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2 EXPORTER TURKISH FACTORY OF MOULDING MACHINING PRECISION MADE PARTS THE SHINING STAR NATAMAK The concept of diversified management that started when the company was established (in 2006), continues even today. We aim at diversified business development by pursuing the synergistic effects of each business, making use of the popular technical capabilities while focusing on spare parts for AUTOMOTIVE sector.

3 MISSION & VISION CORPORATE RULES OF CONDUCT 1. Conduct fair, transparent, free competition and proper dealings based on a law-abiding spirit 2. Respond to customer satisfaction and trust by conceptualizing from the market and offering highest quality/technology/services 3. We deeply recognize that activities towards global environmental concerns are an important corporate mission, and we perform these activities voluntarily and pro-actively 4. We esteem character and individuality of employees to create a workplace that values their capabilities and work, and help each individual realize their full potential5. Pro-active promotion of social contribution activities as a "Good corporate citizen" 6. We value international rules, and laws/culture/customs of various places in each country, and contribute to their development. VISION The keys of our success are self-innovative perspective,our belief to team spirit,our perfectionist business approach,our technique at business planning,commitment of contracting business. MISSION We strive to become one of the Pioneer producers at our business sector who works for global values at the axis of Quality and Final Solution. We aimed to become most virtuous,productive company by means of our cultural heritage. We Proudly support to" The Export Strategy of Turkey for 2023 by Republic of Turkey Ministry of Economy.

4 THE INTEROPERABILITY OF OUR QUALITY & TECHNICAL PRACTISE All NATAMAK and MAJOR FORCE Branded products has been produced under ISO9001:2008 Quality Management & Control System. Our production facilities & management certified to ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001; Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS).

5 PRODUCTION PLANT We have our own intergrated facities bigger than 1500sqmeter in Konya city. Since it supports ultrafine processing, accuracy of the highest level can be achieved.

6 ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY NATAMAK OTOMOTIV SANAYI, deeply recognizes the significance of global environmental protection through active conduct of business of machine tools, mechatronics, intermediate steering shafts. We are voluntarily and pro-actively pursuing global environmental protection activities with the collective efforts of all our employees at headquarter, our plant, and affiliate companies. We are aiming at continuous improvement of the environmental management system to harmonize the business activities with the environment. We are trying to pro-actively prevent environmental pollution by adhering to environmental laws, regulations, agreements and other requirements related to business activities. Moreover, we are contributing to the society by adequately understanding the technical needs for global environmental protection, and developing/offering commodities that correspond to these needs. We are recognizing the location requirements of our plants, and aiming at communications with related government agencies and local residents. Moreover, we are releasing the implementation status of the environmental management activities, if required.

7 Innovation is crucial to NATAMAK business. Through the interplay of creative, imaginative people; a well-equipped R&D network; a management that encourages collaboration and productivity among employees,business partners along the supply chain; and a strong commitment to ongoing investment. RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT


9 We have our own testing laboratories in order to let our products to be perfect quality. We use Optical testing machine and Leakage testing machine. We develop simulation and modeling environments for discovering and assessing critical engine parts & vehicle technologies. We focus on problems associated with management of power and energy within vehicles, mobility and survivability of the complete vehicle system, including the human operator. We employs extensive experimental facilities for the validation and verification of models in the area of energy conversion and management of power within vehicles. Our models and simulations are all accompanied by analytical tools to assess optimality, reliability, survivability, and mobility in harsh environments with constrained fuel supplies and over a variety of terrains. We rely on the collaboration of researchers from multiple universities and disciplines in order to bridge fundamental technology gaps. Alongside basic scientific goals, we focus on army-relevant topics and partner with industry to leverage and transfer our efforts and results.

10 HUMAN RESOURCES With its research-focused and innovative identity, NATAMAK AUTOMOTIVE aims to integrate curious and brave people who respect and cherish environment and people, are sensitive to differences, and are able to create a culture which encourages their employees to develop themselves. With its human resources policies which support personal and professional development of its employees, encourage them to reach high performance, and raise their life quality,NATAMAK AUTOMOTIVE is always considered a preferred employer. NATAMAK AUTOMATIVE cultivates high value-added, self-confident and successful individuals and ensure their sustainable professional and personal development through its human resources practices developed with a global approach.



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