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KAMPALA 2012 Vivien Marles Managing Director InterMedia Africa.

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1 KAMPALA 2012 Vivien Marles Managing Director InterMedia Africa

2 Why Does Impact Matter?

3 Media Development Communication for Development Public Diplomacy/ Strategic Communication Commercial Media Advocacy Broadcasters Create a more pluralistic and democratic media environment Inform and influence favourable attitudes and behaviours toward government policy Campaigning around issues Change attitudes and behaviours in key development areas Maximize reach, share and advertising impact Produce and distribute content which is trusted and shared Multiple Stakeholders

4 Measuring Impact is Challenging Relevant to communication strategy and mission Contextualised to platform(s), target audience(s), geographies Incorporate multiple data inputs (quantitative, qualitative, online and offline) Build on existing research and measurement practice Easily articulated Aid decision making and strategic action at all levels

5 Environment has Changed IMPACT Increasingly diffuse and empowered audiences Proliferation of media and messages Shortening attention span/ cognitive overload Confusion between exposure and engagement Focus shifting from outputs to outcomes Inadequate cross platform measures of exposure

6 Media Behaviour has Changed Seismic shifts in media/news consumption due to technology Patchwork of news/views drawing from ever-increasing sources New technologies have both increased access to traditional media and changed the very definition of media and news – citizen journalism, blogs, user-generated content Growing trust and pride in domestic news sourcesoutside voices no longer have monopoly on truth WOM influences multiply and amplify through mobile and social media

7 But…Some Things Havent Changed Audiences are sophisticated People seek verification of news and views from multiple sources Trusted personalities draw loyal audiences Word-of-mouth (friends, family) remain most trusted sources While news and politics are important, entertainment is increasingly trumping news Traditional media are still dominant in most markets Young people are more demanding when it comes to access, presentation and quality, and are heavily into new technology


9 MOTIVATION/ AWARENESS Awareness of and motivation to engage is critical to communication effectiveness EXPOSURE But…contact or exposure alone does not guarantee understanding, acceptance, resonance or response EXPERIENCE Individuals respond to content/information in a myriad of ways -- anger/inspiration can be equally intense IMPACT Longer-term impact may be cognitive (knowledge, attitudes) and/or behavioural (explicit actions) Four Components of Media Impact


11 Knowns: Motivation and Exposure Unknowns: Experience and Impact Media Access Media Use Awareness P7D/ P4W reach Audience composition Media use by time of day Consumption of media content Knowledge Attitude change Behaviour change: Information shared (online, offline) Content created Further info sought Reactions shared (online, offline) Action taken Knowns and Unknowns

12 Integrates quantifiable and experiential issues around engagement online and offline Quantitative measures to produce scored indices Qualitative measures to strengthen the numbers and deepen understanding of individual impacts Digital measures of interaction to provide nuanced understanding of connections and interactions (networks) Mixed-Methods Approach

13 Engagement JourneyPossible Data SourcesMeasure Motivation/ Awareness (score) Establishment Survey? % hh with access to TV/ radio/ mobile/ Internet % spontaneous awareness % prompted awareness Exposure (score)AMPS? % used yesterday % used P7D % used P4W Experience (score)Surveys % trustworthy % interested in topic(s) % no difficulty understanding Impact (score)Surveys % report increased awareness of topic(s)/ increased understanding/ took some form of action Quantitative Measures

14 Broadcaster 2 Broadcaster 1 Scores for Two Broadcasters

15 Exposure Spontaneous Awareness Prompted Awareness Listened: Last 4 Weeks Relevant News Unbiased and Objective Can Trust Discuss News About Other Countries Recommend this station to Others Continue to Use this station Motivation ReactionImpact KEY Up-to-Date News High Quality Easy to Understand Unique Station helps to Inform Opinion Listened: Last 7 Days Listened: Last 12 Months Listened: More Than 12 Months Listened: Yesterday 1. Unique 2. Easy to understand 3. Up-to-date news 1. Up-to-date news 2. Unique 3. Relevant News/ High Quality 1. Unique 2. Can trust 3. High quality 1. Relevant news 2. Up-to-date news 3. High quality Top 3 Reaction Metrics Broadcaster 1: Key Drivers to Impact 1 st 2 nd 3 rd

16 Exposure Spontaneous Awareness Prompted Awareness Listened: Last 4 Weeks Relevant News Unbiased and Objective Can Trust Discuss News About Other Countries Recommend this station to Others Continue to Use this station Motivation ReactionImpact KEY Up-to-Date News High Quality Easy to Understand Unique Station helps to Inform Opinion Listened: Last 7 Days Listened: Last 12 Months Listened: More Than 12 Months Listened: Yesterday 1. Relevant news 2. High quality 3. Easy to understand 1. Easy to understand 2. Can trust 3. High quality 1. Relevant news 2. Unbiased and objective 3. High quality 1. Relevant news 2. Can trust 3. Unbiased and objective Top 3 Reaction Metrics Broadcaster 2: Key Drivers to Impact 1 st 2 nd 3 rd

