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DRMS “Bringing Our Service To The Customer” Presented

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1 DRMS “Bringing Our Service To The Customer” Presented
Directorate of Logistics, Headquarters Air Force Materiel Command NASA Dryden Research Center, Edwards AFB November 2007

2 SR-71, Disposal Operations Multi-Service, Agency & Contractor Involvement
Edwards Air Force Base Marine Corp Logistics Base Defense Logistics Agency NASA Air Force Materiel Command Defense Reut & Mktg Service NASA Drain/Purge Contract MCLB Security Scrap Venture AFMC Roll-Off Contract Tri-Rinse Shredder APCD/DTSC permits MCLB Safety Hw Contractor AFMC Support Team MCLB Environmental SV Roll-Off Contractor Tri-Rinse Fuel Contractor DRMS SR-71 Team Coordinating Disposition Efforts DEMAN Contractor

3 SR-71, Disposal Plan In Progress
May 07 Jun 07 Jul 07 Aug 07 Sep 07 Oct 07 Nov 07 Dec 07 AFMC/A4SM (SR-71 Project officer) and DRMS Program Manager conducted a preliminary site visit 21 May – 21 June. AFMC/DRMS teamed to initiate disposal action for NON Sensitive “H” conditioned support equipment. DRMS contractor mutilated on site, witnessed by DRMS and removed 192,000 lbs of residue. AFMC/DRMS staff on site segregating SR-71 parts by disposal method/process Continue improving disposal process Identified, segregated and consolidate electronic equipment, components, test sets, and circuit cards for shipment on DEMAN task orders. Successfully shipped 132,760 lbs to date. Final DEMAN task order for approx. 25,000 lbs scheduled for shipment Nov 10th AFMC/DRMS/SV workforce on site to uncrate, segregate and stage property eligible for shredding Tri-Rinse Shredding start date Sept 29th Identified asbestos containing property, segregated and place on disposal contract for ultimate destruction (burial) A total of 229,520 lbs of asbestos shipped in (44) Roll-off containers. Receipt, off-load & actual burial witnessed and Certified/Verified by CORs Identified end items with hazardous constituents, i.e. gas cylinders, support equipment containing fluids. AFMC funded NASA contractor to drain/purge on site. Utilized Tri-Rinse shear and shredding process to dispose of end items as scrap

4 SR-71, Disposal Plan Mutilation Process In Action
Shear with 17K lbs pressure Large shredder crane feed Small shredder manually feed All (3) operating simultaneously

5 SR-71, Asbestos Disposal Plan Complete
CORs observed receipt/off-load Asbestos loaded for departure CORs Witness Burial Process Certified/verified destruction by burial

6 SR-71, Disposal Plan Challenge & Solution
Challenge - During the first hour of full operations the main shredder experienced a hydraulic leak The loss of hydraulic pressure immediately shut down the entire system. One of the hydraulic hoses separated from the coupling and resulted in the release of approx gallons of hydraulic fluid Solution - The spill was immediately isolated, contained, and cleaned up by the Tri-Rinse staff in accordance with the provisions of their contract The spilled hydraulic fluid was contained on the rubber containment mats under the shredder and with the addition of absorbent and absorbent pillows The contaminated absorbent was place on a DRMS HW disposal contract & removed

7 SR-71, Disposal Plan Challenge & Solution
Challenge - During the shredding process we experienced a fire that was caused by hot metal mixed with the shredded wooden boxes, crates & packing materials Smoke was immediately detected by the operator and a DRMS employee monitoring the operation Attempts by the SR-71 team to distinguish the smoldering content with fire extinguishers failed The Fire Department was immediately called and extinguished the fire Solution – We placed a spotter with a water hose to observe the shredding process and continuously wet down the content as it enters the roll-off

8 SR-71, Disposal Plan Challenge & Solution
Challenge - During the Shearing process, several end items were discovered to contain fluids, i.e. hydraulic fluid, oils etc. These suspected items were segregated and isolated until sufficient quantities were available to determine best practice to destroy compliantly Solution - use the shear to crush the end item and allow the fluids to drain over a tub of absorbent This allowed us to capture the fluids for proper disposal This slowed our shearing process considerably, but was the best process to maintain environmental compliance

9 SR-71, Disposal Plan Challenge & Solution
Challenge - SR-71 tooling plates – Shear was unable to DEMIL – Torch was unable to cut Tri-Rinse purchased an Air ARC cutter that is capable, however very labor intensive and time consuming Solution – The tooling will be shipped to the Tucson CDC for control & destruction

10 SR-71, Disposition Results
The SR-71 team managed the destruction and disposition of 27,502 L/Is in the SR-71 inventory totaling 6.5 million pieces of property Generating 773,260 lbs of mixed metals recycled through the DRMS scrap venture contract The SR-71 team shredded 734,480 lbs of small SR-71 parts in their original wooden boxes, crates and packing materials that were land filled. These items were not economically practical or cost effective to remove De-manufacturing contract was used for the destruction of 157,760 lbs of electronics and electrical components (843 ea) SR-71 tires totaling 37,780 lbs were shipped to United Tire Removal for recycling (14 ea) J-58 engines totaling 119,000 lbs were shipped to Tucson CDC for demilitarization

11 SR-71, Disposition Summary
SR-71 tooling and molding at approx. 100,000 lbs is pending shipment to Tucson CDC for demilitarization Environmental staff monitored the loading, observed the receipt and off-load at the disposal facility, witnessed and certified/verified the destruction by burial of (44) roll-offs for a total of 229,480 lbs of asbestos property The SR-71 team successfully shipped, sheared, shredded, buried, recycled, destroyed and disposed of a total of 2,151,760 lbs of SR-71 related property in the past two months

12 SR-71, Disposal Result Before & After

13 SR-71, Disposal Results Before & After

14 SR-71, Disposition Summary
DRMS HQ support was responsive, decisive and demonstrated our commitment to customer service The SR-71 team utilized DRMS’s full range of services, capabilities, and provided the necessary hands on expertise, oversight in an effort to achieve the desired objective of this project Our Scrap Venture partner provided manpower to segregate property and roll-off support that sustained our ability to remove the destroyed property Tri-Rinse’s performance was outstanding. The staff consistently demonstrated their ability to adapt and adjust to the many challenging situations presented throughout this project. Their equipment was effective, efficient and capable of mutilating approx. 95 percent of the property presented for destruction. The property that they were unable to mutilate using the shredder or shear, Tri-Rinse adjusted and was able to acquire additional equipment capable of achieving a satisfactory level of destruction to constitute demilitarization

15 SR-71, Disposition Summary
MCLB Barstow Base Executive Officer provided top cover and valuable support throughout this project, the MCLB Safety office, Security, Fire Department, Industrial Hygienist, Refueling and trash removal support was exceptional AFMC provided funding for the disposal of the asbestos, supplies and manpower to sort, segregate and remove the majority of the property from the warehouse to the designated locations for processing. The AFMC team coordinated support with NASA, Edwards Air Force Base and was instrumental in the success of this project NASA provided property expertise, contract support, transportation assistance and partnered with the entire SR-71 team with several tasks throughout completion of this project

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