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Civic Journalism The Role of Newspapers in Building Citizenship.

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1 Civic Journalism The Role of Newspapers in Building Citizenship

2 Press Challenges Profit pressures Internet Bad journalistic habits Government regulation

3 New Questions: Who is a journalist? What is journalism?

4 New Trends: Interactive journalism Participatory journalism Citizen journalism

5 Civic Journalism Restore good habits Build reader connections Get better stories Build better citizens

6 Journalism Today Blurred lines –Reporting & Commentary –Entertainment & News Difficulty getting it right Serving elites vs. citizens Out of touch with public Commercial > sensational

7 Bad Habits Act rushed Hover with notebook Ask loaded questions Expect fast answers Listen for quick quote Show up only for problems Corrupt behavior

8 Civic Journalism Aspirations Retain watch dog Abandon attack dog Add guide dog

9 Civic Election Coverage Avoid < horse race polls Focus > voter issues Frame > hiring decisions

10 Charlotte Observer

11 Norfolk Virginian-Pilot

12 Philadelphia Inquirer Mayors Race

13 Pew Center for Civic Journalism Funded 120 projects Tracked 650 projects Trained 4,000 journalists Awarded 30 Batten Awards Interactive journalism

14 Read more:

15 Computer kiosks > Community surveys

16 Clickable Maps

17 Tax Calculators

18 NHPR Budget Builder

19 Definition: Civic Journalism News that citizens need to: Learn about issues, events Make civic decisions Participate in a democracy

20 Civic Toolbox New definitions of news New sources of news New interactions with readers Mental checklist

21 What is News? Content audits: 1977 - 1997: Government News < 38% Entertainment News > 380% Scandal News > 300 %

22 Civic Techniques –DONT: Keep score Focus on conflict –DO: Cover solutions Interview all stakeholders

23 Savannahs Vision 2010

24 Civic Attributes: Entry points for citizen input - task force Reported solutions Build civic capacity –Action plan –Non-profit foundation


26 Civic Response: 1,100 reader calls $200,000 donations 50 tons food 8,000 toys Thousands volunteer hours


28 News as Conflict Internal vs. External –Conflict in Values –Not Conflict of People

29 Civic Mapping List pre-conceived ideas Diversify Sources Catalysts Connectors Watch for stereotypes Hold conversations not interviews Define terms Find master narratives

30 Learn more: A Journalistss Toolbox (4 videos) Tapping Civic Life booklet

31 Taking Back Our Neighborhoods

32 Civic Listening Data Crunching Community Poll Citizen Advisors Town Halls

33 Charlottes Civic Tools TV and radio partners Neighborhood advisors Town hall meetings Success stories Needs lists for each area

34 Charlotte Observers Needs List

35 What we know: Triggers civic behavior Increases knowledge Builds credibility Citizens get it Builds civic capacity Builds reporting capacity

36 Master Narratives Covering the Noise Vs. Covering the Silences

37 The New City

38 Aging Matters

39 Deadliest Drug

40 Mental Checklist How do you position people? As color or furniture that you move around? Or as a citizen capable of action?

41 Mental Checklist Do you only raise awareness? Can a story invite input, ideas? Can it help readers do something with the information?

42 Mental Checklist Have you talked to all stakeholders? Do you report more than two sides of the story? Do the pros and cons get you the real story?

43 Mental Checklist Do you report internal and external conflict? Do you help people see possible choices and consequences of those choices? Do you examine conflicting values?

44 Mental Checklist Do you advance solutions? Report what has worked elsewhere? Invite community brainstorming?

45 Mental Checklist Do you invite participation? How can people respond? Are there entry points for input?

46 2001 Pew Poll

47 Want more interactivity

48 Build Connections

49 Less Noise More Meaningful Interaction

50 The Institute for Interactive Journalism

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