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T: +32 (0)3 546.39.00 F: +32 (0)3 546.39.39 / AVT Europe NV Postbaan 65 2910 Essen (B) CERN Remotely.

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1 T: +32 (0) F: +32 (0) / AVT Europe NV Postbaan Essen (B) CERN Remotely controlled 1.5 tonne capacity transporter CHARM. 06/02/2014 Autor: M. Van Looveren.

2 T: +32 (0) F: +32 (0) / AVT Europe NV Postbaan Essen (B) Goal for this presentation: - Clarify multiple aspects related to the tender document:DO-28577/EN/CHARM General lay-out for the CHARM facilities and route for transport system:

3 T: +32 (0) F: +32 (0) / AVT Europe NV Postbaan Essen (B) Our technical proposal: Example of the transport system:example of a previous project: Swivel wheels to carry the load Safety scanner Battery pack, steering & controls Lifting platform Rotatable traction wheels

4 T: +32 (0) F: +32 (0) / AVT Europe NV Postbaan Essen (B) Our technical proposal: Example of the rack support:example of a previous project: Top surface with taped wholes 4 feet for support Each feet has a 100x100mm surface Including PA or POM pads to protect floor.

5 T: +32 (0) F: +32 (0) / AVT Europe NV Postbaan Essen (B) Maneuverability pasted in CERN lay-out:

6 T: +32 (0) F: +32 (0) / AVT Europe NV Postbaan Essen (B) Stability calculations: In our first calculation keeping in mind the weight of the load (1.5 ton) and the weight of the transport system + pallet (ca. 1 ton). CoG approx 2000mm above the ground in the center of the load. When we look to these characteristics and compare it with similar projects. We are more than confident that the load can be transported in a safe manner. Keeping in mind the relative slow speed for movements the conclusion is that the risk for tilting the load is very low (nearly impossible). During the beginning of the project (further detailed engineering) we will prove with our calculations that this is correct and safe. In this stage we assume that this Conclusion + drawing is sufficient Enough.

7 T: +32 (0) F: +32 (0) / AVT Europe NV Postbaan Essen (B) Overload protection systems: The system will be controlled by a PLC (Siemens S7) which evaluates all parameters at all times. The traction force (current), relative speed, etc… is measured continuously. An overload protection for moving is build into the drive invertors and protected by fuses (measuring current). An overload protection for lifting is build in 2 manners: -By detecting current (software) - by mechanical design (hardware) Meaning, when the load is to high, the transport system will not lift the rack support.

8 T: +32 (0) F: +32 (0) / AVT Europe NV Postbaan Essen (B) Collision detecting system: The system will be equipped with a double safety system to protect against collision. 1 st barrier is the safety scanner: -This scanner (picture) is programmable in 3 zones: - zone 1 (most far away up to a maximum of 3m):this slows down the transport system automatically. - zone 2 (programmable in function of the environment):this will stop the transport system. Once the zone is clear the transport system will continue (semi) automaticly. - zone 3 (close to the transport system):when this zone detects an obstacle it will immediately stop the system (= act as an emergency stop). 2 nd barrier is the safety bumper: - These are placed in front & rear of the transport system and are placed directly in the safety circuit (= same function as an E-stop button). Once the bumper is touched the system stops immediately. scanners + bumpers are: type 3 ESPE as defined by EN 61496<1 and CLC/TS 61496<3 and is therefore allowed for use with category 3 PL d controls as per EN ISO 13849<1 or SIL2 as per IEC Safety bumper Safety scanner

9 T: +32 (0) F: +32 (0) / AVT Europe NV Postbaan Essen (B) Summary schedule: Item:Date: Receiving official order:week 0 Design & engineering:week 0 12 For approval drawings:week 12 Review time for customer:week Approval by customer:week 14 Start ordering parts:week 14 Start production (welding, steel manufacturing):week 14 Frame ready for assembly (painted):week 20 All parts arrived (longest lead time):week 30 First preliminary driving test:week 32 System ready for factory acceptance workshop AVT:week 40 We always suggest to define the detailed planning together (AVT + CERN). Keeping in mind that some parts have a leading time up to 16 weeks we need to take into account a production time of approx. 25 to 26 weeks. Based on our experience (time necessary for reviewing, meetings, approvals, etc…) we assume the total time from start till ready for shipment will be approx. 40 weeks. for delivery we ship by truck. If necessary it can be delivered within 2-5 working days after an approved our workshop.

10 T: +32 (0) F: +32 (0) / AVT Europe NV Postbaan Essen (B) List of persons: Managing Director: Luc Van Thillo General manager project: Maarten Van Looveren General manager Construction & engineering: Jan Stevens mechanical design:Paolo Pietricola electrical design:Gert Stevens General manager Projects & Service: Paul Breugelmans Quality manager: Jan Stevens & Maarten Van Looveren

11 T: +32 (0) F: +32 (0) / AVT Europe NV Postbaan Essen (B) Verification body: For welding:applus For engineering & verification machine (CE):tüv orAIB vincotte orBTV

12 T: +32 (0) F: +32 (0) / AVT Europe NV Postbaan Essen (B) After sales & support: The total amount of working people at AVT Europe NV is divided as following: Our total team (without external FTEs) counts approx 40 people. We have a team of 10 very skilled workers who share a service support system. this system has following functionality: - 1 general phone number is submitted to each of our customers. - this number switches to one of our skilled workers every week (rotating system). - the customer can call at any time 24/7 and will have direct contact with our technician. - in case of a major breakdown our engineer can decide by himself (together with customer) which action to be taken. - this action can be: - support by phone - support online (software) - arrange an intervention (even on site).

13 T: +32 (0) F: +32 (0) / AVT Europe NV Postbaan Essen (B) Maintenance & warranty: Our standard warranty is 2 years on delivered materials & service. Together with the supply of the system a detailed maintenance & user manual will be submitted. Together with all drawings, spare parts, critical spare parts, datasheets etc… The exact maintenance operation can only be given after the final engineering is made. An example how maintenance manual is build is added as a reference see: FR_D Maintenance manual scr.doc. see: FR_C Operator manual scr.doc

14 T: +32 (0) F: +32 (0) / AVT Europe NV Postbaan Essen (B)

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