiber rollout for product deployment of new services Conserve editability and contribution quality with JPEG 2000 compression Easily deploy configured equipment that doesnt require frequent reconfiguration, therefore saving your customers maintenance costs Avoid creating new infrastructure requirements just to support HD or required services

51 Map multiple NTSC/SDI signals on Gig-E VS551-D, VS905-E and VS908 application VS551-D ADC IP Packet Multiplexer And MAC VS551-D ADC Local Church Library Town Hall VS551-D ADC TV Station VS551-D ADC VS551-D ADC VS551-D ADC VS551-D ADC VS551-D ADC NTSC /SDI NTSC /SDI NTSC /SDI NTSC /SDI VHO VS908 TS Aggregator VS905E NTSC /SDI ASI NTSC /SDI NTSC /SDI NTSC /SDI 100/1000 BASE-T

52 IBC 2008 Active Demos –VS811-SM-48 and VS811-SD-48 8 Chan Mux over STM-16 –VS901-TE-27 and VS901-TD-27 JPEG2000 over 270Mbps –VS551-D-ADC and VS551-D-DAC Universal Card –VS9345-MUX and VS9345-DMUX DS3 Network Optimizer Hardware also on booth –VS905 MPEG-2 Encoder to IP –VS908 ASI TS Aggregator over IP –VS901-IX-GE JPEG2000 over Gig-E interface

53 Show information IBC 2008 Tracey J W Ford VP of Strategic Sales & group Marketing

54 Outline Booth Location Booth layout IBC 2008 news Catalogue Data Sheets Extracold Press conference Happy hour College wk41

55 Stand 8.B70 Booth Location Miranda Omneon

56 Booth Layout




60 IBC News 2008

61 Ventura Application notes

62 Product catalogue 2008-2009

63 New Product brochures

64 Event – Xtracold

65 Event – Happy Hour Last hour of the show Friday – Saturday – Sunday – Monday

66 Event – Press conference Saturday 4.30pm Bring your local press

67 Event – College week41

68 Hans Hasselbach Distributor of the Year 2008

69 What makes a real partner Average 20% growth rate Characterized by: –Eagerness to grow with us! –Frequent open and frank communication –Selling projects as well as small orders -Knowledgable -Invest into the future -Demo stock -Top level Service

70 Candidates are... troll ceremony: Network Electronics Netherlands Network Electronics France Logic Media Solutions Germany

71 Logic Media Solutions, Germany 2008 Distributor of the Year

72 IBC2008 Special promotional offerings

73 IBC2008 Promotion; VikinX Compact promotion, 20% extra Buy demokit; VS901-TE-27 + VS901-TD-27 Buy demokit; Downconverter and Frame synchroniser with input change over

74 IBC2008 Thanks again for being here; have a good show!

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