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Late breaking news from RCN Rheumatology Forum Conference Jan 2009.

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1 Late breaking news from RCN Rheumatology Forum Conference Jan 2009

2 Forget the credit crunch, look at the RCN bunch!

3 Make no bone about it, Rheumatology nurses at the RCN are having a joint Conference leading the way in Leeds

4 Obama decommissions Guantanemo Bay, rheumatology nurses commission care pathway

5 Its not black or white. President Obama is showing rheumatology nurses how to LEED the way!

6 Why on earth Wyeth?!


8 Colleagues United!!

9 Patients declare their satisfaction – hands on care from rheumatology nurses gets the results!

10 The average age of rheumatology nurses exceeds age of oldest patient!!

11 Brave hearts on a mission to seek remission, But will they get their commission?

12 Skills, pills, thrills and girls at Leeds!

13 Restful conference -NICE

14 Tight control with no VPL!!

15 48 years old? Need a new career? Try rheumatology nursing

16 Remission is the mission

17 Nurses LEED the way to remission.

18 The Whitehouse welcomes the 2010 RCN - for real cool novices

19 Love your bones? Love your joints even more!

20 Joints have been upgraded

21 Breaking News……….. Obama wakes up with morning stiffness on his first Presidential appointment.

22 Remission is the mission as rheumatology nurses commission. Sorry we dont need permission!!

23 Upgrade your joints now!!


25 Not everything is bad when it is stiff and swollen!

26 Pro attacker TNF defeated by biologic forward!!

27 The mission is to commission!

28 RCN delegates have remission in their sights

29 The pathway to better health

30 DAS 28, the hand of experience

31 Leeds goal dispute – was it 2.4 or 2.6?

32 The futures bright, the futures rheumatology

33 Nurses LEEDS the way back to the future

34 Home goal for Leeds – resulting in a score of 2.4

35 Art Deco pad embraces rheumatology in providing knowledge and decorum to aid individual commissioning confidence

36 Changes in the classification of a joint sparks off interest at the rheumatology conference

37 NICE Nicotine Induced Cardiac Episode

38 To DAS or not to DAS…

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