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ProQuest ABI/INFROM Complete September 2011. ABI/INFORM Complete Scholarly Trade & Industry NewsReportsOther.

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1 ProQuest ABI/INFROM Complete September 2011

2 ABI/INFORM Complete Scholarly Trade & Industry NewsReportsOther

3 ABI/INFORM Complete. Content Growth 3 Active full text almost doubled in little over 2 years

4 Dissertations Scholarly Journals A&I Working Papers Conference Proceedings News Market / Industry Research Reports Trade Journals Video Country Reports Business Cases ABI/INFORM. An Evolving Resource

5 Ideal combination of theory and practice Projects that provide practical business experience Apply the theoretical knowledge into practical issues Business School Trends. Continuing Emphasis on Practical Application

6 ABI/INFORM Complete. Examples of Content PublisherDescriptionExamples of Titles Added (Ongoing full-text) Dow JonesBanking & Finance, Venture and Private Equity VentureWire, Daily Bankruptcy Review CCHTop Accounting PublicationsBank Accounting & Finance, Corporate Business Taxation Monthly Cambridge University Press One of the largest academic publishers globally International Journal of Asian Studies ThomsonAccounting & Financial MgmtAccounting & Auditing Update Service, Bank Auditing and Accounting Report, Journal of Multistate Taxation and Incentives Incisive MediaRisk, Compliance, Venture Finance - Global/regional focus Asian Fundraising Review, Asian Venture Capital Journal, Accountancy Age EmeraldA leading publisher of management research Journal of Chinese Entrepreneurship, Journal of Knowledge Based Innovation in China, Chinese Management Studies Financial TimesPublications for the financial services sector and investment professionals Financial Adviser, Investment Adviser

7 ABI/INFORM Complete. Trade Publications Advertising Agriculture Air Transport Architecture Art Beauty Culture Biotech Building and Construction Business – General Communications and Information Energy Engineering Food and Nutrition Gardening Healthcare, Medical and Pharmaceutical Mgmt Human Resources Management Banking and Finance Investment Management Industrial Relations Interior Design Jewelry Law Manufacturing, Machinery Metallurgy Military Motion Pictures Marketing Music Office Services Packaging Petrochemicals Photography Printing Public Administration Real Estate Shoes Small Business Sound Recording Sports and Games Technology Telecommunications Transportation Veterinary Science Water Womens Interest ABI/INFORM Complete adds over 1,000 trade journals and trade news publications vs ABI/INFORM Global

8 ABI/INFORM Complete. Wall Street Journal Financial Times Plus many regional & specialty sources: Australian Broadcasting Corporation Asia Business News Access Czech Republic BBC Worldwide Business Wire Cinco Dias and Expansion (Spain) FDCH/eMedia (Financial & Technology) India Patent News Info-Product Research (Middle East) Japan Corporate News Jiji Press (Japan) Les Echos (France) Norman Media: (Banking and Credit Mergers) Political Transcript Wire (Congressional Quarterly) PR Newswire Trend Capital & Trend News (Azerbazhan) Voxant: Fair Disclosure, Executive Quote and Information Service Plus global trade and business news from: McClatchey Business News – over 350 regional business publications, including coverage from United Arab Emirates Republic, Thailand, Japan, Mexico, Costa Rica, Qatar, Jordan, in addition to US Interfax – 21 business news sources from China, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan with some specialty coverage of Information Technology, IT and Telecom, Defense, Metals & Mining, Oil and Gas, Pharmacauticals & Health Technology, Financials, Diplomatic Panorama, Military Information South American Business Information – 35 English business news digests of top South American news sources And other Regional US Business News publications such as: Crain, Smart Business Network, Dolan Media and others Adds over 500 Business News sources to ABI/INFORM Global

