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© Complete Training UK Lorry Loader and Small Hydraulic Cranes Operator Skills.

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1 © Complete Training UK Lorry Loader and Small Hydraulic Cranes Operator Skills

2 © Complete Training UK There are two sets of regulations that you need to be aware of as an operator of a lorry loader, they are; 1. The Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations better known as LOLER 2. The Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations better known as PUWER The legislation is very complex and in depth, so much so that there is too much information for this course to deliver You are strongly advised to find out about and look at the legislation

3 © Complete Training UK The examination certificate must have: A description of the machine and serial number A site address of where the inspection occurred & the date of the last inspection A report of the inspection and this must be signed The document must be with the machine at all times when in operation and it must be up to date In addition to this requirement the regulations state that all equipment must be checked before and after use


5 © Complete Training UK Stabilisers-outriggers must be fully extended and locked in position Length, width, and weight of the boat affect the stability of the MHOC. The boat must never exceed the 7 0 heeling angle (boat cranes) Check the machines load plate for details of range

6 © Complete Training UK


8 When using hand signals, the signals must be: Clear and unmistakable Understood by both the signaller and the operator Clearly visible & continuous Other than in an emergency stop the machine operator should only accept signals from one person, only having previously established who that person is The only signals given are those in British Standard BS7121

9 © Complete Training UK Radio signal receiver unit In-cab stowage with FAILSAFE alarm plug In-cab battery charger & spare battery The icons on the remote are exactly the same as the ones on the main manual control Remote unit ON-OFF switch & indicator light

10 © Complete Training UK Now the Atlas / Terex The majority of Atlas/Terex models are REMOTE ONLY! Unlike the Palfinger which can be operated manually This must be recognised and understood by the operator PTO Switch on a DAF In–cab action lights & buzzer override In-cab stowage point for remote unit Note the blue connector which will set the buzzer alarm if the remote unit is not attached before driving Remote unit and battery recharge Note the two BLUE connectors

11 © Complete Training UK If in doubt Ask for guidance! Only a fool muddles along

12 © Complete Training UK The initial lift must always be vertical, this depends upon: Correct alignment of crane in both planes Correct assessment of the centre of gravity of the load Attaching the load correctly and performing a test lift

13 © Complete Training UK Start to lift the load very gradually to enable: That any packing or protection is correctly located and fulfilling its purpose Any tendency to swing can be identified A reassessment of the position of the centre of gravity can be made Any movement within the sling appliance or the attachment of the sling appliance can be detected An assessment of the load distribution within the lifting attachment i.e. equal load in all legs of a multi leg sling

14 © Complete Training UK You must make sure that you have done your risk assessment of the area

15 © Complete Training UK Double Chocker with a double wrap, this enables two slings while preventing the sling legs sliding together

16 © Complete Training UK Read the signs or get 6 points on your licence This happened in Poland How fast before you cut the bridge in half?

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