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News Databases. West News databases are found under the Westnews News & Business section of the West Directory. News.

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1 News Databases

2 West News databases are found under the Westnews News & Business section of the West Directory. News

3 My Westlaw contains both Westnews and News and Business tab pages of frequently accessed news and business databases and services. Westnews News & Business

4 Current News Databases on Westlaw More than 7,200 business financial, and news sources are provided by the Dow Jones Interactive ® service. There is up-to-date, full-text coverage of 48 of the top 50 U.S. daily newspapers. Todays news stories are contained in the Todays News (TODAYSNEWS) database, which includes news from the Dow Jones News Service, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, the New York Times News Service, and The Washington Post. Newswires (WIRES) databases track breaking news stories.

5 Frequently Used Newspaper Databases More than 600 United States newspapers are available on Westlaw. Most newspapers are available in multibases and in individual databases. State, regional, and comprehensive databases contain multiple individual databases. XXNEWS (where XX is the states two-letter postal abbreviation) contains a states newspapers and articles of interest in the state. Major Newspapers (PAPERSMJ) contains 15 of the major U.S. newspapers. All News (ALLNEWS) contains more than 5,800 newspaper, magazine, transcript, newsletter, and journal databases. ALLNEWSPLUS contains ALLNEWS databases, plus wire service databases.

6 Newspaper Databases Examples Widely known newspapers –The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) available online exclusively on Westlaw –Washington Post (WP) –Los Angeles Times (LAT) Lesser known newspapers –Contra Costa Papers (CONTRA-PPRS) –The Age (THEAGE) –Rocky Mountain News (RM-NEWS) –Daily Camera (BLDRCAM) –Village Voice (VILVC)

7 Examples of international newspapers (English or English translations) –Times of London (TMS-LONDON) –The Wall Street Journal Europe (WSJ-EURO) –Yomiuri Simbun ( DYYSHIM) –Zimbabwe Independent (ZIMBINDPT) –Moscow News (MOSCOWNWS) –Turkish Daily News (TURKDLYN) –Asian Wall Street Journal (WSJ-ASIA) –Other newspapers from countries and cities such as, Brazil, Bangkok, Canada, China, Egypt, Estonia, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, India, and Korea

8 Sample Searches in Newspaper Databases Use Terms & Connectors searches when you know the terms that must be present in relevant documents. –To find a person in the news sam! +3 tayl*r –To find a company in the news state farm insurance /p flood /4 insur! a.m.a. american medical association /p patient /4 right Use field searches for even more precise searches –Title field: ti(tobacco cigarette & s****holder) –Author field: au(tony anthony /3 mauro) –Index field: in(international monetary fund i.m.f.) & protest!

9 If you are unsure of the terms that might be used in discussing your subject, use a Natural Language search in a news database. Database: ALLNEWS Natural Language search: ken lay sale of enron stock line of credit Very few subjects havent been written about in an article in some newspaper. Title: The fall of Enron/Lay sold off Enron stock to pay loans

10 Types and Examples of Other News Databases Wire services (WIRES) –Associated Press (AP) –Reuters ( RTRENGNS) Legal newspapers (LEGALNP) –American Lawyer (AMLAW) –National Law Journal (NLJ) Magazines (MAGAZINE) –Barrons (BARRONS) –Business Week (BUSWK) –Forbes (FORBES) –Money (MONEY) –U.S. News and World Report (USNWR) –Mother Jones (MJONES)

11 Types and Examples of News Databases (continued) Newsletters (NEWSLETTERS) Trade magazines (TRD&IND) –Construction Industry News (WNS-CN) –Pig Farming (PGFR) Radio and television transcripts (TRANSCRIPTS) –48 Hours (48HOURS) –60 Minutes (60MIN) –Oprah Winfrey Show (OPRAHWINFREY) Notable trials (TRIALS) –O.J. Simpson Criminal Trial (OJ-TRANS) –O.J. Simpson Civil Trial (OJCIV-TRANS)

12 WestClip ® Use the WestClip service to monitor and quickly retrieve current news developments on a specific topic(s). Monitor the media for references to your clients. There is no charge for using WestClip unless continuous monitoring is selected. Add Search to WestClip option under the Results Options link, in the left frame of the Result List, can be used to add the current search to WestClip. You can also access WestClip using the drop-down list on the toolbar and create an entry within WestClip. WestClip Result Options

13 There are default settings for how often you want your search to run, whether you want to be notified if there are no results, the destination where you will receive results, the maximum number of documents per result, the document format, e.g., a citations list or term mode pages, and more. There is an Edit link to change these default options. WestClip Edit

14 Your WestClip entry is stored in the WestClip Directory along with previously created entries. Entries can be run, changed, or deleted at any time by accessing the WestClip Directory from the More pull- down list on the toolbar. WestClip entries must be in Terms and Connectors format. As many as 99 entries can be stored in your WestClip Directory. WestClip Directory

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