9 ProQuest Accounting and Tax. American Accounting Association: ATA Journal of Legal Tax Research, The Current Issues in Auditing Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting AICPA: CPA Client Bulletin, CPA Client Tax Letter Planner, The ATA Journal of Legal Tax Research, The Current Issues in Auditing Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting Aspen: Benefits Law Journal, Payroll Manager's Letter CCH: Bank Accounting & Finance, Corporate Business Taxation Monthly, Executive's Tax & Management Report. Federal Tax Course Letter, Journal of Passthrough Entities, Journal of Practical Estate Planning, Journal of Retirement Planning, Journal of Tax Practice & Procedure, Journal of Taxation of Financial Products, M & A Tax Report, Miller GAAS Update Service, Miller Governmental GAAP Update Service, Property Tax Alert, Public Accounting Report, Sales & Use Tax Alert, Tax Shelter Alert, Taxes, Standard Federal Tax Reports; Taxes on parade, State Tax Review, PCAOB Reporter Emerald: Accounting Research Journal, Asian Review of Accounting International, Journal of Accounting and Information Management, Journal of Accounting & Organizational Change, Journal of Financial Reporting and Accounting, Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Research Incisive Media: Accountancy Age Thompson: Accounting & Auditing Update Service, Bank Auditing and Accounting Report, Journal of Multistate Taxation and Incentives, SEC Accounting Report Taxation of Exempts International: Accounting publications from Australia, Columbia, India, South Africa, Spain Adds 100 active Full Text Accounting, Auditing, Governance, Tax, & Financial Management Titles and over 2700 dissertations, 11,000 working papers NOT in ABI/INFORM Complete

10 ProQuest Banking Information Source. Al Bawaba: Middle East Banker, Iran Investment Monthly, Islamic Business & Finance Aspen: Banking & Financial Services Policy Report, Teller Vision CCH: Bank Accounting & Finance Credit Research Foundation: Credit & Financial Management Review Dow Jones: Daily Bankruptcy Review, Daily Bankruptcy Review Small – Cap, Dow Jones DBR, High Yield LBO Wire, Venture Capital Deal Terms Report Euromoney Institutional Investor: Compliance Reporter, FOW Global Money Management, Private Asset Management Total Securitization GFAO: GAAFR Review, GFOA Newsletter, Pension & Benefits Update Incisive Media: The Asian Venture Capital Journal, Your Money, Your Mortgage IOMA: IOMA's Report on Managing Credit, Receivables & Collections National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges: The American Bankruptcy Law Journal Source Media: ATM & Debit News, Credit Union Journal, High Yield Report, Money Management Executive, Mortgage Servicing News, Mortgage Technology The Financial Times: Financial Adviser, Investment Adviser, Nordic Region Pensions & Investment News : NRPN Thomson: Bank Auditing and Accounting Report Adds over 50 active Full Text Banking, Credit risk, Bankruptcy, Investment management publications NOT in ABI/INFORM Complete

11 ProQuest Asian Business & Reference. Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance: Journal - Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance Harvard University Press: Harvard Asia Pacific Review Institute of Korean Studies: Korea Observer Institute of Southeast Asian Studies: Southeast Asian Affairs News Rx: Asia Business Newsweekly China Business Newsweekly China Weekly News India Business Newsweekly Journal of India PR Newswire: PR Newswire Asia University of British Columbia: Pacific Affairs University of California Press: Asian Survey University of Hawaii Press: Korean Studies Washington Law Review Association: Pacific Rim Law & Policy Journal Adds over 30 active Full Text publications on Asian Business and Management NOT in ABIC or other ProQuest business products

12 To be removed from EBSCO September 2011, Gale April 2012 Converts 33 non-exclusive titles to exclusive and added 10 new titles. Will expand to 77 titles – 63 exclusive, 14 non exclusive – spanning multiple disciplines 12 month embargo 12 Subject Examples of Top Ranked Journals (exclusive to PQ) Impact Factor (ISI) BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS Journal of International Business Studies3.766 BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS-- MANAGEMENT Asian Business & Management0.174 COMPUTERS Journal of the Operational Research Society, The; Houndmills1.009 COMPUTERS--COMPUTER NETWORKS European Journal of Information Systems1.2 INSURANCE Geneva Papers on Risk & Insurance0.33 LIBRARY AND INFORMATION SCIENCES Journal of Information Technology2.049 POLITICAL SCIENCEActa Politica0.921 POLITICAL SCIENCE-- INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS Journal of International Relations and Development0.733 PUBLIC HEALTH AND SAFETY Journal of Public Health Policy1.326 WOMEN'S INTERESTFeminist Review0.431 Palgrave. New ProQuest agreement.

