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Finding news sources Academic Support Librarian, March 2011 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.Creative.

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1 Finding news sources Academic Support Librarian, March 2011 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

2 Newspaper databases at LSE Nexis UK for News –UK National & Local –International –Text only - no images Times Digital archive 1785-1985 –Scanned newspapers –Search by date, keyword, article type Access via Library Catalogue Other sources include –MideastWire –Economist Historical Archive –Peoples Daily –Current Digest of the Post Soviet Press online –Latin America Database –Historical collections

3 British Library British Library Newspaper Library at Colindale –UK National & Regional –International –Microfilm or CDROM - will contain images –BL online services at St. Pancras –Colindale being merged into St. Pancras

4 Nexis UK daily Newspapers from 1980 onwards. Also includes current awareness magazines (e.g. Economist) and newswire services Major Foreign newspapers most from 1980 onwards Files are usually updated daily. However in some cases (e.g. Financial Times) stories are embargoed for 24 Hours Photographs, graphs and original visual layouts are not available on the database. If you require these you must use an alternative source.

5 Nexis cont. Daily Mail / Mail on Sunday Independent / Independent on Sunday Guardian / Observer Daily Telegraph / Sunday Telegraph Daily Mirror / Sunday Mirror London Evening Standard The Scotsman / Scotland on Sunday Financial Times

6 Planning a search © Netskills Quality Internet Training, University of Newcastle

7 Search terms Analyse your topic – what are the key concepts? Define keywords List any synonyms The effects of television violence on children –Television/ TV /adverts / DVD etc –Violence/aggression –Children/teenagers/youth –Parental control? Peer pressure? –Crime? Psychological?

8 Search tips for databases AND &, + – combines terms. Narrows results OR, – locates results containing either of the terms. Use or for synonyms. Useful for US/UK Spellings. Broadens results NOT – excludes terms. Discards results that contain your excluded term (even if the results contain your chosen search term) Phrases – enclose in quotation marks third way

9 More search tips Truncation – replaces multiple characters at the end of a word e.g. pension*– finds pensioner, pensions, pensioned Wild card – replaces a single character organi?ation – locates either spelling –e.g. wom?n finds woman and women –wom* finds both along with womb, wombat, womble etc. Check help pages

10 Nexis Tips Lexis automatically searches for most regular plural terms eg city would find city, cities, city's and cities'. However, it will not automatically find the plural form of words that end in "us" or "is", or other irregular plural forms. For example, bonus will not find not find bonuses and child would not find children. In these case you need to search for child or children

11 More tips Results Using In the Headline or Major Mentions ensures that your hits will have greater relevance and is useful for when your search is likely to retrieve a great number of articles. The list of results displayed gives only brief details. To view the full article, click on the highlighted title of the article. Views To see the full text of an article, click on the document title in either List or Expanded List in the drop down menu at the top left hand side of the screen. Expanded List shows the same information as List but also shows your search terms in context. This view can help you decide whether the article is relevant to your research topic.

12 Financial Times From the home screen select the cream sources tab. Then select find sources and search for Financial Times. This will retrieve several titles. Select Financial Times (London) Then click ok. This will reload the search screen entering the FT in the select Sources Field. If you want to cross search the FT with other newspapers. The easiest method is from the home page to choose the sources tab. Then browse sources. Then newspapers. On this screen is an a-z list of Single Sources. You can then tick the boxes next to the titles you need and select Ok. The search screen will now reload. Check that the titles you want to search are entered in the sources box.

13 Saving Articles You can either send the articles you have found in Nexis in an email message or download and save them as a: –Word document –rich text file –Webpage –pdf document The format for each looks roughly the same so it its a matter of preference how you download the records.

14 Times Digital archive 1785 - 1985 Excellent source for news coverage of historical events. Preserves original format of Times articles. Allows search, but (perhaps more usefully) browse by date. Advanced search allows searching between a date range.

15 Google News Googles version of a news database Broad and easy to use Only web content RSS notification feeds of updates

16 Churnalism Evaluate your sources – anyone can publish to the web and call themselves a journalist.

17 Managing information Note full information at point of use -author, title, year, publisher, place of publication,…all details -note URL and date accessed if a website Difficult to identify material months afterwards Helps avoid plagiarism by being able to cite sources correctly

18 Tools for managing information LSE Library Catalogue – store titles of interest in My Favourites Consider using EndNote for storing references- also formats bibliographies automatically Or web alternatives: Zotero or Cite-U-Like Keep up to date: Note your search strategies to re-run later Use tools e.g. RSS feeds; email alerts Bookmarking sites: Delicious for storing websites

19 Further help Library Help Desk Subject guides & liaison librarians: e.aspx e.aspx Website: pers.aspx pers.aspx Library training: system/ system/

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