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News Leads Journalism Unit Bobcat Beat. News Leads Types of Leads? Summary Question Quotation Picture.

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1 News Leads Journalism Unit Bobcat Beat

2 News Leads Types of Leads? Summary Question Quotation Picture

3 News Leads A good news story starts with a lead. A lead, or beginning of an article, must grab the readers attention. The lead is the first or first few sentences of an article. The lead must also include the important information in a story. The lead usually answers Who, What, When, and Where.

4 News Leads As many of the 5Ws and H that are necessary to summarize the story are included in the lead. The point is made in as few words as possible. A reporter usually starts with Who or What. Why and How provide details for the rest of the story. Details are provided later in the story.

5 Summary Leads Summary leads state the facts. Forty eighth-graders will graduate from Banks Middle School on May 28, 2007. Kisha Jones and Tim Matthews were honored for their essays September 1, 2008, at the Student Council assembly.

6 Summary Leads Who- people in the community What- town meeting about littering When- February 10, 2008; 6:30 p.m. Where- Banks Middle School Gym

7 Question Leads Question leads begin with a question to catch the readers interest. Are you ready to dance? Principal, Mark Head, approved a dance for all students to be held next Friday afternoon. Have you ever wanted to hit a teacher with a pie in the face? BMS students participated in the first annual Fun Day, which raised money for local charities.

8 Question Leads Who- Banks Buy Rite What- donating $1,000 to the middle school When- Friday, March 1 Where- PTO meeting (gym)

9 Quotation Leads Quotation Leads begin with a quote. This was long overdue said, eighth grader, Jenna Jones. Dr. Head announced that a Valentines Day dance would be held at 1:00 on February 12, 2008, in the middle school gym. I knew I had won as soon as I turned in the poem, said Jim Johnson. Johnson was honored May 1, 2008, as the first place winner in the annual poetry contest.

10 Quotation Leads Who- Randi Childs What- elected president of SGA When- October 1 Where- Banks Middle School Auditorium

11 Picture Lead A picture lead paints a word picture in your mind. The thick clouds cast an eerie gray, shadow across the sky. This years Fall Festival, held October, 27, was one of the strangest in recent years. Crumpled paper, candy wrappers, and sticky bubblegum is scattered across the school yards. The school board met Wednesday afternoon to discuss plans to keep litter under control at local schools.

12 News Leads Keep it brief. One to two sentences. Include as many of the following as you can: (Who, What, When, Where) Details can be added later.

13 Practice Use the following information to write two different leads of your choice. Who- Seventh grade students What- party for the class who has the highest percentage in AR When- next Friday; 2:00 p.m. Where- Miss Gays room

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