13 New to ProQuest. Top Scholarly Publisher Highly regarded economic research organization, founded in 1885 7 Top ranked scholarly journals & EconLit Builds top quality scholarly content Publisher chose ProQuest Top academic association Focus on Economics – a core business and social sciences discipline 13

14 American Economic Association. Details 3 of 7 journals have some full text available now More recent issues of the 3 plus additional 4 journals – close to availability Project underway to index back to Vol 1, Issue 1 No longer EBSCO exclusive although EBSCO retains 2-year embargo 14

15 The Economist. 5-year ProQuest agreement signed One of most used publications in ProQuest Premier business and economics weekly Removed from EBSCO June 30, 2012. They recently notified customers and press. Newsbank and Lexis Nexis already gone Remains in Gale, who has the archive Includes print and online only content Behind pay wall Agreement also secures: Country Data Reports Country Forecast Reports & Country Finance Reports World Commodity Reports EIU ViewsWire 15 Established 1843

16 ABI/INFORM Complete. Reports ReportsDescription Business Monitor International (BMI) Country-focused industry reports and regional insights with SWOT analysis, market trends, forecasts, & competitive data EIU Country Data Reports 370 economic variables over a 50 year period, actual and forecasted. Reports include comprehensive information such as GDP, import/export statistics, industry data, monetary indicators, liquidity metrics, and more. EIU Country Finance Reports Country-focused industry reports and regional insights with SWOT analysis, market trends, forecasts, & competitive data EIU Country Forecast Reports Country-focused 5-year economic & business forecasts EIU Commodity Reports Reports covering both food, feedstuff and beverage, as well as industrial raw material First Research industry reports US-focused industry reports – data on products, operations, technology, competition, indicators, finance, regulation & news Adds Industry and Market Reports to ABI/INFORM Global

17 ABI/INFORM Complete. New Market and Industry Reports Added Expands content from Business Monitor International (BMI) Dun & Bradstreet/Hoovers Oxford Economics International Labour Organization Adds new partners ISI Emerging Markets CASE - Center for Social and Economic Research (Poland) International Labour Organization (ILO) Munich Society for the Promotion of Economic Research (CESifo GmbH) Petrocil Group (Mumbai) 17

18 ABI/INFORM Complete. Business Monitor International (BMI) Reports Added Available now. 300 more country-focused industry reports added to the 680 already in ABI/INFORM Complete Feature country market overviews, 5 year industry forecasts, commentary and analysis of risks, competitive landscapes, trend analysis of latest industry developments & profiles of leading national and multinational companies Semi-exclusive precludes distribution via EBSCO, Gale, Factiva, and Ovid. 300 Reports Added cover (country- specific) Agri-Business Commercial Banking Consumer Electronics Freight/Transportation/Shipping Information Technology Insurance Medical Devices Metals, Mining Oil & Gas, Power Real Estate Retail Telecommunications Tourism Infrastructure Reports New Business Forecast reports Updates: Quarterly Availability: All markets No Embargoes 18

19 ABI/INFORM Complete. Oxford Economics. Available now Long-time ProQuest partner Leading economic forecasting consultancy Macroeconomic, industry & commodity forecasts, analysis and data covering 190 countries Existing reports have changed – (e.g. Daily Briefing service is now a series of country-focused updates) and content has expanded Best of consistently updated information, augmented by event-driven expert analysis Reports & Update Frequency: Commodity Price Monitor covers 26 commodities (Monthly) By Country Industry Forecasts – 60? Countries, 85 industrial sectors (Quarterly) Country economic forecasts – 172 ? countries (varies - monthly, quarterly or semi-annual) (this replaces Daily Briefing Service?) 9 Global Industry Forecasts– 9 industries (Monthly) International industrial prospects quarterly UK Regional Economic Outlook: forecast summary (Semi-annual) 4 Weekly Economic Briefings (Eurozone, UK, US, Emerging) Downloadable spreadsheets: European Cities and Regional Forecasts, Tokyo & Bejing (Semi-annual) Availability: All markets No Embargoes 19

20 ABI/INFORM Complete. Oxford Economics 20

21 ABI/INFORM Complete. Oxford Economics. Commodity Price Monitor 21 Issued Monthly Covers 26 commodities Regional detail Forecasts and historical trends Analysis, charts, tables PDF format

22 ABI/INFORM Complete. Oxford Economics. By Country Industry Forecasts 60 countries PDF Format Approximately 15 pages Analysis of top industries within a country Analysis, charts, Tables of data 22

23 ABI/INFORM Complete. Oxford Economics. Country Economic Forecasts. 172 countries Highlights and key issues Analysis and charts Key fact summary PDF format Updates vary by country – monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual 23

