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Boosting PR Visibility with SEO and Content Syndication.

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1 Boosting PR Visibility with SEO and Content Syndication

2 Matt Cutts – Google Search There's no point in doing textbook (SEO) stuff unless you have enough great content and the reputation within your community to be a challenger." Interview with Mike Grehan: The future of search and outdated SEO methods.

3 Online AD Revenue Growth

4 Traditional PR Premise You build reputation by third party endorsement An article in the media has more perceived value than content that comes directly from the company

5 Company Wire services Press Release Target Audience News Engines Company Website Online News Using Wire Services

6 Company Media website that is already a trusted news source Target Audience News Engines Online Media relations using trusted media sites that are already used by your audience

7 Getting visible in Yahoo News Do keyword research to find which words you should be found on See which websites routinely get indexed for this keyword or phrase in Yahoo News Is this a site your audience would find credible?

8 Site Traffic

9 On Hot News Keywords Media Websites Get Better Ranking than Press Releases

10 Target Social Media Sites Newsvine Reddit Digg Moreover

11 Use the New Media Release Format For Journalists

12 Syndicate Your News Content

13 Case Study Keywords: dry skin, dry skin care Using news search to create a new search term: shielding lotion

14 We found websites that get picked up in Yahoo! News for these keywords SENIOR JOURNAL.COM Senior Journal






20 News Search and RSS Created an RSS feed of articles about shielding lotion Informed journalists/editors at the selected online magazines know about the feed

21 PRESSfeed on your news articles







28 Google Blogsearch

29 Picked up 1785 times in other blogs and feeds


31 Showing up in forums

32 Keyword Searches For Shielding Lotion Jan 20065 Feb12 March25 April32 May50 June71 July114

33 Search Rankings KeywordMSNYahooGoogle Shielding Lotion326 Dry skin122012 Dry skin care51215 Dry skin care treatment313

34 Google Web Search for Shielding Lotion

35 Traffic Increases Press releases is the number one driver of traffic RSS Feed of articles next highest traffic source Many new referrers – means new audiences Unique visitors to the site up by 600%

36 Useful URLs

37 Contact Details Sally Falkow 323 882 8125 626 676 6419 cell

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