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Paul Mundy Types of feature stories Twelve patterns to spot, and to use.

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1 Paul Mundy Types of feature stories Twelve patterns to spot, and to use

2 12 types of feature stories 1. Colour story 2. Human interest story 3. News feature 4. Backgrounder 5. Lifestyle feature 6. Travel story 7. General feature 8. Interview piece 9. Profile 10. Investigative feature 11. Column 12. Review

3 1Colour story Scene, or slice of life Conveys atmosphere or feel of event Can be written To accompany a news story As an independent piece

4 2Human interest story Focus on a person or group About emotion first and information second Can be written as Focusing on dramatic event Focusing on less dramatic but difficult situation

5 3News feature Most common type of feature in newspapers Starts with the news Then explains reasons for events Or examines implications

6 4Backgrounder Accompanies main news story Clear and concise Gives background necessary to understand main story Background briefing format Question-and-answer format (eg FAQs)

7 5Lifestyle feature Service story, news you can use Information about life and how to live it better Often in magazines Entertaining 3 types List (eg, Six nutritious vegetables to grow) Issue (eg, Vegetable growing for a better diet) Idea (eg, How to grow carrots)

8 6Travel story Story about travel Has information for travellers, insider tips, etc Often relates to narrator as well as place

9 7General feature Topic of intrinsic interest to readers Often held until a suitable news event occurs Then published alongside news story

10 8Interview piece Confined to a single interview Often in question & answer format Maybe strengthened with background information

11 9Profile About an individual, like a mini-biography But has multiple perspectives Can include interview material

12 10Investigative feature In-depth study of topic Well-researched Contains revelations, controversy

13 11Column Regular feature in newspaper or magazine Written by one author Includes knowledge, wit, personality Five types Service and advice (eg gardening) Gossip Pundit, expressing opinion Personal (any topic columnist wants to talk about) Specialist (expert on particular topic)

14 12Review Review of book, film, theatre, etc

15 Source Matthew Ricketson. 2004. Writing feature stories: How to research and write newspaper and magazine articles. Allen and Unwin, Crows Nest, NSW, Australia

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