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MDG 4 and 5 What News from Lao PDR–?

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1 MDG 4 and 5 What News from Lao PDR–?
Della R Sherratt International Skilled Birth Attendance (SBA) Coordinator

2 UNFPA Mission UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, is an international development agency that promotes the right of every woman, man and child to enjoy a life of health and equal opportunity. UNFPA supports countries in using population data for policies and programmes to reduce poverty and to ensure that every pregnancy is wanted, every birth is safe, every young person is free of HIV/AIDS, and every girl and woman is treated with dignity and respect.

3 Countdown to 2015 Report 2008 data, paints positive picture for child health

4 But for Lao Newborns, not such a positive trend

5 Why do we not have data on newborns?

6 Maternal Health = Seriously “Off-Track” ?

7 All pregnant women are at risk
Each year, more than 350,000 women die from pregnancy or delivery-related causes and the vast majority of these deaths occur in developing countries. Each pregnancy puts a woman at risk of maternal death, but women who have induced abortions, miscarriages or stillbirths have been found to be at a higher risk of maternal mortality than those who have live births.

8 Causes of maternal deaths Regional estimates for Asia, 1997-2002

9 Reducing MMR – 3 Pillars Community Empowerment and mobilization
Family Planning Timing Number Early Onset SBA All Births Skilled Personnel – (Midwife) PLUS ... Drugs, equipment, supplies, policy (Functioning strong Health system & Political Commitment) EmONC Referral system Transport Community Empowerment and mobilization

10 Links between Maternal & Child Health
Mother Newborn dyad: Chances of survival of child to 5, if mother dies is poor Newborn Deaths = large proportion of under five child Deaths (Many) causes Newborn deaths, illness and disability are same as Maternal Nutrition of mother impacts fetal & Child

11 Same Interventions Needed
Newborn Survival /Child Health Mother FP = Increased BF duration, STI prevention treatment esp,Congenital Syphilis, and Blindness (Gonn), Pnemonia (Chlamydia) Prevent fetal distress, birth asphyxia (brain injury) death = prevent prolgned obstructed labour FP = can reduce 20% MMR STI Prevention and Treatment: Postpartum Infection, Sepsis, Death Partograph – prevent Prolonged Obstructed labour

12 Increased Access to Modern Contraceptives and Family Planning for Maternal and Child Health
Too many pregnancies, too closely spaced births, are detrimental to women's reproductive health and can result in complicated pregnancies, example fistula (major disability), but also other injuries or death. FP can reduce maternal deaths and injuries by at least 20 per cent (more in adolescent girls). Increase length of breastfeeding Under-five Child Development improved Benefits to Family health and wellbeing

13 What is Lao PDR doing to improve the health of mothers and children?

14 Policies and Plans 2009 Approved National Strategy for Integrated Package of MNCH Services National Plan for Skilled Birth Attendance 2010 National Nutrition Policy 2010 Free Childbirth Care for poorest Policy

15 19 May Lao PDR announces Commitment to UN Sec General Initiative for Women and Children at WHA Implement Free Birth Policy Train and accredit 1,500 Midwives Reduce unmet need for FP 90 % Children fully immunized

16 Technical & Financial Support
And ADB and many others NGO

17 Progress - but still a long way to go

18 ²œ­ê†¯ö¡£÷´®ðìò¡¾­¸¾¤Á°­£º®£ö¸Â©¨ CBDs/VDRFs(ªÒ)
PS CBDs/VDRFs areas LNT ODX 2 BK LPB HP XK SYB Getting Family Planning Services to most Rural Communities VTE BLK VTE capt. KM SVK SRV SK CPX ATP

19 Upgraded rural health centres
Old HC / Somboun & Namouang New HC and delivery room Lao - Belgium Cooperation Project

20 Maternity Waiting Home and delivery sites [Silk Home Project and others]
There has been some success in getting women to health care in remote areas –but sustainability can be a problem

21 Key to successful HR Development
Recruitment - link to where needs Train - competency-based; focus on skills required including to save lives (must critical thinking and decision making); train close to where they live and work Accredit Deploy - where needed Retain – incentives (financial and none financial). Career pathways, status; Supportive Supervision

22 Creating Skilled Attendants (SBA) to keep Mothers & Babies Safe
Creating Skills laboratories Creating awareness and identify - A national uniform for midwives - so communities can recognize them

23 Access to EmONC is very Limited currently undertaking National Needs Assessment

24 Strategy Vision Implementing the integrated Maternal, Neonatal and Child mortality reduction strategy will achieve universal coverage of an essential package of interventions for all mothers and children in Lao PDR regardless of gender, geographical, socio-economic and ethnic differences

25 Thank You

26 Sok Dee

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