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The Media Can Be Your Partner Make It Happen With CSC.

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1 The Media Can Be Your Partner Make It Happen With CSC

2 Objectives After this webinar, participants will be better prepared to: – Build awareness of CSC among local media – Identify for use at least three resources from press kit – Identify three ideas for engaging the media in your local CSC event – Learn two ways to obtain after event media coverage

3 Celebrate Safe Communities Occurs from October 2-4, 2008 – Plan later or ongoing events through Month National Crime Prevention Month – Occurs every October Partnership of the National Crime Prevention Council, National Sheriffs Association, and U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance Visit

4 4 YOU ARE HERE How Do I Grab Media Attention?

5 Partnering With the Media Use NCPCs electronic press kit – Contents include: Sample proclamations News release templates Research Collateral Materials – Editorials – PSAs – Newspaper supplement

6 6 Preparing for the Media What are your goals? What is your key message? What is your agenda? – If you dont have one, create an agenda

7 7 Todays media is about consumer interaction. The media look for consumer- driven content. Tools like the blogs, Youtube, MySpace bring together the small contributions of millions of people and make them matter. T H E T I M E O F Y O U Time Magazine Person of the Year

8 8 Approaching the Media Real life example –Crime victim turned advocate –Mover & Shaker Give hard facts –New stats about local crime Expert fills in the blanks –What to do about local crime issue

9 Using the Press Kit Sample proclamations Celebrate Safe Communities Crime Prevention Month – Encourage Governor or Mayor to issue proclamation – Present the proclamation to local government leaders at a council or board meeting – Create souvenir copies for your volunteers

10 Using the Press Kit Sample proclamations Once your proclamation has been issued... – Send to local newspaper for publication – Share in local organizations newsletters – Ask local radio stations – Pitch local morning news shows

11 Using the Press Kit Advisories and News Releases – Advisories Advance event notice Announce keynote speaker – News Releases Localize official release Announce your event Available for interview After the event

12 Using the Press Kit News Releases Link CSC to current community hot topics – Neighborhood Watch – Cyberbullying prevention – Home Invasion – Burglary – Identity theft prevention

13 Using the Press Kit Research Use research and statistics to grab attention – Perceptions of Crime fact sheet – NCPC 2006 Fear of Crime report – NCPCs McGruff Recognition report – Neighborhood Watch fact sheet

14 Using the Press Kit Collateral Materials Encourage airtime for PSAs – Respond to local crime with radio PSA – Air TV on local access shows Newspaper support for supplement – Protecting kids in cyberspace Reprint one or more articles Sponsor or find sponsor to reprint supplement

15 Using the Press Kit Collateral Materials Talking points – Use to focus spokespeople and volunteers – Adapt/create new for specific issues Localize CSC national press materials National news releases Encourage local airtime/support for VNR and ANR

16 Using the Press Kit Collateral Materials Fliers – Neighborhood Watch Toolkit flier – CSC registration flier – CSC announcement flier Websites – Report exciting ideas through CSC website – Write about CSC event progress on your website

17 Additional Ideas Host Crime Prevention Seminars – Use PPT presentations on the website – Conduct demonstrations Self-defense, home assessments Crime Prevention Month brochures – Localize and reproduce with event information Plan celebration for CSC award winners

18 Partner with the Media Ideas Invite the media... Follow local preparation for the CSC event Film a visit by McGruff to local school Record kids participating in a crime prevention month poster contest – Winners can be announced at the event or later in the month Report on a fingerprinting day at school or local mall

19 19 Public Appearances

20 Partner with the Media Ideas Invite the media... To do live remote broadcast from event – Local weather personality To host autograph signing booth at event – Residents get to meet favorite personalities Local radio to broadcast live from the event

21 Partner with the Media Ideas Offer the Media... VIP/keynote speaker interview Interview with local volunteer – Compelling story Volunteers for a crime prevention tips hotline segment during their morning news show Submit weekly crime prevention month tips to local newspapers, television, and radio

22 Partner with the Media Ideas Offer the Media... Ask NCPC for local public affairs contacts – Offer to be a guest on their show – Work with your Public information officer/public affairs office to suggest an angle for your law enforcement executive to appear on local media outlets Create your own crime prevention month PSA – Work with local media to co-star and film at their studios – Link to NCPCs PSAs on your website Local crime prevention show – Host an NCPC or NSA spokesperson – Promote local programs that work and include CSC information

23 Partner with the Media Submit weekly crime prevention month tips

24 Partner with the Media Ideas Offer the Media... Chance to record one-of-a-kind event – Active Example -- March against crime – Visual Example -- AIDS quilt Access to – Police Chief – Local celebrity Involve a local sports figure, actor, personality in your event Story ideas for their blog – Track their blogs and write responses/share new information – Offer guest blog opportunity if you have your own blog

25 B L O G S Description: A Blog is a user-generated and frequently updated online journal, displayed in reverse chronological order, with opportunity for Comment from other users. 1 2 Facts: There are 54,000 new Blog posts every hour The Blogosphere doubles approximately every 230 days On Average, Blog users visit 77% more web sites than non-Blog users. 2 51% of journalists read Blogs for story ideas. 1

26 39% Percent of online Americans that read Blogs. B L O G R E A D E R S ( Thats 57 million people! )

27 210% Growth in traffic to Blogs on Traditional Media websites. ( Only 9% growth in traffic to main page ) M E D I A T R A F F I C Nielsen//Net Ratings Press Release

28 Partner With the Media Get Creative with online media YouTube Video – Create entertaining video about event – Create crime prevention tips videos MySpace Page – Share stories about local event volunteers – Post pictures before and after the event

29 Partner With the Media Still more you can do after the event Tout what worked – Share success stories through news release Influx of registrants for Neighborhood Watch – New partnerships Plan for next year

30 Partner With the Media Coming soon... More tools you can use – Talking Points – Video News Release – Audio News Release – Editorials

31 Contact Information Michelle Boykins Director of Media Relations and Marketing Communications and Research Services Department 202-261-4184 NCPC main phone line: 202-466-6272

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