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The Future of News Ian Kollar Prof. Keating COMM 115 12/07/06.

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2 The Future of News Ian Kollar Prof. Keating COMM 115 12/07/06

3 Ian Kollar Why care about the future? My desire to go into broadcast journalism The obvious technological evolution The news industrys reliance on the Internet and up to date information.

4 Ian Kollar The Research Process Discover what some business media leaders, thought about the evolution of news Tomorrow is our permanent address. – Rusty Coats, Tampa Bay Online. Collect statistics about the decline of people viewing nightly news Find out how outlets are adapting to the new era of broadcasting

5 Ian Kollar The Technological Revolution Podcasts have undermined reputable journalism Newspapers need to cover more local news that global websites cannot cover Technology will soon make print journalism nearly obsolete with the creation of e-papers

6 Ian Kollar Minority Report In this film, a brief shot is shown of a person reading USA Today on the Metro. Instead of a thick newspaper, it is only a thin video screen, a single sheet. Instead of permanently printed text and photos, the paper features constantly updated text, video, imagery and even sound.

7 Ian Kollar Major Companies in Trouble? The combined evening-news audience of ABC, NBC and CBS has nearly decreased 50 percent since the end of the 1960s. Only 24 percent of the people watching NBCs Nightly News are under 34. 24-hour news services had to adapt by distributing streaming videos, podcasts and instantaneously refreshing sites

8 Ian Kollar EPIC – A Look Into the Future By Matt Thompson (Fresno Bee) and Robin Sloan, produced by (fictional) Museum of Media History Evolving Personalized Information Construct

9 Ian Kollar The Creation of Googlezon +++

10 Ian Kollar An EPIC Problem Everyone in the world has a chance to not only be a consumer, but a news producer too Computers do all of the compiling by algorithms No actual media outlets will be needed and traditional journalists may become obsolete

11 Ian Kollar Final Thought Will bloggers and podcasters be viewed as equals to true journalists in a few years? If current trends continue, the news world of tomorrow may be entirely different from the one of today. I hope the EPIC example is not a sign of things to come.

12 Ian Kollar Questions? Comments? Any further information may be accessed on my website Other projects, papers and information available as well The EPIC video can be viewed in its entirety at

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