17 HIGH MOVITATION/ AWARENESS LOW MOVITATION/ AWARENESS LOW QUALITY EXPERIENCE HIGH QUALITY EXPERIENCE CONTENT PRODUCTION CHALLENGE MARKETING/BRANDING CHALLENGE NO IMPACT ZONE Has never heard of (Al Jazeera) Has heard and has no interest in (Al Jazeera) Has rejected the (Al Jazeera) brand HIGH IMPACT ZONE Avidly consuming (Al Jazeera) content Creating conversations/buzz about (Al Jazeera)content Passing on (Al Jazeera) content to network – content has multiple lives MEDIUM IMPACT ZONE Consuming (Al Jazeera) content Creating conversations/buzz about (Al Jazeera) content LOW IMPACT ZONE Little interest in (Al Jazeera) Occasional content consumer Engagement Quadrant as a Diagnostic Tool

18 Engagement JourneyData SourcesMeasure MotivationIn-depth interviews & FGDs Content resonates and meets a need ExposureIn-depth interviews & FGDs Importance and place of content in daily life ExperienceIn-depth interviews & FGDs Message engagement and information retention ImpactIn-depth interviews & FGDs Knowledge, understanding, action and change Qualitative Measures

19 Engagement JourneyData SourcesMeasure MotivationEstablishment Survey/ AMPS % platform access % interest in different types of content ExposureDigital platform metrics# tweets # hash tags ExperienceDigital platform metrics# Followers ImpactDigital network analysis# Retweets Tweet semantics Follower networks Account positioning Digital Measures

20 Twitter Followers Facebook Friends Volume, semantics and trends Identifying Digital Impact Through Trend + Flow

21 Celsoathayde Maria_fro JairoRoberto LeisecaRJ Dominiofeminino Obama in Brazil: Key Nodes

22 Obama in Brazil: Sharing Information

23 Twitter Whitehouse Orkut Bloggers / political comment : Newsbusters State Dept. Digital Landscape Following Obamas Visit

24 What is being discussed? Which users are mentioned? Who is Sharing What in Uganda?

25 Uganda Olympic champion Kiprotich given hero's welcome Ugandan Office of the Prime Minister website defaced by hacker group Anonymous Global Voices coverage of gay pride march Most Shared Links

26 BBC World, BBC Africa & Standard Kenya, largely passed on by different communities. Radio / TV host Alan Kasujja. Angelo Izama & Tumwijuke Omutahinga are key information brokers in the network. International investment discussion and President Yoweri K Museveni. Content Sharing Behaviour

27 BBC channels reached different users, which were also separate from Standard Kenya content The Olympics (and related #tags) were important themes Information on Anonymous was passed on by a different community to most other news stories Global Voices was source for different news stories to those covered by mainstream media brands Accounts focused on tourism use BBC Africa as a news source Findings from Sample of #Uganda

28 Final Comment If democracy would be poorer without journalism, then journalism must have some effect. How can we measure those effects in some way?measure those effects While most news organizations already watch the numbers that translate into money (such as audience size and pageviews), the profession is just beginning to commit resources and invest in metrics for the real value of its work Major newsrooms are publicly asking the question: How do we measure the impact of our work? Not the economic value, but the democratic value (New York Times)

29 Aggregating impact assessments to inform mission/ campaign goals Recognise that impact measurement is newly emerging Ensure integrity, understanding and accurate representation Employing a suite of methods Learn from the past and adapt for the future Our Challenges

30 Engagement Index The Engagement Index is a scalable, adaptable and responsive approach which establishes the relationship between the four measures and identifies the relative contribution of each measure to the overall experience and impact for the citizen-consumer of the content. The Index consists of a standard framework and four dimensions; however the principles can be applied flexibly across media platforms or formats. The four measures are: 1) The motivation scale captures the level of awareness, perceptions and expectations of the content offering, 2) The exposure scale measures the amount and frequency of hearing, seeing and consuming the content 3) The experience scale measures the citizen assessment of the content to which they were exposed and 4) The impact scale measures the self- reported knowledge acquired, shifts in attitudes and predisposition to behave or actual action as a result of exposure. Where and how the Engagement Index is applied is the Engagement Territory. For example, one can have individual engagement scores for an offline campaign and online offerings, which can then be aggregated to create an overall engagement score for the entire campaign or the engagement score can also be applied to a country, a specific target area or demographic segment, and/or a transnational online population. The variables feeding into the score will change to reflect the measures appropriate to a given country, population and/or platform, while once again the dimensions and framework will remain the same. Thus, the Engagement Index can provide a macro or micro perspective on the four dimensions of engagement of a given messenger, platform or format.

31 Vivien Marles Managing Director InterMedia Africa

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