24 ABI/INFORM. Oxford Economics. Global Industry Forecasts 5-year outlook for 9 industries: Aerospace & Transport Basic Metals Chemicals Construction Consumer Goods Electronics & Computers Engineering & Metal Goods Intermediate Goods Motor Vehicles Reports contain regional breakdowns Analysis, charts & tables of data Approximately 25 pages 24

25 ABI/INFORM Complete. Oxford Economics. UK Regional Economic Outlook Short 3-4-page update PDF and XML format Analysis and commentary on economic trends and outlook, key issues Quarterly 25

26 ABI/INFORM Complete. Oxford Economics. Weekly Regional Economic Briefings Weekly 1 for each of 4 Regions Eurozone UK US Emerging Full text and html 26

27 ABI/INFORM Complete. Oxford Economics. City Spreadsheet Data Downloadable spreadsheets European Cities Toyko and Bejiing 27

28 ABI/INFORM Complete. ISI Emerging Markets Euromoney Institutional Investor company Deliver hard to get information on more than 80 emerging markets Many of the reports provided derived from extensive CEIC database Country-focused data and reports Reports issued cover information such as trade balance, foreign reserves, loans, production, consumer pricing, inflation, government budgets Content & Updates: CEIC Snapshot Reports – time series macro-economic industry & data (released daily) CEIC Matrix Reports – macroeconomics data from 130 countries, weekly Intellinews – short articles featuring industry news (daily, weekly, monthly) DataTalk – India, China focused weekly reports (weekly) ISI Analytics Reports – top 20 sectors in the key Emerging Markets of India, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore (updated 2x/year) Availability: All Markets Embargoes. Varies – 12 months for ISI Analytics, 8 hours for rest

29 ABI/INFORM Complete. ISI Emerging Markets. CEIC Snapshot Reports Country-focused Over 100 countries Time series macro- economic industry & data (released daily) Loans & deposits, foreign reserves, consumer price index, industrial production index PDF format 29

30 ABI/INFORM Complete. ISI Emerging Markets. CEIC Matrix Text & graphics format Statistics for 100 countries Updates vary depending on country – multiple times per month

31 ABI/INFORM Complete. ISI Emerging Markets. Other Content Data Talk 1 page report produced weekly. Focuses on latest time series data from India and China. Intellinews Daily & weekly country-focused business & economic news Over 100 countries Banking, Finance, Macroeconomics, Companies & Industries, Politics Text and Graphic format

32 ABI/INFORM Complete. ISI Emerging Markets. ISI Analytics Reports Covers 7 Asian countries, 20 sectors India China Malaysia Thailand Indonesia Vietnam Singapore Approx 25 pages 140 premium reports per year

33 ABI/INFORM Complete. Other content added CASE - Center for Social and Economic Research (Poland) – international institute for research and policy on Central and E Euro transition. White papers and reports, Polish Economic Outlook Munich Society for the Promotion of Economic Research (CESifo GmbH) - World Economic Survey and DICE report Petrocil Group - Base Oil Report, Bitumart, Chemical Explorer, Coal Explorer, Crude Station, Edible Oil Report, Fertilizer Report, Glycerine Report, Petrosil Titanium Dioxide Report, Petrosilicon International Labour Organization (ILO) - Global Employment Trends, Global Wage Report, World of Work Report CEEMAN – reports from this international management development association focused on development of central and eastern Europe 33

34 ABI/INFORM Complete. Linking. Reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics 34 Internal use only Overview Timely and relevant data on labor market, activity, working conditions, and price changes. Research areas examples Business Economics Social Sciences Health Sciences Research scenarios Inflation and prices Spending Unemployment Pay and benefits Productivity Workplace safety International comparisons Link to full-text PDFs PDFs include hyperlinks to data on website

35 ABI/INFORM Complete…now with Open Linking

36 Open Web Article Linking. New methods to connect users to content 36

37 Titles with full-text linking Time 1986 to current Bloomberg Business Week 1995 to current U.S. News & World Report 1992 to current Kiplingers Personal Finance Full-text backfile remains; Nov 2010 to current Forbes Full-text backfile remains; Dec 2010 to current Sports Illustrated Feb 2010 to current People Feb 2010 to current Entertainment Weekly Feb 2010 to current 2011 Targets Scientific American Village Voice 37 Internal use only Titles in ProQuest with open web article linking

38 Thank You! Any Questions?

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