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HerŞeyi PAKETLER HerYere Göndeririz PSC International we P ack, we S end, we C are © International Franchise Forum 23rd – 24th April 2013.

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1 HerŞeyi PAKETLER HerYere Göndeririz PSC International we P ack, we S end, we C are © International Franchise Forum 23rd – 24th April 2013

2 Agenda Who We Are The Opportunity Our Business Model Regional Expansion Whats In It For The Master Franchisee

3 Who We Are

4 PSC International: Who We Are Established in May 2010 by 6 investors, from Turkey, Europe, Africa and the Middle East Management team have over 30 years experience in Protective Packaging, Logistics and Franchising sectors Unique business model adapted from a globally succesful franchise system: 2 years development and investment of over $250k 4

5 PSC International: Management Team

6 Head Office: Umraniye, Istanbul 6

7 The Opportunity

8 The Market The Freight Logistics market accounts for around 10% of most developing countries GDP Market is growing at 20% per annum Upto 5% of all shipped goods are damaged in transit: a $$$$ opportunity 8

9 Our Business Model

10 10 Three Business Streams Storopack

11 11 PSC provides 3 distinctive services to businesses and consumers: 1.PSC Retail Service Centres: #27th in Turkey Top 100 Franchises (Economist Feb13) – SME B2B and B2C pick-up, pack, ship and insurance service – A one stop shop – for Fragile, Large, Awkward and Valuable items – Two years after the start: 74 franchised stores in Turkey Each Franchisee uses a proven package of a common corporate identity, tried and tested products, systems and services, in-depth training, and ongoing support 2. Industrial: B2B In-House installations of the latest state of the art protective packaging systems either on the assembley line or remotely located in the factory, and 3. eCommerce sales of over 1000 protective packaging A Proven and Successful Business Model

12 Geographical Coverage:74 Franchisees (Mar13) 12

13 PSC Retail Service Centres Local Branch Network enables dedicated Customer Service

14 Store Interiors 14

15 15 Store Interiors

16 PSC Retail Service Centres PSC Retail Service Centers are a network of franchised retail service centres in Turkey that provide packing and shipping services to businesses and consumers The added-value service that differentiates the business is its expertise in being able to package goods and insure them to facilitate their safe delivery to any destination Thus the PSC service offers a complete solution to the problem of shipping goods safely with full insurance: particularly large, fragile, awkward and valuable items The PSC business is not in competition with other courier, freight and insurance suppliers in Turkey: instead it has established preferred partners to supply these elements of the service offer we Pack, we Send, we Care Anything Delivered Anywhere with Care 16

17 17 Customers

18 Whatever the customer wants to send, no matter how Fragile or Large, Awkward or Valuable, we provide the best packing solution Our professionally trained staff provide professional packaging solutions by using the industries latest techniques and technologies Items arrive at their destination safe and secure We Pack SMALL-LARGE FRAGILEVALUABLEAWKARD 18

19 Flight Simulator (Istanbul-Paris) 19

20 Electronics & Computers: ESD Materials 20

21 Art: Foam-in-Place Solution for Pera Museum 21 90 Item Turkey wide exhibition: zero damages

22 Antiques: Bespoke Solutions – Marriott Hotel 22

23 Schneider Electric: VCI Protection 23

24 Lighting Industry: Foam-in-Place moulds 24

25 Coffee Grinding Silos: Turkey to Germany 25

26 Pilot Merchandising Stands 26 Bespoke solution for Pilot Writing Instruments Merchandising Stands National Packing and Shipping contract

27 27 Various Packaging Techniques & Technologies Retention and Suspension packaging: ideal for the collect & return electronics and automotive spare parts industries Chamber Packs

28 Once we have safely and securely packed the goods, we can offer the customer a wide range of delivery services to meet their needs Contract deals with preferred supplier couriers and shippers ensure that we provide competitive pricing We Send 28

29 We Care PLATINUM PROTECTION© : THE FACTS - Platinum Protection© covers the total delivery process including pick-up, packing and transportation - The cost of Platinum Protection© is based on the value of the goods, not on the transportation fee - It provides 100% protection against any loss and damage - And compensation will be paid immediately - Platinum Protection© is available at all our stores Insurance Platinum Protection Tracking 29

30 Geographical Coverage: Target 180 in 2016 30

31 31 Three Business Streams Storopack

32 PSC Integrated Protective Packaging Systems PSC is the exclusive distributor for the Worlds leading protective packaging solutions companies We represent these companies throughout Turkey, Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia Our partnerships include... 32

33 Partners Include 33

34 34 In-House: Protective Packaging Systems Integrated Protective Packaging Systems

35 35 In-House: Protective Packaging Systems Foam-in-Place and Air Cushioning

36 36 Three Business Streams Storopack

37 37 Online Shop

38 Regional Expansion

39 39 Population +500million 12% of World Economy Real GDP Growth %: Turkey: 3% 2012 growing to 4.7% 2013 MENA: 3.5% 2012 growing to 3.9% 2013 Caucusus & Central Asia: 2.7% 2012 growing to 3.6% 2013 Source: Business Monitor International: October 2012 A Region of Opportunity

40 Master Franchisor: Fee Matrix 40

41 Master Franchisee Fees: Initial Master Franchisee Fee Ongoing Funds Generation: – Initial Store Franchisee Fee: 25% – Royalty: 10% of the Royalty Income – 10% of other income generated from: In-House Systems eCommerce: Online Shop 41

42 Whats In It for Master The Franchisees

43 Outstanding Support Business System IP Initial 4 weeks Master Franchisee Training Program Ongoing Training Access to the 3 Steps VCA Selling Tool Marketing Quik-Start program Establishment of 1st Store with 10 days accompaniment PANDORA: ERP System National WebSite Sub-Distributorship: STOROpack Online WebSite 43

44 44 Assumption: Master Franchisee opens 140 stores over a 5 Year period at just under 30 per annum Total Cumulative RevenueUS$ 20.2m Total Cumulative EBITUS$ 3.7m Business Enterprise Value in Year 5US$ 18.9m (multiple of 10) Note: This financial model is just an example based on the Turkish sales per store experience. A financial model will be developed with each Master Franchisee based on the respective region. Business Enterprise Value

45 Next Steps

46 PSC International: Management Team

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