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KT PSDM Process Application LEONY Y. SINGSON JUNE,2010.

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1 KT PSDM Process Application LEONY Y. SINGSON JUNE,2010

2 KT PSDM Process Application ISO 14001:2004 CI/3414I/03/12/361 CIP/3414I/03/12/361 ISO 9001:2000

3 KT PSDM Process Application Universal Robina Corporation Packaging Division - BOPP Films

4 KT PSDM Process Application COMPANY PROFILE Packaging Division UNIVERSAL ROBINA CORPORATION – PACKAGING DIVISION IS AN ISO 9001:2008 & 14001:2004 CERTIFIED PLANT CAPABLE OF PRODUCING MORE THAN 30,000 MT OF BI-AXIALLY ORIENTED POLYPROPYLENE (BOPP) FILMS PER YEAR. APPLICATIONS - PLAIN FILM for Printing, Lamination & flower packaging - TAPE FILM for Pressure sensitive adhesive tape application - HEATSEALABLE FILM for printing, lamination and over wrap - CIGARETTE FILM for Tobacco Industries - WHITE FILM for soap, chocolate wrapping & labels - MATT FILM FOR Printing & lamination for brochures & poster. - METALLIZABLE FILM for Vacuum Metallizing

5 KT PSDM Process Application Packaging Division OVERVIEW OF THE PROCESS Two Station Turret Main line Ageing Rack Main Slitter

6 KT PSDM Process Application PROBLEM STATEMENT On time and in full (OTIF) delivery commitment below the target On time and in full (OTIF) delivery commitment below the target INSTRUCTIONS

7 KT PSDM Process Application Date Schedule of Item Actual Delivery On Time%OTIF% Oct-0922722197.36%19184.10% Nov-0939539499.75%21754.90% Dec-09374 100.00%27373.00% Jan-1028928799.31%18162.63% Feb-1046045899.57%32871.30% Mar-1033130190.94%23169.79% Apr-10305 100.00%24580.33% May-1032732398.78%26280.12% Average338.50332.8898.2124172.02 DELIVERY COMMITMENT MONITORING OCT2009 – MAY2010

8 KT PSDM Process Application BACKGROUND OF THE PROBLEM BACKGROUND OF THE PROBLEM (What is the current scenario and assumptions regarding the problem? What was the situation or concern that had developed prior to the application of KT process? How were you dealing with this issue prior to the application of KT process?) Perceived unreliable supplier Projected opportunity loss per month = Php5.18M CHALLENGE

9 KT PSDM Process Application APPLICATION OF KT PROCESS APPLICATION OF KT PROCESS (How was the challenge addressed? What KT processes and supporting methodologies were used? How were they implemented by KT and by you? How has KT made a difference or changed the way issues are resolved?) After the problem analysis, we established a method that keep analysis visible to everybody. Then we identify Possible Causes using DA. RESPONSE TO THE CHALLENGE

10 KT PSDM Process Application Line Component Reason for downtime No. of Occurrences No. of Hours lostRemarks JanFebMarAprJanFebMarApr Edge trim grinder Grinder overload Edge trim grinder motor drive fuses blows 0 91021030.546.763.8 Fixed on April 18 – no recurrence since Pre-dosing system System fault System shows negative weight then stops fill/refill cycle and eventually shuts down the line 0021100716 Still a recurring problem – we have asked for Bruckner's help to improve cooling in the area and improving cooling of electronics Main dosing system Valve Malfunction Main dosing slide valve goes out of position due to mechanical blockage in the slide guides mainly due to PP powder accumulation 1001245.207.49.2 Fixed in January by reshaping slide valve Chiller #3 Chiller #3 was not working This cause high temperature of Chill roll and water bath 300010000 Fixed in February after rehabilitation work of chiller #3 Chill rolling walker displacing motor Motor based detached This caused wrong position of water bath vs Chill roll 400018.8000Fixed MAJOR / CHRONIC DOWNTIME FOR LINE 2 FROM JANUARY TO APRIL 2010

11 KT PSDM Process Application Line Component Reason for downtime No. of Occurrences No. of Hours lostRemarks JanFebMarAprJanFebMarApr Pull rolling walker system Loose drive belt of pull rolling walker system Belt was already worn out 030001100 Fixed, replaced belt and adjusted tension Hot Oil burnerBurner fault Found defective relay for the burner firing sequence 00500014.40 Fixed WATER REMOVAL BLOWER Stuck up blower Upon inspection; it was found that the blower was running above the rated speed – leading to frequent failures 00100080 Fixed We ran slow speed in March while the blower was out COMPUTER SERVER Hard disk for server defective 1000352000 Fixed Server and disk drive imported from Germany

12 KT PSDM Process Application RiskProbability Weight Plant Unscheduled Shutdown 10 100 In House Rejects above target of 5% 5525 Realistic and Workable Mainline Scheduling 5420 No Sales Order due to Credit Concerns 10550

13 KT PSDM Process Application RiskProbability Weight Hold Delivery10440 Truck Availability 10220 Conclusion: Plant unscheduled shutdown is the main root cause of OTIF delivery commitment lower than target

14 KT PSDM Process Application List of possible causes POSSIBLE CAUSESRISKPROBABILITYWEIGHT 1. Ageing Machineries 7642 2 Lack of dedicated personnel to handle Maintenance Planning 5525 3. No established Preventive Program 8864

15 KT PSDM Process Application ACTION PLANS Corrective Actions RESPONSIBLE PERSON TIME FRAME 1. Complete audit of Machines performance RPMJuly 2010 2. Rehabilitation of machinesRPM 6 months to 1 year 3. Assign a dedicated maintenance planner HPC June 2010 4. Implementation of comprehensive preventive maintenance program Planning Engineer ongoing

16 KT PSDM Process Application Potential Problem Analysis Potential ProblemContingent ActionTriggers 1. Incomplete Audit of Machines Performance Hire competent Consultant No accomplishment 2. No available Spare Parts Consult for Parts modification Failure to comply

17 KT PSDM Process Application FINAL RESULTS (What solution was chosen? What results were achieved? What were some key learnings from the experience?) Audit and evaluate machine condition, continuously implement comprehensive maintenance program that will eventually lead to minimum unscheduled downtime and optimize plant operations. Action plans that make good score and produced results were generated and implemented within define time frame. RESULTS

18 KT PSDM Process Application THANK YOU

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